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The 5 Best Nut Buttons | Plus Meme Backstory

They say laughter is the best medicine and its true. Laughter helps to decrease stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters released by the brain and help to promote a good mood. Apart from that, it helps to relieve pain.

Laughter also increases the immune cells in your body. By doing so, your body has a fighting chance against pathogens. As such, the chances of you getting sick are reduced.

Generally, we laugh at jokes shared by family, friends and even from TV shows. What you need to know is that there are toys which can elicit laughter from you, whether at the comfort of your home or work.

That toy is the nut button.


When Memes Become Reality

The thenutbutton.com YouTube account posted this tongue-in-cheek explainer video:

We compiled some of the best blue, red, black and transparent nut buttons (and some other spinoff products) below. Take a look and purchase the perfect novely, gag gift for the meme-lover in your family.

Comparing The Buttons

Bestseller No. 1
The Nut Button Toy - When Memes Become Reality | Meme Gag Gift for him Boyfriend Husband Friend | Hilarious Funny Prank Buzzer for Holiday & Christmas | Silly Easy to use | Press Button That says NUT
  • WHAT IS THE NUT BUTTON: C’mon man, seriously? It’s the most useful (or useless, depending on your power level) sound toy since… ever. Seriously, this is the most useful gadget ever created. If you don’t know what to get your wife’s boyfriend this holiday season – you just found the perfect easy gift. We both know that things haven’t been the same between you two since last year's office Christmas party, but if you get him this, she’ll finally treat you like the man you used to be.
Bestseller No. 2
MyMealivos The Fuck Slammer Button, Gag Gift for Family, Friends and Co-Workers
  • 【Buzzer Button with Sound】 Fuck Button is made very durable, lightweight, and is battery operated. Feature 5 outrageously funny Fuck phrases with crazy background sound effects.
Bestseller No. 3
Oof Button, Your Ultimate Sound Button Companion, from Buzzer Buttons to Scream Button, Laughter Button & More! Perfect for Video Chats, Office Pranks, and Exhilarating House Parties
  • FUN AND PRACTICAL: The Oof Button, a unique mix of amusement and convenience, is designed to add joy to your daily life. Perfect for house parties or video chats, this button will make things lively!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Screaming Goat Button | The Original Goat Scream | Screaming Goat Desk Toy Talking Button with a Funny Goat Scream | Gag Gifts for Men and Women
  • ✅ The Screaming goat is ideal as a funny gag gift or desk toy. The hilarious goat scream is perfect for stress relief at work, school or even at home when things get overwhelming.

What Is The Nut Button?

It started as a meme which originated from an immature joke. The button is blue and has the word “Nut” written across in white. For many years, this meme has been used mostly in bad jokes. It has evolved and today, it is widely used on meme websites, social media, gaming, and other platforms.

The most common use of the Nut button is when one is feeling down. In such a situation, pressing the Nut button helps to elicit laughter from the user. When the button is pressed, it generates a robotic sounding “NUT” (Source).

This toy button can be used in different contexts. It all depends on how you plan on using. For instance, you can decide to mock politicians and the bad decisions they continue making. Alternatively, making a joke at your expense can also work. By doing so, you express your creativity. Also, the more you laugh, the less stressed you will be which translates to a healthy lifestyle.

The Backstory

Over on Reddit, the product’s founder wrote up a case study of how he came up with the idea to produce these novelty items.

How I Made $150,000 Selling a Meme from r/Entrepreneur


The lilcolgatee account posted this funny image of a dog toying with the button- apparently the family pets are in on the joke too.


Buying Guide

Shopping for the perfect gift is a daunting task but by following our guide, you can simplify the process and make it pleasant. In our buying guide, we have compiled tips to help you shop for the nut button.


Quality is an important attribute when shopping. If the toy is made with high-quality materials, it means, you will use it for a long time. A high-quality nut button is handmade. The materials used are also of high quality which assures you of durability.

Batteries – Alkaline or rechargeable
The toy is designed to work as an independent unit and so, there is no need to keep it plugged. To ensure wireless operation, the unit is fitted with batteries. Sadly, the batteries are alkaline and not rechargeable. The good news is that they can last for more than 5000 nuts.


The toy comes in a standard size. It fits in your palm perfectly. You may come across versions which are bigger or smaller. When shopping, it is wise to consider the size. This makes it easy for you to use it. In addition, it will enhance your fun.


As said earlier, the button is made from plastic which is not an expensive material. The good news is that the material is solid. Combine with the robotic sound, the result is hilarious. When shopping online, compare prices. This makes it easy for you to purchase a durable item and save at the same time.
Nut button meme – Its origin

The word “nut” has been part of the American slang for many years but it achieved its big break in 2014. It started with a series of reaction videos made available on Reddit, and YouTube among other platforms. The joke was accompanied with an image or GIF of an individual expressing shock after “nutting.”

Around 2015 to 2016, the meme took another form – that of a big blue button. This new form became very popular and the joke was, to slap the button when you felt good during sex. As a juvenile joke, it transformed from a popular meme to a popular toy that can be used on numerous occasions.

For instance, if you are running a business that sells nuts, you can have the nut button toy beside the counter. Every time a customer walks in and makes a purchase, you hit the button. The robotic sound will surely leave a smile on your customer’s face and yours too.

Nut Button Sound effect

As said earlier, the button generates a robotic sound when pressed. Why a robotic sound effect? I guess the reason developers opted for the robotic sound effect was to enhance fun. If the toy was made available without a sound effect, it would not be fun.

The robotic sound effects goes way back to the early days of computing. If you remember the history of computing, then you know they were mechanical. As such, they had moving parts which generated a lot of noise. They also had flickering lights and speakers that generated the beeps and bloops.

The reason for this was to indicate the status of the moving parts and the mechanical computer in general. Early TV shows and movies began adopting these sounds but as time went by, the sound effect was enhanced.

One of the best examples of a robotic effect similar to the nut button is the Microsoft Windows assistant that was common in versions prior to Windows Vista. So, without the robotic sound effect which adds flavor to the toy, it would be boring to use it. The only sound effect the toy would be able to produce is air being pumped in and out. Kinda like a “whoosh” sound effect.

Final Thoughts

Having fun is the best way to get through stressful situations. One way of having fun is using the Nut button. As a toy, it comes ready to use with AAA batteries to help the toy generate the robotic sound effect. When shopping for one, there are a few things you need to consider. They include quality, size, color, and price. Since inexpensive materials are used to manufacture it, the toy is ideal for use by both people and animals too. Actually, a few people have trained their cats and dogs to press the button. So, if you want to gift a family member or friend with something that elicits laughter, then the Nut button is the ideal gift.

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