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The 5 Best Microcurrent Face Lift Machines [Ranked]

Mcrocurrent Face Llift Mmachines

As with any muscle in the body, the facial muscles thrive on exercise- but most people completely neglect to exercise their facial muscles. Many people have no idea how to do so anyway (Source).

Microcurrent face-lift machines in a nutshell send gentle electrical stimulation to your face which, it is claimed, enhances skin health and boost collagen production, firming your skin and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles (Source).


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These facelifting machines claim to be anti-aging, medical technology products equipped most commonly with two gel pads that stimulate underlying nerves that control your facial muscles (Source).

These nonsurgical, face-lift and toning machines will gently pulse and stimulate your facial muscles- muscles around your nose, cheeks, lips, mouth as well as eyes. This is a gentle stimulation that closely resembles a light facial massage (Source).

Micro current facial toning is commonly performed in spas and the manufacturers of these microcurrent facelift machines write that they are able to:

"decrease the speed of skin aging, promote healthy blood circulation, improve the strength of the skin and its nerve endings, promote healthy organic metabolism, as well as promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers."

Comparing The Options

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The Steam Sun microcurrent beauty machine was another popular option that users said can provide a full-body treatment. It also includes hot and cold frequency functionalities that users claim helps them treat chronic pain symptoms.

Users also report successfully using this non-surgical, microcurrent beauty machine to successfully remove stress-related white and black head acne.

Let's take a look at five of the best microcurrent facial toner machines on the market today and see how they compare.

The 5 Best Microcurrent Facelift Machines For 2024



Ease of Use

This nerve-calming SteamSun Bio Face Lift also has a feature that helps activate and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. Its users report liking it because of its ability to make their skin feel healthy and rejuvenated. It has helped some users relieve foot pain, as well.


However, take note that it doesn’t come with a scrubber. It does include a 2 wrist wires, a pair of magic gloves, a single power cable, a heating and cooling hammer, 10 pairs of one-off gloves, and two cotton-stick facelift handles. The Face Lift B-809 Non-surgical Galvanic is a good item to have around your house if you want your skin to look younger, and especially if you don’t have time (or the money) to go to the spa.


Users of the Non-surgical Facial Skin Spa Salon have reached a very positive consensus regarding this beauty machine. One buyer of the B-809 SteamSun Bio Face Lift machine said that it helped reduce the size of his bunions. He had been dealing with significant bunion pain in his feet and the product helped him get rid of the pain.


Another user of the Microcurrent Face Lift B-809 said that she uses it every day, and the results have been amazing so far. A few users complained about the instructions, saying that the Galvanic Microcurrent Bio-ultimate Facial Skin Machine was a bit hard to understand.


  • Easy to carry around in its case
  • Adjustable settings provides comfortable charge when using on skin


  • Instructions could’ve been made easier to understand
  • Does not come with scrubber

2. The Project E Beauty Microcurrent Machine Review *

*This item is NOT micro current but galvanic



Ease of Use

The galvanic and portable Project E Beauty Kd9000 microcurrent kit features an adjustable intensity level power control to help regulate its effect. Its users love it for being very easy to use, having a nice design, with many saying that they saw visible results after only a few uses. The ball probe included with this microcurrent machine is meant to work around the nose and the eyes.


However, keep in mind that incorrectly adjusting the intensity level when using on sensitive parts of the face can lead to slight stinging. It also has a roller probe that is meant to be used on the neck and the open face. It is wireless and thus, doesn’t require a base unit. The Kd9000 New Face Skin Spa Device is a good option to go for if you want to reinvigorate your skin.


One buyer of the Galvanic New Face Kd9000 shared her experience regarding how easy it was to use the device. In just a few weeks she was able to see positive results.


While the general consensus regarding the Microcurrent Kd9000 Beauty Salon is positive there are some buyers who found the instructions to be quite hard to follow. They decided to follow YouTube tutorials rather than read the manual.

How it works

  • Project E Beauty claims that it achieves its results by penetrating into the tissues, influencing the circulation to enhance the lymphatic and vascular interchange in the area.
  • They claim that this improves the function of your cellular membranes and enables trapped fat and fluid to be eliminated and dispersed.

Video Overview


  • Has two modes: Desincrustation (Negative charge) and Intophoresis (Positive charge)
  • The Ball Probe and Roller Probe provide full face treatment
  • Adjustable Intensity Level Power Control


  • Instructions can be hard to understand
  • Incorrectly setting intensity level can lead to slight stinging on the face



Ease of Use

This Skin Care Microcurrent Face Lift machine features large dual facial probes. It is a cordless option that works from rechargeable batteries, which in turn makes it very easy to move around with around the house. Its users appreciate the device for being very easy to use and providing positive visible results.


