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The 5 Best Online Anger Management Classes [Ranked]

In this post, we examined five of the best-selling Udemy anger management classes.

Anger management is a set of tools that enables you to recognize when you’re becoming angry and frustrated so you can deal with it and not let it ruin your productivity or escalate into a bad situation. 

These courses help you identify when you’re becoming angry, and how best to deal with it (Source).

How do they work?

Udemy classes work like any other online training service. Students select the class they wish to take, pay a small fee, and then can view and download the course materials at their leisure. 

While anger is normal, some people lose control of their anger, which negatively affects their relationships and their employment.

Anger management isn’t about getting rid of anger; rather it teaches you how to properly deal with this emotion so that you remain healthy and productive (Source).


Comparing The Classes

How Do They Compare

In this section, we take a deep dive into these five Udemy Anger Management courses and examine their differences.

  • Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps is the first course we looked at and with this, you will learn to identify angry feelings as soon as they crop up and how to stop them from escalating. Students also gained an understanding of how to better communicate when they feel angry rather than lashing out. This course is taught by a licensed counselor and certified anger management specialist. Most people taking this course said the information and techniques presented are invaluable to controlling anger and remaining calm in stressful situations.

  • The next course is titled: Transforming Anger. This video series helps people take the powerful anger emotion and transform it into a peaceful experience. This course will help you reduce the amount of conflict you experience at work and in your relationships. This course only requires you to devote approximately 20 minutes each day to complete the tasks.

  • Next is the course: How to Manage Your Anger on a Daily Basis. This course recognizes that there are many stresses we experience every day and those stresses often lead to anger. This program teaches how to quickly identify situations where you’re likely to become angry and manage that situation so that you remain in control. Most users taking this course found it helpful and the techniques taught helped them in their daily lives (Source).

  • Up next is the course titled: Breaking Free from the Anger Trap. This is a 13 step program that helps you develop useful tools and strategies to mitigate the effects of anger on your life. This course teaches you not to suppress anger, but rather to channel it into something positive. This course is taught by a professional relationship specialist who holds a Ph.D. and has over 35 years of experience.

  • Last is the Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work course. This helps you understand what it is that makes you angry, find out what makes you angry, and helps you employ techniques to cool off quickly. Users said this had good information, but mentioned that the process takes a lot of work to change your habits.

Best Anger Management Classes For 2024

Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work



Ease Of Use

This tutorial for managing anger, created byKen Wells, is useful, well-structured, and interesting. Students love that the lectures are short and practical, but some do note that there are many repetitions. This class aims at teaching you to understand your emotions better and how to control your temper so that it doesn’t turn into a problem.

The lecturer provides techniques and exercises to deal with things/people that make you angry and achieve a state of relaxation. Another great thing is that will get 21 supplemental resources and quizzes to judge how much you’ve understood. Moreover, the instructor has over 20 years track record of success.

In general, students have a high opinion of this anger management course, and they highly recommend it to anyone having issues with his emotions. They don’t have any major complaints and agree it’s one of the best online courses for managing rage. A reviewer comments that the summary at the end of each lesson is handy and that the material is easy to understand. He adds that the exercises are practical and helpful, but they require commitment.

Another pupil mentions that he was skeptical at the beginning, but the tutorials turned out to be very efficient after he stuck to the tips for a couple of weeks. An enrollee observes that the lectures are precise, practical, and you can take notes.


  • ​Short
  • Practical
  • Supplemental resources
  • Quizzes to check your progress
  • Well-experienced lector


  • ​Too much repetition for a couple of users
Anger Management How to Manage Your Anger On A Daily Basis



Ease Of Use

If you often find yourself in trouble because of your bad temper, this course by Dia Thabet might be what you need to change your habits. Students praise its helpfulness, but some do note that they don’t like how the material is presented.

This course purpose is to teach you to control your temper and increase positive thinking. You’ll understand how to recognize when you’re about to fly into a rage, express it healthily, and manage it. After you’ve mastered the ability to spot the warning signs, you’ll be able to reduce stress and become more positive thanks to the 16 techniques presented by the lector.

