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The 5 Best Personal Oxygen Bars [Ranked]

In this post, we examined 5 of the best-selling personal oxygen bars.

Oxygen bars gained popularity in the late 1990’s and continued to garner popularity in upscale establishments and spas.

These products work on the principle that higher oxygen concentration aids in stress relieve and purification of our bodies (Source).

How Do They Work

Some medical experts support the use of a personal oxygen bar to help everything from simple allergies to cancer. 

These air itself is available in various flavors including bayberry, peppermint, wintergreen, and cranberry.

Lots of people sample these flavors by visiting 'party bars' for fun or hangover and jet-lag treatments. And you don't even need an oxygen cart!

How They Work

The price of this luxury lasts from a few minutes to approximately 20 minutes depending on the customer’s preference and the bank balance.

But with this personal, consumer bars, you can enjoy the experience as long as the air lasts.

If you want a home-based option to enjoy the experience from the comfort of your living room, check out some of the options below.


Oxygen Bars For 2024 

Bestseller No. 1
Boost Oxygen 5 Liter Natural Aroma Canister for Respiratory Support in Aerobic Recovery, High Altitude, Performance, and Health, Green/Silver (6 Pack)
  • Increase oxygen intake to combat jet lag, low oxygen in the air, and other conditions with the set of six 5-liter supplemental oxygen concentrator bottles designed to help you breathe and feel better
Bestseller No. 2
  • use
Bestseller No. 3
EVOLVE 35-Liter Pure Oxygen Canister with Mask and Tube | Portable Oxygen Can | Ideal for Home Use and Outdoor Activities | Designed by Firefighters | Made in The USA | Pack of 1
52 Reviews
EVOLVE 35-Liter Pure Oxygen Canister with Mask and Tube | Portable Oxygen Can | Ideal for Home Use and Outdoor Activities | Designed by Firefighters | Made in The USA | Pack of 1
  • OVER TWICE THE OXYGEN VOLUME: Experience a groundbreaking innovation in portable oxygen solutions. Our patented technology allows us to store at least twice the amount of oxygen in our canisters compared to other products, offering you unparalleled value and efficiency in every breath.
Bestseller No. 4
Boost Oxygen Pocket Size Natural Aroma 3 Liter Portable Oxygen Canister | Respiratory Support for Aerobic Recovery, Altitude, Performance and Health (3 Pack)
2,141 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Boost Oxygen 10 Liter Natural Flavor Pure Oxygen Supplement in Portable Canister for Endurance, Recovery, and Performance, (6 Pack)
  • Increase your oxygen intake to combat jet lag, low oxygen in the air, and other conditions with the 6-pack 10-liter supplemental oxygen bomttles that are designed to help you breathe and feel better

Flavored Oxygen Bar Taste Test


Many bars use air extracted out of the air in the bar or aviators breathing oxygen (ABO)- medical grade oxygen that’s not less than 99.0% pure intended for private or commercial aircraft use.

Aviators breathing air should not, however, be used for therapeutic medical treatment or recreational inhalation.

Most bars use a concentrator that filters nitrogen which makes up a larger percentage of atmospheric air and other gases in the air circulating the room. The concentrator then delivers about 95% breathable airs via a hose at a continuous flow rate.

What are the health benefits?

Alternative medicine claims that the human body is always oxygen distressed and that ‘oxygen in a can’ will get rid of toxins in the body and even cures cancer.

The proponents of this theory not only claim that the practice is safe but also state that it improves human health and well-being including enhancing concentration, strengthening the immune system, increasing body energy and alertness, reducing stress, lessening headaches, effects of hangovers and relaxing the body.

It has also been claimed that the air bars help with altitude sickness. However, none of these claims have been confirmed through scientific studies.

The Downsides

Doctors warn that people with respiratory diseases such as emphysema and asthma should not inhale too much oxygen and higher than normal concentrations in the body can result in carbon dioxide narcosis in people with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

According to the FDA- some of the oil droplets added as flavors in bars can be inhaled, and this can result in the inflammation of the lung. But this has been taken care of by manufacturers by offering safe water-based aromas.

Additionally, it can have serious side effects when inhaled at excessive doses. Even though oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure can result in damage on the lungs, but the low oxygen concentration of 30-40% and the small window exposures make pulmonary toxicity unlikely. However due caution should always be exercised when breathing breathable air.

Another serious concern is the poor maintenance of air equipment. Some oxygen equipment use filters which could harbor micro-organisms creating even more risks that could result in lung infections. Lastly, concentrated oxygen fuels combustion which should always be kept away from sources of ignition and cigarettes.

