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The 5 Coolest Pikachu Costumes [Ranked]

If you have a dire urge to dress yourself or your kid up like Pikachu- rest assured there are some amazing costumes on the market. 


Buyer Feedback

While many of the costumes are designed for kids, there are adult Pikachu costumes, as well.

Sizing can be a bit tricky. In our research buyers say that sometimes they have to do some extra tailoring to get the fit right.

So if you're preparing for Halloween or a cosplay event- order your Pikachu costume early in advance and check the fit. You might need some extra time to get some tailoring done so the fit is comfortable. 

The Surprised Pika Meme

Interest in the costumes exploded with the emergence of the surprised Pikachu meme

surprised pika meme

We assembled a list of the best-selling pikachu costumes on the market- take a look below and choose the best outfit so you can masquerade as this Japanese Pokemon species.

Comparing Pikachu Costumes

DIY Pikachu Costume (How To)

What are Pikachu Costume Buyers Saying?

  •  One of the more popular models (Pokemon's Child's Deluxe) is designed for children- it comes in small, medium and large sizes. It's made in the United States and comes in a single color-yellow.
  • One buyer reported that they purchased it for their seven-year-old kid- they said it is a soft and cute option however the crotch sizing is a little bit low for her child. So if you are trying to outfit your kids for a costume party, and they have really long legs, this might be a trouble spot in the costume.
  • However, on the other hand, a purchaser who bought one of the large sizes says that it is way too big, which means that the ears on top do not remain erect and the spikes on its back are kind of deflated.
  • They ended up taking it to a tailor to get some custom modifications.
  • Other buyers have similar sizing issues- one parent purchased it for her child so that he could wear it while he trick or treated during Halloween and had to do some creative folding to hide away all of the excess fabric.
  • A really weird one that we saw was the Kooy inflatable Pikachu Halloween costume made from polyester and designed for adults that stand between 5 foot two and 6'1" tall.
  • One buyer says that they purchased it to compete in a local Halloween costume competition and they got first prize.
  • You should know, however, they say that it does include a small fan inside one of the characters legs-this keeps it inflated and is powered by four AA batteries.
  • In terms of how you access it and put the costume on, one buyer says that the way he did it was to step in with both of the legs at the same time and then drape the costume over your body and then zipper it up.
  • It can be a tad arduous fitting through narrower doorways when fully inflated and since there aren't any hand openings you can't grip on to anything- you have to keep your arms at your side, which can affect your balance a little bit.
  • One buyer complained that the tail itself would not remain erect- though it was suggested that if you adjust the fan inside of the costume that it could help to keep it aloft.
  • A third alternative (Rubie's Pikachu kit) we saw is actually a costume kit rather than a full on wearable outfit. It is a plastic imported option that includes a headpiece, tail as well as cheek stickers that glitter.
  • This is a bit more of a manageable option- buyers say that the headband was a decent fit, even for an adult. Though some users complain that the stickers do not adhere very strongly-especially if you are a woman who wears moisturizer or make up on your face.
  • Another point of criticism is that the tail is a little bit heavy- so if you pin it to your clothing it can potentially drag a dress down, if you are a woman.
  • Other buyers echo a similar concern, saying that the tail was somewhat disappointing- some users even went out and got it upgraded at the tailor or ordered a separate tail to complete the work more effectively.

What is Pikachu?

Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon species in the universe. He and she is a mascot created by the Japanese pocket monster franchise called The Pokémon Company. This character appears in Pokémon animated series which shows several fictional characters in their video games, animated children television shows, Pokemon Legos, comic books, movies, and trading card games.

In many of the Pokémon series, the character is picked by human beings and trained to fight other Pokémon characters for sport. Pikachu is the central character in many of the Pokémon animated movies and a major character in the Nintendo games.

The development of the character

Character concept and design was developed by Atsuko Nishida and polished up by Ken Sugimori both from Japan. This character first appeared in an animated movie called Pokémon Red and Blue which was released in Japan in 1996. Months later, the character appeared in international editions of Pokémon video games such as the Game Boy. There are both Japanese and English versions of Pokémon games and videos.

The idea of developing such mascot characters came from Game Freak. Pikachu is one of the many species of mascots that were developed and the name Pokémon. The idea behind these animated characters is that players would capture, train and then use the characters to fight similar characters fronted by other players.

The idea to create the character came from a rodent called Pika. This mouse-like creature is found in Japan. The word 'chu' was then derived from the sound that the mouse makes. Pika is also a Japanese name given to the sound made by an electric spark. The character uses electric sparks to electrocute the opponents in many of the animated games and videos.

A Pikachu is about 40 cm in height and revolves around the idea of electricity. It looks like a mouse, has yellow fur with a few brown marks on the lightning bolt shaped tails as well as the back. Their ears are pointed with a black tip. They also have red pouches on the cheeks, circular, and can spark with electricity.

Characteristics of the mascot 

1. There is male and female Pikachu

The male and female species were introduced as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The female one has some dents and notches at the edge of its ears and the tails. The indent at the end of the tail gives the tail a heart-shaped end. This is something that is not present in the male Pikachus.

2. They use electricity for the attack 

They attack by directing the electricity in their bodies to their targets. They can also transform into a Raichu if they become exposed to a thunderstone. The Raichu is a later generation mascot which is both a physic and fights using the principles of electricity.

3. Pikachu loves Ketchup

In a bid to attract the English-speaking audience, Pokémon ensured that the character loved ketchup. This has appeared in many animated movies and games and on the online messaging boards where there are countless messages about Pikachu's love for the ketchup.

4 .Ikue Ohtani is the voice behind Ash's Pikachu 

Ikue Otani is a famous actress having voiced several animated movies such as the Chopper in One Piece, and Konoharamu Saruboti. Interestingly, she voices a character that does not talk. Her main work is to get vague scrips for every episode and shape them into a message that delivers a story to the audience. However, the much that she says in the movie is 'pika, pika.'

5. Pikachus can recharge each other 

Pikachus use electricity to zap their opponents. They can use similar electric shocks to recharge their fellow Pikachus that are in need. In addition, they recharge their bodies when they sleep. Any excess charges are discharged with such activities as yawns.


Originally, Pikachu was not the flagship mascot for the Pokémon franchise. The team had chosen Clefiary instead. Clefiary was engaging and fun. However, the yellow color character was later seen as the best character to take the central position. He or she would be seen from a distance and recognized by kids, and he would offer a credible challenge to the only other yellow mascot at the time called Winnie the Pooh.

In the new series of Pokémon Go, there is a cheat the players implement and use Pikachu as the starter. However, for the original Pokémon games, the only starter options are Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. As the popularity of Pikachu grows, the mascot character is expected to make a bigger presence in our daily lives.

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