A student mentions that the class is very informative and that it’s useful if you want to manage your wrath and ire constructively.

He adds that it helped him tremendously and that the tips are practical and easy to follow. Another enrolled user comments that he finally understands what uncontrolled wrath might do to him and that he feels motivated to deal with his problems. He highly recommends this class for anyone who wants to regain control over his life.

Another pupil observes that the lecturer seems knowledgeable and that he talks engagingly. However, one user has noted that he doesn’t like how the instructor presents the topic and that the course is too short. He adds that it’s not worth the money and that he doesn’t recommend it at all.


  • ​16 techniques
  • Helpful
  • Efficient
  • Practical tips
  • Easy to follow


  • ​Presentation complaints
  • Too short for a few

3. Transforming Anger (No Longer Available)



Ease Of Use

This rage management by Mick Hartley and Tom Cassidy is described as helpful, well-presented, and an excellent choice to understand more about yourself.

Students love the length of the course, but some do note that it takes time to feel the results. The lectures aim to show you how to contain your temper, listen to it, and find a healthy way to express your emotion. At the end of the lessons, you’ll be able to transform rage into peaceful feelings by spending 20 minutes a day on the given task.

The whole course consists of 13 tutorials, which require a week to complete, but you’ll start to feel an improvement much sooner. Week 1 pupils need three glass jars and white rice.

In general, pupils have a high opinion of this class, and they don’t have any major complaints regarding its usefulness or efficiency. A reviewer comments that the instructor develops the topics very well and that he seems knowledgeable and well-prepared. The pupil adds that he likes the included tests and that they are interesting.

Another student observes that he feels better a couple of weeks into the course and that he highly recommends it as the best anger management tutorial. A pupil also shares that he is satisfied with the results he achieved thanks to the well-thought tips and instructions and that the lecture has a nice diction.

Meet The Instructor


  • ​Well-structured
  • Well-connected lectures
  • Knowledgeable tutor
  • Practical tips


  • ​Might take a while to feel the effect
  • Requires too much time
Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps Anger Management Udemy



Ease Of Use

If you often lose your temper at the wrong moment, this anger management class by Yvonne Sinclair might be the right choice for you. Students love the provided techniques, but some do note that they would prefer if there are quizzes.

These lectures are structured in a way to help you identify rage early and keep it from escalating. What’s more, you’ll get some extra tips how to cool off when your emotions get out of control and identify your triggers. Another great thing is that you’ll improve your communication abilities and learn the benefits of expressing your temper healthily.

In general, pupils have a high opinion of these lectures, and they praise its usefulness, practicality, and efficiency.

They don’t have any major complaints, and they highly recommend it as one of the best anger management classes. A reviewer comments that the tutorial provides useful tools for dealing with rage and that the lecturer is soothing and honest with her students. Another enrolled user mentions that the information is invaluable and that the techniques are simple but highly effective.

The only thing that slightly disappoints is the poor quality of some of the videos. A student also shares that the tips are practical and easy to follow and that the attachments are very useful. He warns that at the beginning the information seems too much to digest, but you should stick to the end if you want to experience any of the benefits of the course.

Meet The Instructor


  • ​Practical techniques
  • Well-structured
  • Tips to identify triggers
  • Helps to improve communications


  • ​No quizzes
  • Problem with video quality
Breaking Free from the Anger Trap



Ease Of Use

This online class by Les Carter for getting rid of anger is efficient, well-structured, and suitable for those who feel that they are not in control of their negative emotions.

Students love the structure of the course, but some do note that there are no quizzes. This course’s purpose is to teach you to distinguish between constructive and deconstructive emotions and use the provided tools to change your unhealthy habits and deal with your emotional insecurities. It consists of 17 tutorials, plus 13 supplemented resources.

