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The 5 Best Meat Claw Pork Pullers [Ranked]

Meat-shredding claws are designed to function as extensions of your arms, letting you tear up pork, lift turkey, shred chicken and toss salads.

Utilized by BBQ pit masters, food truckers, and home-kitchen meat-shredders, they can save you a ton of time if you need to work through a 10 lb. pork butt, or shred a huge turkey.

They are heat-resistant, so hot meat and dishwashers won't melt their sharp tines. Plus the claws are strategically spaced so that meat doesn't clump between the tines and gunk up your shredding. 

Bestseller No. 1
BBQ Butler Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves and Original Bear Paws Meat Shredder Claws
25 Reviews
BBQ Butler Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves and Original Bear Paws Meat Shredder Claws
  • TOP QUALITY - Comfortable non-slip grip cotton-lined, 100 percent high-grade silicone gloves with textured design ensures a firm hold. Non-BPA nylon and Bear Paws are ultra-durable shredder claws and up to any grilling challenge

These USA-made kitchen shredders originated in 1993 and over the years have been ergonomically redesigned to fit comfortably into your hands, functioning truly as an extension of your own arms. 

The claw tines are spaced in a strategic way so that it is easiest to finely and easily pull meat (and even salad) without getting clumps of it stuck in between the claws.

Video Overview

  • Designed for shredding chicken, pulling pork, , lifting turkey, tossing salads, and other uses
  • These are FDA-approved and are heat resistant up to 475 Farenieht (so no melting + they're dishwasher safe)
  • Has been used and approved on "America's Test Kitchen" and has also been featured on  "World's Greatest", "BBQ Pitmasters", & "Diner's, Drive-Ins & Dives".

Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling BBQ meat shredder claws on the market today.


Comparing Them

The Five Best BBQ Shredders



Ease of Use

These meat shredder claws offered by Bear Paws are practical, convenient and inexpensive. Users love the design and the price, but some do note that these claws look like a Chinese knockoff. These Bear Paws pork shredders measure 12” x 6” x 1” with a weight of 4.5 ounces, and they are made of heat-resistant nylon approved by the FDA (up to 475 degrees F).


You can use them to pull pork, shred chicken, lift turkey or toss a salad. Overall, this is a handy tool to have around your kitchen, especially if you are a barbecue fan. 


In general, users have a very high opinion of these bear meat claws, and they praise their usefulness, performance, and durability. A buyer comments that the Bear Paw pork shredders are solid at the back so that you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck inside. The reviewer also adds that the claws are sharp, easy-to-use and the tips don’t melt or bend.


Another satisfied customer mentions that these claws are very effective for shredding the meat in small portions and convenient for pulling the roast from the barbecue. A happy purchaser also states that these pull porked claws are sturdy, and he would recommend them to anyone looking for the best bear paws for meat.


However, some customers have complained that the meat claws they received didn’t match the description and that the Bear Paw logo was missing. Some also state that the tips bend and melt quickly.

Bear Claw Pork Shredder Video Review


  • Cheap
  • Practical
  • Light
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sharp


  • Complaints that the product doesn’t match the description
  • Tips melt or bend



Ease of Use

These pork shredder claws offered by Cave Tools are well-made, easy to clean and useful for any housewife. Users love that the claws are sharp, but some do note that they’re plastic. The meat claws measure 6.2” x 4.8” x 1.5”, and they have a weight of 5.6 ounces, a comfortable handle, and the package also includes 25 professional recipes plus a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


The Cave Tools meat claws are made of heat-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry that the tips will melt. Overall, these claws are an excellent choice for shredding or picking any meat.


In general, users agree that the Cave Tools pulled pork shredders are one of the best meat claws, and they highly recommend them. A buyer comments that he uses these shredders for various activities – from carving the turkey to slicing tomatoes and onions. The reviewer also adds that they are far more valuable and useful than he expected, and he is very impressed with their construction and durability.


Another happy user shares that he shreds meat incredibly fast with these bear claws and as a bonus, he can put them in the dishwasher to clean them.


However, some customers have complained that the shredder meat claws are difficult to clean because they are hollow in the back. Some also note that these claws are not very useful if you want to have your meat shredded into small pieces because the teeth are too far apart.

Cave Tools Shredder Video Review


  • Easy to use
  • Sharp
  • Durable
  • Well-made
  • Light
  • Includes 25 professional recipes


  • Teeth are far apart
  • Difficult to clean
  • Made of plastic



Ease of Use

These meat shredder claws offered by Zenware are well-designed, handy, easy-to-clean and suitable for every barbecue enthusiast. Users love that they can wash them in the dishwasher, but some do note that the backside is hollow.