However, keep in mind that not adjusting the intensity level correctly will lead to stinging. The inbuilt timer automatically shuts off the power after ten minutes.


This microcurrent face-lift machine another very handy beauty machine to have around the house if you want to take care of your skin and not worry about dragging around heavier options.


Users of the Face Lift Skin Care have given it largely positive reviews, for the most part. One buyer of the Skin Care Experts microcurrent beauty machine said that she used it regularly and it has helped tighten her skin more. She also used it on her upper arms and could instantly see a difference. Another buyer of the Microcurrent Face Lift said that she used it for ten minutes a day and it helped her fight off wrinkles.


  • Large dual face probes with adjustable settings
  • Cumulative effect: The more you use it the more better the results
  • Cordless


  • Does not come with own gel or lotion
  • Current might not feel consistent to some users



Ease of Use

This wrinkle-reducing and acne-fighting Signstek Facial Machine offers four treatment methods. The indirect high frequency, direct high frequency, hair care method and spark method enable it to provide users with robust facial care options. Its users love how easy to use it is along with the effective four treatment methods it offers.


Keep note that its benefits will vary from person to person, due to individual differences in everyone’s skin. It also helps with tightening the skin. It includes one comb tube, a mushroom tube, a tongue tube, a bed tube, and the beauty machine itself. The Signstek is a handy item to use in order to make your skin look young and fresh, especially for acne.


One buyer of the Beauty Therapy Portable Skin Tightening Facial Machine said that she was happy with the results after a few months of usage. She was able to reduce her wrinkles and fine lines through the product.


Another user of the Signstek Facial Machine said that he started using it in his 40s and has seen his skin become more evened out, and the sunspots he used to have disappeared after two months of use. A minority of the microcurrent facial machine said that the manual was tough to follow.


  • Adjustable current intensity
  • Four treatment methods to cover the whole face
  • Design makes it easy to carry around


  • The manual can be tough to follow
  • Not adjusting intensity can lead to stinging especially during spark treatment method



Ease of Use

This BIO Microcurrent Facial Beauty Skin Care Device is a portable option that is commended for enhancing skin texture and removing wrinkles. Users of the device like it for being efficient and enabling them to save time when taking care of their skin- as opposed to lengthy and expensive salon treatments.


However, keep in mind that the intensity of the device can’t be adjusted, and that might be a problem for some users. The BIO Vibration Face Lifting Skin Care Device is a portable device to make sure that your skin remains healthy, wrinkle-free, and fresh looking, but it’s not for users that require adjustability settings.


One user of the BIO Facial Beauty Skin Care Device shared her experience with Bell’s Palsy. She said that she started using the device in order to maker her face start moving normally again. While she is doing other treatments, she has experienced positive results in her condition by regularly using this device.


Another microcurrent beauty machine buyer said that she got it as a gift from someone and she really likes using the device every day. Another user of the BIO Iontophoresis Vibration Skin Care Device shared the complaint that she was not pleased with the device as it didn’t do anything but buzz when she used it.


  • Easy to hold design
  • Small size makes it very portable
  • Offers two modes to the users: Mode-In and Mode-Out


  • The intensity level can’t be adjusted
  • Uses up batteries too quickly

Microcurrent Facials: The Latest Craze

These facial trainers are indeed interesting devices that enable you to achieve spa-like benefits from the comfort of your own home. 

They are effective alternatives to surgical skin cosmetic procedures because they eliminate the risk of infection and other dangerous complications. It's a great way to quickly improve and boost your appearance without breaking the bank or undergoing the knife. 

While some people often get Botox injections, those are not without risk as well-it can cause incredibly painful swelling that lasts for up to a week, in some cases.

During the process of a microcurrent facelift, the machine will transmit gentle electrical currents that resemble your own body's bio electrical currents. Most of the time, these currents are so gentle that the user doesn't even feel them. These gentle electrical pulses will stimulate your skin and help to tone its muscles.

Many skincare professionals claim that these gentle electrical beauty devices will enhance collagen production so that your facial skin will tighten and fine lines dissolving disappear. 

In general, increased circulation it is thought will provide an overall benefit to your skin, rejuvenating it and making it appear fresher and more attractive.

If you're looking to purchase one of these facelift machines, you should probably consult with a dermatologist or physician to ensure that there are not any contraindications to its use, particularly if you have a pacemaker.

You can also consult with your local spa- they may be willing to train you on the use of the facial treatment machine that you end up purchasing.

Generally, all of these options are engineered for home use and are pretty easy to use. It's important to be patient when receiving the treatment- results may not be immediate. 

Make sure you check in with the instruction manual to read up on how your particular units work- this is the best way to get optimal results from the unit you end up purchasing.


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