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The 5 Best Ozone Generators [Ranked]

Ozone Generators

Residential ozone generators produce ozone gas that is effective at killing microorganisms and removing odors (Source).

Many users purchase them to treat tap water, freshen up their laundry closets, cleanse their toothbrushes and dentures, super-wash vegetables and fruits, and remove noxious odors from small areas (Source).

Ozone generators work on odors, in particular, by destroying spores, bacteria, and molecules. Because O3 is an incredibly reactive molecule, it attaches itself to other molecules and chemically changes their structures, which breaks down the odor smell (Source).

Do ozone generators really work?



Ease of Use

The A2Z Ozone Generator is our top pick- it can output 600 mg/hr (milligram an hour) of ozone usable for purifying water and air sanitation (in small, not large areas) in the home. It includes a timer with 15 settings, 2 36" polyurethane ozonating tubes, is wall-mountable, and works off of 110 V power sources.

A2Z O2 Machine Video Review

Some of the different applications the manufacturers describe include sanitizing bedding, removal of mildew and mold odor from basements, cleaning out fish tanks of parasites and bacteria, purging food odors from kitchens, disinfecting toothbrushes and dentures, re-creating the new-car smell in your vehicle, washing pesticides from fruits and vegetables and more.

Users are overall very pleased with this particular ozone generator- though they say that is not intended to run for more than 20-minute intervals at a time it consequently is not really designed to ozonate oil or air. As well, it doesn't come with a fan, so using this ozone generator air purification purposes really wouldn't work unless you're in a small space like your vehicle.

Another handy bit of advice a review of provided is that if you are using it with water, it will only stay ozonated for 10 to 15 minutes, so be aware of that time horizon if you are looking to drink or use the water for cleaning.

Let's take a look at five to be best-selling ozone generators in the market today and see how they compare.


Ozone Machines Compared

Are ozone generators safe?

The Top 5 Ozone Machines



Ease of Use

This multi-purpose ozone generator is lightweight, efficient and useful for sanitation and purification, especially if you are looking for a low-cost one. Users love that this ozonator can purify water, remove unpleasant odors and refresh the air. But some note that this ozone machine is not very suitable for oil, and it runs for only 20 minutes and then you have to wait if you want to use it again.


With a size of 11 x 8 x 3 inch, it weighs only 1.9 lbs and can be installed on the wall, table, floor, and countertop. It has a power input of 110 V and an output of 600 mg/h for safe water and air sanitation, plus two 36″ polyurethane tubes and 2 diffuser stones. Overall, it seems like a good choice if you want drink ozonated water.


Generally, users express mainly positive feelings regarding this home ozonating machine – they say that it works well, it’s easy to install it, and doesn’t weight much so it can be carried anywhere. One buyer shares that this ozonator is great if you want to make yourself a glass of ozonated water and for him, it is a life saver for people in air-polluted cities.


Another one comments that it produces ozonated drinks in about 5 minutes, while another user shares that it removes odors very well– you have to set it, shut the door of the room and wait. He also advises that you should air the room for about 30 minutes before entering. Some customers, however, have complained that the multipurpose ozone machine broke after a while and that they didn’t feel any differences after using it.


  • light
  • easy to use
  • install and store
  • low-cost
  • instruction for use


  • waiting period after use
  • stops generating ozone after couple of months



Ease of Use

The Enaly Home ozone machine is a durable, efficient and a high-cost tool or getting rid of bacteria or chemicals in your water and food. Users love that this home ozone generator has an adjustable ozone output and that it comes with an air dryer. But some note that the plastic tube fitting broke off after a couple of uses.


This ozone generator has a low power consumption, a power output from 200 mg/ h to 500 mg/ h, a built-in air pump, and it comes with 2 sets of hose and a diffuser stone. It weighs 3.1 pounds, so it seems like a good idea if you are looking for an ozone machine with good quality and multiple applications. Users are mostly happy with the Enaly home ozone machine – they share that it works well overall and effectively removes bacteria and sanitizes water quickly.


