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The 5 Best Office Chair Covers [Ranked]


Are you contemplating whether your new office chair needs some protection?

Or whether your old worn-out chair needs a fresh, decorative breath of life?

To help you make better decisions and select a cover for your office chair we have compiled a list of our favorite office chair covers.

We'll guide you regarding purchasing a new piece, creating your own DIY option, and enlightening you as to why you need to get an office chair cover as soon as possible.


The 5 Best Office Chair Covers

Bestseller No. 2
Melaluxe Office Chair Cover with Armrest Covers, Universal Stretch Desk Chair Cover, Computer Chair Slipcovers (Size: L) - Black
  • Package Include: 1 × Chair Cover & 2 × Armrest Covers. Chair Cover Only, Chair is Not included.
Bestseller No. 3
smiry Stretch Printed Computer Office Chair Covers, Soft Fit Universal Desk Rotating Chair Slipcovers, Removable Washable Anti-Dust Spandex Chair Protector Cover with Zipper, Blue Green
  • SOFT STRETCH MATERIAL - Smiry office chair covers are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric, soft and comfortable, durable and long lasting. High elastic fit to protect your chair from spills, stains and tearing perfectly.
SaleBestseller No. 4
smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair Seat Covers, Removable Washable Anti-dust Desk Chair Seat Cushion Protectors - Black
  • Fashion Protect: Fashion rhombic lattice jacquard fabric design, give your old, damaged or ugly chair a new look and protect your chairs from scratches, spills and accidents, especially Great for office workers and students or have pet family.
Bestseller No. 5
NeColorLife Office Chair Cover with Armrest Covers Stretchable Desk Chair Cover Thick Checked Jacquard High Back Office Seat Cover for Universal Rotating Chair (Large Size,Black)
  • [High Quality Fabric] The chair covers contain 95% polyester and 5% spandex, high elasticity fabric, soft and comfortable, anti-wrinkle, anti-pilling

Why does your office chair need a cover?

Getting covers for your office chair is somewhat like getting covers for your phone. You know you are going to be using it for quite a while so getting a cover will make it last longer and save it from any mishaps.

Heres are some reasons why you need to get a cover for your precious chair:

Save it from damage:

Although office chair covers aren’t expensive, the chairs usually are. A cover will protect your super comfortable chair from further damage.


Bestseller No. 1
WOMACO Printed Office Chair Covers, Stretch Computer Universal Boss Modern Simplism Style High Back Chair Slipcover - Peony, Large
  • PERFECT FIT - 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Soft, and high stretch. Stay in place and do not have to adjust it at all.

Imagine you just redid your entire office and now everything is in matching colors, except your favorite chair. What a horrible sight that would be. All your efforts going to waste because the chair doesn’t match the room decor. A cover for your chair will be the perfect solution for this mess.

Chair covers are usually available in various colors and patterns. So you will have many options to select from.

All in all covers for office chairs are an inexpensive way to liven up the room.

Reviving an old chair

Covers are a great way to bring some life to your super comfy office chair which might have gotten damaged over the years.

The cover will help conceal the chair and give it a brand new look.

How to DIY an Office Chair Cover

In case you have some fabric laying around or you can’t find the right fabric and pattern to go with your room then you can just create a cover yourself.

To save you the unnecessary hassle of screwing and unscrewing the chair to get the cover on it, we are going to instruct you on how to make a cover that goes on like a shower cap.

The entire process is super easy, requires simple sewing and will only take 30 minutes to complete.

Here is a list of things that you will need :

  1. Stretchy fabric (example: cotton, knit, lycra)
  2. Papers for drafting pattern
  3. ¼ inch of elastic

To draft a perfect pattern, Amy on her website Peekaboopages provides quite an easy option. Just take a big piece of paper and place it on the padding (top or bottom). Make sure that the paper covers the padding completely. You can pin the paper on the padding so that it’s easier for you to trace or cut the paper. Use a pencil to trace the edges, even if the lines aren’t smooth you will get a rough idea.

Or you can simply take the measurements and draw the pattern out. You can also fold the paper you have drawn on in order to get a symmetrical shape.

Moving on, you will now have to cut the fabric out. This can be done by simply laying the pattern onto the fabric, marking around the fabric and using scissors to cut it all out. Make sure to leave room for seaming.

The next step requires you to place the elastic; so with the wrong side of the fabric facing you, place the elastic ¾ inches from the edges. Pin the elastic in place and stitch it.

For the first few stitches make sure to sew back and forth. Pull the elastic as much as you can and sew it in.

You can use your right hand to pull the elastic and your left one to pull the fabric, this way you will be able to seam easily.

Repeat this on all the edges for all the pieces and you will be done in no time at all.

Finally, cover your chair up and marvel at your handicraft.

Buying Guide

To help you make the best selection, below we have highlighted some specifications that you should have a look at before making your final purchase.


It will be quite a waste of money and cash if you purchase the wrong size. To prevent such misfortune, we have ranked this specification first on the buying guide.

So first and foremost you need to verify what the size your chair is.

For this, you will need to measure the back height and width. Followed by the length and width of the seating.

These measurements will be enough to give you a rough idea and so you can purchase a cover with the ideal size.

Sizes too big or small will be of no good. Covers aren’t usually made out of materials that stretch a lot. Manufactures just label the size as small, medium and large. So to help you out here are some further details we found that are generally true:





Back Height

 18.9-21.7 inches

22.3-26.8 inches

27.8-31.5 inches

Back Width

16.5-21.6 inches

16.5-21.6 inches

17.7-22.3 inches

Seat Lenght

14.2-21.6 inches

14.2-21.6 inches

17.7-22.3 inches

Seat Width

14.2-21-6 inches

14.2- 21.6 inches

17.7-23.6 inches

2. Cost

Chair covers are usually not that expensive but I’m sure most of you have a budget to stick to and would like to purchase an office chair cover that lasts you for a while.

In case you invest in a very cheap cover then be ready to receive a low-quality see-through cover which will do no good for your chair.

The cost usually varies according to the features present. So below we have listed some features that you should look into as they will ensure that you get great value for your money.

3. Quality

Nothing beats quality! So you need to purchase a cover which is durable and comfortable, which means that the material of the cover which should be sturdy.

Plus the material should be reasonably thick so that it hides the flaws of the chair.

Generally, office chair covers are made from polyester, spandex or a blend of both. Nevertheless, the material that you finalize should be able to withstand moisture, sun and should be resistant to wrinkles.

Furthermore, if you opt for an office chair manufactured from good quality material, then it’s likely to stay safe from tear and tear, will offer a snug fit and can get washed without losing its color.

As always the choice is yours so if you prefer a particular material over others, that’s fine too.

4. Design

Obviously the design of the cover inst something you should compromise on. The whole point of getting an office chair cover is to bring back the glory days of the chair.

Select a cover that is trendy and looks good. An ugly-looking cover will just turn out to be a bad purchase as it doesn’t do much to improve the look of the chair.

5. Installation

Buy a cover that will be easier to install and take off. You don’t want to be fighting with the cover just to give it a good wash.

Here’s a pro tip; look for covers that come with stretchy material and zippers.

This last tip concludes a comprehensive guide to help you purchase a cover that you like.

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