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The 5 Best Micro USB To HDMI Adapters [Ranked]


Connecting your smartphones, ultrabooks or tablets with your high-definition televisions (HDTVs) can be a real hassle.

Configuring streaming from your phone is often a seamless, enjoyable experience. 

But sometimes the simplest way to stream something from your device to a TV or monitor is to use an adapter.

And if your device has a micro USB, you'll need a special type of adapter. These micro USB to HDMI adapters will enable you to begin screen mirroring without the lag and choppiness that often disrupts wireless device streaming. 


The 5 Best Micro USB To HDMI Adapters

Bestseller No. 1
TIMEJONS Micro USB to HDMI Cable, 5FT Micro USB to HDMI Cord for HDTV/Monitors/DVD/Laptop Audio and Vedio AV High Definition Output,Compatible with Blu-Ray Player/Projectors/PS3 4 5 and More
  • 【Superior Quality】: This hdmi to micro usb cord is used with stable and light PVC to protect sheath cable, this durable HDMI to Micro USB Cable with smart chip which could suffer from good heat dissipation. Besides, Our hdmi cable has compact design closely fits the Micro USB port on the device, providing better signal transmission protection.
Bestseller No. 2
MHL Micro USB to HDMI Cable Adapter, MHL 5pin Phone to HDMI 1080P 4K Video Graphic for Samsung Galaxy/LG/Huawei ect. Android Smart Phones That with MHL Function
  • 【Micro USB to Hdmi Cable Adapter EASY to USE】1. Plug the Mirco USB to HDMI Adapter Cable to Your Devices Directly; 2.Plug the HDMI Cable to Your TV and Switch the TV to HDMI Channel. 3.Plug the USB Cable to Power Adapter (at lease 5V 1A). 4.Restart Your Devices After Whole Connection Finished.
Bestseller No. 3
sartyee Micro USB to HDMI Converter, 4K 1080P HDMI Extender Cable 1.5M/ 5ft Adapter, Copy and Expand Videos Pictures from Mobile Phone or Tablet to HDTV Monitor Projector
  • 【1080P 4K Crystal Clear Picture】You can use this Micro USB Male Connector Share the Most Luxurious High-Definition Pictures, Videos and Audios with Friends or Family.
Bestseller No. 4
Micro USB to HDMI Cable Adapter, MHL 5pin Phone to HDMI 1080P 4K Video Graphic for Samsung Galaxy/LG/Huawei/Android Smart Phones That with MHL Function
  • 👍【Easy to USE】1. Plug the Mirco USB to HDMI Adapter Cable to Your Devices Directly; 2.Plug the HDMI Cable to Your TV and Switch the TV to HDMI Channel. 3.Plug the USB Cable to Power Adapter (at lease 5V 1A). 4.Restart Your Devices After Whole Connection Finished.

How To Connect A Micro USB to HDMI Adapter To a TV

Micro USB to HDMI adapter is a very simple device that provides you a connection between your smartphone and TV/computer.

Not every TV contains an HDMI port. Therefore, only those TVs are compatible with this device that contains an HDMI input.

With an MHL-compatible device, you can avail different features apart from just connecting your phone with a TV. For example, some advanced smartphones allow you to make or receive calls on your TV by using an MHL adapter. This feature will provide you with a larger and better video call image.

Connecting your mobile to the TV with the help of a micro USB to HDMI adapter is a very simple and easy process. But to give you a clear idea, here are some steps that we found on ScreenBeam that you can follow:

  1. Step 1: Insert the HDMI cable in your TV
  2. Step 2: Insert the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the micro USB to HDMI adapter. (Note: the adapter end is larger than the other end)
  3. Step 3: Insert the micro USB end (the smaller end) in your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Step 4: Switch on both your devices. (Source)

Make sure that both your devices are compatible with a micro USB to HDMI adapter otherwise this will not work. Also, only android devices are compatible with micro USB. You can’t use iOS devices for this purpose. 

The 3 Types of HDMI Cables - Standard, Micro, & Mini

Why do you need a micro USB to HDMI adapter?