One user comments that he uses it for various purposes from cleaning water and vegetables to removing odors from the refrigerator. He also says that this ozone water/air purifier works for long periods of time, and he is very pleased with the adjustable settings.


Another purchaser describes how he hooks the ozonator directly to his oxygen machine, and the output is perfect for drinking ozonated water. Some people have complained the machine stopped working after a few days or that the output pressure wasn’t what they expected.


  • easy to use
  • air dryer included
  • multi-purposed


  • made in China
  • no instruction for use
  • high-cost



Ease of Use

This MP 8000 ozone generator is well-built, durable, portable, but a high-cost product that could be ideal for you if you are looking for something more powerful and heavy-duty. Users love that this ozone machine is solidly built, has an option for an adjustable ozone concentration and a steel handle for easy transport, but some note that the valves might fail.


This multi-purpose generator has a flexible timer, an internal air compressor, two diffuser stones and Teflon tubing set, and a spare fuse. The power input is 110 V, and the output is 8000 mg/h. It also can be connected to an external oxygen tank. If you are looking for a home ozone machine, this might not be your thing. This ozone generator machine is more suitable for an industrial or commercial application.


Generally, purchasers are very pleased with the performance of this heavy-duty, top-rated ozone generator. One user shares that he uses the generator in his jar company, and he is extremely pleased with its performance and construction. Another one says that he loves the machine, and it has great ozone power and the output is really high even without connecting it to an external device.


One more customer shared that he has ozonated water, removed odor and purified oil with this machine, and he is extremely pleased with the purchase. However, one purchaser complains that the internal air compressor has no air dryer and another person shares that this unit vibrates too much.


  • heavy-duty made
  • easy to use
  • adjustable ozone concentration
  • good output
  • steel handle


  • not suitable for small households
  • high-cost
  • valves that might fail



Ease of Use

This ozone generator offered by TheraBreath is well-designed, well-built and a useful product if you want to drink ozonated water and to purify oil. Users love that they can use this ozonator for various purposes and that the water tastes much better afterward. However, some note that the tubing deteriorated fast and that it arrived with broken parts.


With an output of 400 mg/h, a size of 14.2 x 9.5 x 4.6 inch and a weight of 3.1 pounds, this ozone purification machine for water and oil comes with 2 diffuser stones, 2 plastic tubes, 2 mounting screws and can be used to infuse or ozonated liquids. Users share positive opinions regarding this home ozone machine. One user says that it’s the best ozone machine that he has encountered and that it kills bacteria, removes chemicals from fruits and oxygenates oil.


He is extremely pleased with his purchase but advises that you shouldn’t produce ozone home if you want to purify the air, and to keep a window opened when you use it. A pleased customer comments that his vegetables last much longer after he uses the ozone generator, while another one shares that he is not pleased with the time limit of the machine.


However, some users have complained that this ozone machine for home use stopped working after a few days or that it broke while they were purifying oil.


  • easy to install
  • use and store
  • multi-purpose


  • plastic tubes
  • time limit for use
  • complaints of malfunction



Ease of Use

This MP 3000 ozone machine is powerful, heavy-duty and a high-cost product that seems like a good choice if you are looking for a stronger than the usual ozonator for your home. Users love the timer that allows them to control the ozone output and that they can adjust the ozone concentration.


However, some noted that this portable ozone generator stopped working after a few uses. With an output of 3000 mg/ h, an internal air compressor, plus an option for connecting an external source, this multi-purpose ozone machine comes with two 2″ diffuser stones, 8 feet Teflon tubing and a stainless steel handle. It has an input of 110V, but you can get in touch with A2Z if you want a different one. It seems like a good choice for households and industries alike.


Users are mostly happy with this powerful home ozone machine. One customer shares that this is an effective water and air purifier and removes the chemicals and impurities out of the water completely. This user also states that this ozone generator kills mold, removes unpleasant odor out of the rooms and that it’s completely safe to use.


A happy customer comments that this odor removing generator made a difference in his full of pets home, while another one says that this machine ozonates water in 10 minutes. However, one user says that he is disappointed that the ozone machine didn’t come with instructions, while others have complained that it stopped working after several uses.