The pork puller claws measure 4.5″x 4.5″x 1″, and they have six prongs with an average individual length of 1.75 inches, ergonomic grip handles, and a weight of 5.4 ounces. They are made of heavy-duty, BPA-free polycarbonate, which can withstand temperature from 212 to 428°F. Overall, these are perfect if you are looking for efficient and cheap meat claws.


In general, users are extremely satisfied with the performance, usefulness, and sharpness of the Zenware shredder claws. A buyer comments that these shredders are heavy-duty, well-made and that they are perfect for grabbing and flipping barbecue meats.


The reviewer also adds that they withstand the heat of the grill without the tips bending or melting and that he highly recommends them. Another pleased customer mentions that these claws are large, sturdy and comfortable and that it’s no longer a chore to shred the meat. A purchaser also shares that he pulled 20 lbs of pork with these shredder claws and that it’s very easy to use them.


However, some customers have complained that the tips are too far apart and that these pork shredders don’t tear the meat into small chunks. Some also state that they find it too difficult to use these shredders and they prefer using forks.


  • Handy
  • Easy to clean
  • Sharp
  • Well-made
  • Light
  • Ergonomic grip handles


  • Too much space between the prongs
  • Hollow in the back
  • Complaints that it’s difficult to use them



Ease of Use

If you want the best shredder claws, you might take a look at these meat handler forks offered by Wolf Claw. Users love that these shredders are easy-to-clean, but some do note that the handles are not very comfortable.


This meat shredding tool measures 6.6 x 4.5 x 2.2 inches, and they have an exclusive taper tooth design, six solid prongs, and an extended base to protect your hands from burning. They are made of BPA-free, solid-cast nylon, and they can withstand up to 250 °C.


A user shares that it’s a pleasure to use the Wolf meat claws because you can shred meat fast, easy and without making a mess in the kitchen. The reviewer also adds that the tips are very sharp and they can handle any meat.


Another happy purchaser comments that even though the wolf claws are nylon, they are heavy and solid almost like metal ones. The user also adds that they comfortable and easy-to-use, and he can toss them in the dishwasher when the job is done.


A happy buyer also mentions that he shredded 8 lbs of pork in ten minutes and he recommends these handler forks to anyone looking for the best meat claws. However, some customers have complained that the claws are too short and it’s not very easy to shred the meat. Some also state that the tips started to bend after a couple of weeks and that they turned out to be less useful than they expected.


  • Well-made
  • Sharp
  • Taper tooth design
  • An extended base
  • Easy to clean


  • Uncomfortable handles
  • Short claws
  • Tips bend

3. The iArtker Bear Paw BBQ Shredders Review



Ease of Use

If you are looking for cheap, but sharp meat shredders, you might want to consider these bear meat paws offered by iArtker. Users love the solid design and the price, but some do note that they are difficult to clean.


These pork shredders are made of reinforced, heat-resistant plastic, and they have six sharp claws, a comfortable handle, a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and a weight of 4 ounces. They measure 5.9 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches, and you can use them for pulling and lifting large chunks of meat and quickly shredding it.


On the whole, these are well-made meat claws suitable both for professionals and amateurs.


A customer comments that these meat shredding claws arrived quickly and that he is very impressed with their sharpness – he managed to shred a chicken in a matter of minutes. Another happy purchaser says that the shredders are more solid than they appear to be and that he recommends them to anyone who has a smoker or a barbecue.


A buyer also adds that he has been using these meat claws for months and that the tips are still sharp. However, some customers have complained that the pork pulling claws are hollow and that they aren’t very useful for shredding the meat into small chunks. Some also note that there is too much space between the prongs.


  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Reinforced heat-resistant material
  • Sharp
  • Well-made
  • Sturdy


  • Too much space between the teeth
  • Hollow at the back
  • Difficult to clean

What Are Buyers Saying?

The Bear Claws

One of the first items we reviewed was the original Bear Paws pulled pork shredder claws. Bear Paw Products say that they are FDA approved for working with food and are constructed from a heat-resistant nylon.