Purchase Tips

Are you ready to buy a personal concentrator but do not know the right one for you?

If you desperately need a bar and receive different answers from the ones below, then probably you are speaking with a sales agent trying to make a sale.

There are several factors that you should consider before deciding on which oxygen bar to buy, the first thing you need to consider is whether you need a pulse flow or a continuous flow.

Pulse Flow

Pulse flow is also known as on-demand or pulse dose.

This means that the oxygen concentrator only produces oxygen when triggered by user’s breathing in.

The concentrator then “rests” as you are breathing out and it’s able to do this via the built-in oxygen conserver similar to those used in air tanks. In an air tank, the conserver conserves oxygen in the tank and hence allows it to last four to five times longer compared to continuous flow.

When a conserver is placed in a concentrator, it will enable the machine to produce breathable air at a limited capacity. The use of a conserver in concentrators has enabled manufacturers to reduce the size significantly thus increasing the portability of the personal bars.

Continuous Flow

The second option in our list is the continuous flow which means that the concentrator will be producing oxygen all through whether you are breathing in or out.

Popular Bar Locations

Bar NameRatingNumber Of ReviewsBusiness TypeLocation
Oxy-Zen (Oxygen Bar)4.4(7)Oxygen Cocktail SpotHot Springs National Park
Lifeline Oxygen Bar5.0(2)Tanning SalonTacoma
AromaSpa Telluride Massage Oxygen Bar Salon & Boutique3.4(22)Oxygen Equipment SupplierTelluride
Hive Salon Oxygen Bar Gallery4.8(12)Hair SalonTaos
BreatheO2 Oxygen Bar At Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes3.7(10)KioskLas Vegas
theBACKstop Massage & Oxygen Bar4.2(9)Oxygen Cocktail SpotOklahoma City
One Love Aspen Smokeshop & Oxygen Bar - Vinyl Records4.5(26)Oxygen Equipment SupplierAspen
Smoothies Extreme Nutrition & Oxygen Bar4.6(56)JuiceSan Antonio
Oxygen Bar5.0(1)Bar
Oxygen BarBarVenice
N-Hale Oxygen BarAromatherapy ServiceVictoria
Oxygen Bar3.0(1)Wellness Program
RelaxZation Spa & Oxygen Bar3.8(5)SpaPanama City Beach
Aroma Spa Telluride Massage, Oxygen Bar, Salon & Boutique3.7(3)Massage TherapistTelluride
BreatheO2 Oxygen Bar At NYNY Hotel2.9(8)KioskLas Vegas
Solase Massage & Oxygen Bar @ InBALANCE Wellness3.6(28)Massage TherapistOrem
The Dripping Wick Vapour Parlor & Oxygen Bar4.8(23)Vaporizer StoreChandler
Champions Therapeutic Massage & Oxygen Bar5.0(2)Massage TherapistHouston
O2 Xenic - Oxygen Bar Florida1.0(2)Bar
Oxygen Bar in a Can5.0(1)Oxygen Equipment SupplierFort Collins

An Expert Opinion

The majority of people who do oxygen therapy, and again this is a very much a cumulative, intervention- you have to do a number of therapies.

They typically inform people- at least 6, preferably 12, to completely evaluate whether this is likely to help you and the benefits you’re reviewing are a boost in energy, a rise in the immune system. It undoubtedly helps detoxification. In the event that’s something you require, oxygen therapy really stimulates detoxification.

A primary reason They tell people is don’t gauge your health benefits on one therapy. Sometimes individuals don’t feel much better after the first therapy since they are cleansing it can take some time to feel the positive benefits.

They advise people to boost the mental energy and ability to focus and ability to trust the process. You are going to feel like it’s much easier to inhale and exhale afterward. You’ll really feel lighter in your step. People almost feel a little taller.

It’s really a quite interesting since it just energizes the entire body.

The immune system is very critical- since the chronic infections and chronic bacteria that individuals have- there are tremendous benefits to the oxygen for the immune system.

And then, like they explain- energy is extremely important.

The majority of the time individuals are arriving and saying they are exhausted constantly, and then they do a series of oxygen sessions and they experience a remarkable, dramatic effect.

The other question they get asked frequently having to do with oxygen therapy is how long do these benefits last?

And what is actually vital to understand is that they find that, after doing a series of sessions, it generally takes four interventions a year to maintain benefits- so one every three months to keep up the beneficial benefits.

And they do urge people to exercise once they’re feeling better- especially outdoor air exercise. But 4 times annually appears to be adequate.

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