Nowadays, with the advancement in wireless technology, we have found some great ways to stream online content on the television with just a click of a few buttons. But still, there are many people out there that use wires for connectivity.

There are many reasons why the public still prefers using the traditional way over wireless technology. Some of these which we found via Carrie Tsai – Neway – Medium are:

Audio and Video Quality

If you have ever used a wireless connection, you must have experienced that you don’t get crisp and clear quality images. And not getting a high definition image is enough to ruin your entertainment. On the other hand micro USB to HDMI adapter makes sure that you get the same result as you have on your mobile phone. It doesn’t affect the picture quality at all.

Also, you get a low level of audio in a wireless connection. Whereas the MHL adapter with the help of 7.1- channel digital multiple channels, provides you with a high-quality sound on your TV.
Lag-free experience

Nothing tests a gamer tolerance more than continuous buffering. Slow speed and constant lagging will turn any experience into a disaster.

Therefore, when it comes to wireless connectivity of your TV with your smartphone then prepare yourself for some excessive loading. Luckily that’s not the case with a micro USB to HDMI adapter because it doesn’t require any internet connection. Therefore, the adapter will provide you the same speed that you have on your mobile phone.

No requirement for Wi-Fi

With a wireless connection, you’re dependent on Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, and you can’t do anything without having an internet connection. But with the MHL adapter, you don’t require an internet connection. Anything present or already downloaded in your smartphone can be easily displayed on TV with or without the internet, without any strings attached.

Mobile charging

To get undisturbed connectivity your smartphone should be charged. But streaming online content on mobile drains a lot of battery. And that battery drainage exceeds two-fold when you’re wirelessly connected with a TV.

You have to face all these problems just to do a simple task. But with an MHL adapter, you don’t have to worry about anything. Because connecting your mobile with a TV through a wire will not only provide a connection between them but also it will charge your phone. Plus, the HDMI cable can get your mobile charge fast up to 40W.

Buying guide

There are multiple things that you need to consider before buying a micro USB to HDMI adapter. Therefore taking a close look at all the options that we have discussed below as they will help you a lot in deciding what you want.

Ports and connectivity

Before buying any kind of micro USB to HDMI adapter the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the port of the HDMI adapter is compatible with your device. Buying an HDMI adapter and later on finding out that it is not compatible with your device will cause you nothing but loss.

Many computers before 2016 are manufactured with a mini display port or garden variety port, and computers manufactured after 2016 usually offers ports for USB Type 3 and Thunderbolt 3. This is not true in all cases and there are some exceptions present.

Most of the advanced televisions come with a standard HDMI connection. But in other devices like cameras, and tablets a micro HDMI connection is present instead of a standard one.

Screen resolution (1080 or 4K)

If you are spending your time and money on something then let it be for something worth your while. Your adapter plays a major role in deciding what kind of resolution and pixels you will get. And of course, a higher quality micro USB to HDMI adapter will provide you a better audio and video result.

Right now 4K resolution is considered as the best. And many new devices support this high resolution, but for devices that are a little older 4K resolution is not an option.

Therefore, if your device is not compatible with 4K resolution then you can opt for the next best thing that is 1080p resolution. Don’t worry you will get a fine quality image and clear sound even on 1080p.

If currently, you don’t have a device that will support 4K but you are thinking of upgrading your device in the near future, then you should consider micro USB to HDMI adapters that not only support 4K quality but also provide lower resolutions.


Construction and quality of the adapter is also an important factor that you need to consider before buying. Bending of wire and erosion of the connector casing occurs frequently but HDMI adapters have thick and braided cable. Which provides additional strength and avoids any kind-of accidental damages.

Shielding from aluminum alloy protects the adapter from any sort of wear and tear and accidental damages. So these adapters will go a long way.
If you buy an adapter made up of low-quality material it will still work fine but, it won’t last for a long time.


No matter how carefully you buy your device, you can’t ignore the possibility of it getting damaged. Electronic devices either start causing some problems after a certain period or get damaged. It is better to have a warranty for the device you are buying because a warranty always helps you in the long run.

This last tip concludes this comprehensive guide. If you have any questions make sure to reach us.

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