  • They are designed to lift, shred and pull pork, lift turkey, shred chicken, toss salads, not just shred cooked pork.
  • These are as seen on TV pork shredder claws, having been demonstrated on America's Test Kitchen as well as appearing on World's Greatest, Drive-Ins & Dives and BBQ Pit Masters. They come in black, gray, pink, red, white and hunter orange.
  • Be careful when purchasing these because many sellers online are marketing fake versions that are not branded and are constructed from a cheap plastic.
  • One buyer says that the nylon material that it is made from doesn't chip and is exceptionally smooth, with claws that are especially sharp and easy to use.
  • Another reviewer we interviewed says that he works in a food truck that specializes in barbecue, particularly pulled chicken, brisket, pulled pork, hamburgers and smoked sausage.
  • He was in the market for purchasing something that would make it easier and faster to pull pork.
  • There were some options out there that required using a drill, but he decided that these inexpensive meat shredders were worth investigating.
  • He was exceptionally pleased with the results, saying that he was working with 30 pounds of pork that would generally take almost an hour to work through, but he was able to shred it in less than 10 minutes.
  • The only downside, he is found, is that he cannot use these shredder claws to work with chicken because chicken has many small bones.

The Cave Tools

Another popular manufacturer is Cave Tools- they produce a pair of claws that they say is designed to work with turkey, ham, chicken, beef, brisket, roasts and anything you produce from your slow cooker or smoker.

  • Reading over their product specifications, Cave Tools says that their kitchen meat-shredding accessories are designed to carve up large amounts of food without slipping or causing the meat handler to lose his or her grip.
  • They also offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, which distinguishes them from many other brands on the market, enabling you to return your pork shredder claws for a full refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason.
  • That said, they list out five great reasons why you should purchase their tool, including the ability to quickly shred large amounts of meat, sparing your fingers from bruising.
  • The handles, they say, are designed for comfortable and extended use, ensuring that you no longer drop the turkey on the floor, since you have these ultra-sharp claws on your side.
  • They are designed to be highly heat-resistant, so the tips aren't going to bend or melt.
  • One buyer that we spoke with comes from the south, where barbecue is a way of life.
  • Since they do so much cooking, they have a history of purchasing every new fangled device that appears on the market, cluttering their home with tools they have found no true use for.
  • However, they were particularly impressed by the Cave Tools pork shredder claws. Besides just pulling pork, this buyer found that they were effective for slicing, as well as working with non-meat items like watermelon, tomatoes, bread, in addition to the essentials of carving ham and roasts.
  • In general, buyers say that it dramatically speeds up the meat-shredding process, pulling meat into perfectly-sized pieces for barbecue brisket sandwiches.
  • And they are dishwasher-safe, so when you were done using them you simply plop them in the dishwasher, set it and forget it.

The iArkter Shredder

The iArtker was another solid option we took a look at. Like other models, they're designed to be easy to use, simple to handle and control, dishwasher safe, heat resistant, FDA-approved for food preparation, providing powerful grip-pulling functionality for meat shredding.

  • One buyer who was preparing pork shoulder said that using these shredders was a dramatic upgrade from doing it manually by hand or using a pair of clumsy forks.
  • Their design is solid, but lightweight, enabling her to cut through the pork like a hot knife through butter.
  • Other buyers were pleased with their shredding abilities, but they're also great for lifting food out of pans, which can be a difficult operation.
  • They also say that because of the fine claws it makes it easy to separate the meat from the bones, even on chickens and turkeys where the shredding work is a bit more delicate.

The Zenware

Zenware also makes a pair of barbecue shredders- they are designed to flip and grab meat, tenderize meat, as well as shred, tear and pull it.

  • One buyer we interviewed says that they were exceptional for flipping and grabbing meat, with their handheld design being an ergonomic lifesaver, making it easy to work with them for extended periods, maintaining complete control over the kitchen space.
  • Having used a variety of alternative methods to accomplish the same result, including using steak forks, tongs, real spatulas and just general kitchen wear, they found that these pulled pork shredded claws provided the easiest means of working with meat and a fast and effective manner.
  • With super strong tines, they are suitable for a range of different applications-heavy duty enough to work with large cuts of meat, but also fine enough to use with small-boned chicken and turkey.

The Wolf Claw

The Wolf Claw meat handler forks were another solid option for smoking and grilling enthusiasts. Their design is a little bit different, featuring a longer base that is engineered to ensure that hot meat juices don't drip onto your knuckles, helping to prevent burns and general mess.

  • The company says that, similar to other models on the market, however, they help you to maintain full control working with tender meat as you smoke, grill or barbecue them, letting you turn and transfer, as well as completely shred them when you are finished.
  • Indeed, many buyers are particularly impressed at how much faster and easier it is to work with large amounts of meat, especially for family gatherings, where food preparation becomes a massive endeavor.
  • One buyer describes shredding and pulling a pair of 10-pound pork butts in under nine minutes using these Wolf Claws- saying that they are a sharp and sturdy option that is useful for novice BBQ-er is as well as pit pros.

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