By the end of the lectures, you’ll know more about what makes you angry and what technique you can use to prevent escalations and redirect your temper the right way.

As a whole, pupils are satisfied with the organization and presentation of the material, and they praise the lecturer for his diction and knowledge of the matter.

They don’t have any major complaints and highly recommend it as one of the best anger management classes. A pupil shares that he has had a lot of problems with his temper, but the lectures were immensely helpful. He adds that they can teach you to handle your ire positively and stop blaming others for your mistakes.

Another student also mentions that he feels more confident after watching the videos and that he is coping with his emotion healthily instead of bottling everything up. He is very grateful for the help he received from the lector and that he would gladly sing up for more of his classes.


  • ​Well-presented material
  • Practical
  • Useful tips and tools
  • Well-made


  • ​No quizzes to check progress

Understanding Anger and the Strategies for Controlling It

What is Anger?

Wrath, rage, fury- whatever you may call it, anger is a potent emotion. Fury is natural human experience, and just like love, some valid reasons trigger annoyance like experiencing frustration or feeling hurt by something a person said over a situation at home or work. The problem is- uncontrolled resentment can be quite problematic both for your personal health and professional relationships with others.

Understanding Anger Management

Resentment often takes different forms- some people get mad all the time while others get angered less often but when they do the rage is way out of control. Whatever form it takes, uncontrolled fury can negatively impact one’s emotional well-being and physical health. Research has shown that hostility and out of control temper explosions can increase a person chances of developing heart diseases and often worsen outcomes for those with existing heart conditions.

The ultimate goal of temper management is to reduce both your physiological and emotional feelings that resentment causes. You can’t avoid or get rid of the thing or people that trigger the rage, but you can learn to manage the rage.

Is your rage too much?

There are psychological tests that measure how prone you’re to fury, angry feeling and how well you can handle it. The chances are if you have a problem with rage you already know it and if you find yourself acting out of control, you may require help to keep this emotion in control.

Why does rage level differ in different people?

Some people often get resentful more easily than others. Some don’t usually show their anger “publically” but are extremely bad-tempered. People who are easily angered don’t always throw things or use curse words, but they retreat socially or may get physically ill.

But what makes a person easily angered? There are a couple of things- either genetic or physiological. Some children are born bad-tempered, oversensitive and easily angered and these signs often show from a very tender age.

Sociocultural experiences can also make a person easily angered. Right from childhood, we are all taught how to express anxiety and other emotions but not taught how to express vexation. As a result, we are all brought up lacking the knowledge on how to express exasperation or channel it constructively.

Is letting it rip a myth or reality?

Studies have revealed that it’s all a dangerous myth and that some people use it as a way to hurt others.

“Let it all hang out” often amplifies outrage and does nothing to resolve the anger situation. So it’s best to dig deep and find out what triggers your rage and find ways to keep the triggers from exploding your wrath.

3 Strategies for Controlling Anger

Change your Environment

Sometimes the immediate surroundings might be the cause of your fury. Problems and responsibilities can overwhelm you and feel like you have fallen into a trap- this might trigger resentment directed to the things and people that form the trap.

Give yourself personal time especially when you know you’re quite stressed. For example, if you are a working mother- have it as a rule and set 10 or 15 minutes for yourself when you come home from work. After the 15 brief quiet times, you should be prepared to better handle your little ones without blowing up at them.

Improve communication

All the time angry people tend to jump to conclusions which can be hurting and if you’re in a heated discussion, its best to think through your responses and never jump into conclusion.

It’s okay to get defensive when you face criticism but don’t fight back but instead examine the underlying message that the person is trying to communicate. Don’t let resentment spin your discussion with others out of control.

Problem Solving

At times our irritation and fury are caused by a real problem that we can’t escape from. At times resentment is a healthy response to these life problems. The best way to handle this is finding how you can best manage and face these life challenges rather than focusing on finding the solution.

Have a plan and check on your progress along the way. Resolve to give your plan your best but don’t punish yourself if things don’t go as expected.

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