  • easy to use
  • heavy-duty
  • powerful output
  • steel handle


  • heavy to carry around
  • unclear instruction for use

Buying Guide

Ozone generators produce ozone gas for the purpose of removing odors and killing of microorganisms. Often times, businesses will use these ozone generating devices to help disinfect hospital clothes, help to deodorize fire-damaged objects, protect against grain-killing insects, as well as a variety of different medical decontamination purposes.

When it comes to consumer applications, ozone generators are frequently used to help with odor removal tasks as well as to enhance the quality of residential air. Some regulatory health bodies advise against the use of ozone generators inside of homes because these health authorities say that they should only be used in carefully monitored and controlled situations inside of occupied spaces.

Using an ozone generator for air cleaning

Chemically, ozone is recognized as a highly unstable gas with the ability to quickly break down into oxygen. Health authorities say that even at its lowest concentrations, ozone can pose a health risk to the respiratory systems of animals and humans. When is applied at higher concentrations, Ozone has the powerful ability to kill fungus, bacteria, molds and other types of unsavory microorganisms.

The conundrum is that for an ozone generator to be effective, it must be used at a high ozone concentration level, which is dangerous for humans to be exposed to- and should only be conducted by a trained service technician.

The two methods of ozone generation

The two methods that ozone generators used to create ozone- the UV-light method or the Corona discharge method. The Corona discharge method works by applying an electrical current to the ozone-generating material, which then charges the air contained inside of the generator and converts it to ozone.

On the other hand, the UV-light method utilizes a special sort of ultraviolet light that produces ozone, and this is generally used to help purify spa and swimming pool water. When users search out an ozone generator for residential use, they are frequently purchasing the corona discharge method of ozone production technology- looking for a quiet but durable unit with a strong warranty.

What are ozone users saying? 

Frequently, users wonder whether ozone disinfection therapy works, how the ozone generating machine functions, and whether it's possible to rent one from a store like Lowe's or Home Depot.

People that have purchased the A2Z Aqua Six ozone generator do have positive things to say about it. One person who suffered from terrible rheumatoid arthritis and was confined to a wheelchair began ozonating water as a means of oxygenating her body.

She says that by treating her drinking water with this ozone generator she began to feel energized, even after her first drink. She says that perhaps it was all psychosomatic, but she swears that she feels more active and alive since she began using the ozone generator in conjunction with a hydrogen peroxide regimen, per the One Minute Cure book.

Another reviewer describes purchasing this ozone generator as a means to help treat chronic Lyme disease, saying that it has been helpful in treating the disease with fewer side effects than traditional antibiotics. He expands by saying that the O3 molecule oxygenates cells and then also uses the free atom to kill funguses and pathogens in the body.

A medical professional that he consulted with says that automated water is effective in killing Borelli, Candida as well as Bartonella, as well as reducing herxing (shorthand for the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, describing when dead or injured bacteria for these and other toxins into the bloodstream and tissues to fast, preventing the body from capably handling it) by reacting with toxins and enabling your body to excrete them more effectively.

Ozone to kill parasites and cancer cells

Yet another buyer who lives in a third-world country where it is essential to disinfect fruits and vegetables prior to consuming them says that this particular ozone generator is a handy portable option as compared to a larger one he installed beneath his kitchen sink. He also recommends that if you were suffering from a stomach ache, you can drink some purified water while it is ozonated and it will help to kill all the bacteria in your stomach very quickly.

Final thoughts

Indeed, it seems that ozone generators do have beneficial applications whether you are trying to remove a stubborn order from your home, disinfect your foods, or perform robust cleaning of laundry or dental appliances.

Yet, as we have seen, health authorities recommend against breathing in ozone in large quantities. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate these machines, but there are some guidelines regarding how much O3 it is safe for humans to inhale- with a range between .05 ppm and .1 ppm.

Our advice is to read the product reviews of the residential ozone generators, make sure you understand how they work, and if you are looking to purchase an industrial-strength ozone generator, it may be best left to the professionals to conduct the disinfection service for you rather than risking your health doing it yourself.

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