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The 5 Best Mannequin Heads [Ranked]

In this post, we take a look at some of our favorite mannequin heads

Made with the shape and size of an actual human head in mind, this duplicate serves many different purposes.

Beauty colleges, retail stores, and cosmetologist, all have a need for a mannequin head…

In fact, a mannequin head can be used by beauty colleges and professional cosmetologists to practice their craft and present their work to others (Source).

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These substitute heads can be used by stylists to perm, cut, shape and style hair. Pair them with an adjustable dress form if you want some ultra realism!


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
Mannequin Head with Human Hair Manikin Head 16"100% Real Hair Mannequin Head Hairdresser Training Head Cosmetology Manikin Practice Training Head Doll Head with Free Stand (B16)
  • ❥100% pure top quality Real hair, human hair-like texture.if you want to flat/curl iron your hair, we recommend that the temperature cannot exceed 150 degrees, and not exceed 15 seconds every time.
Bestseller No. 2
Hairingrid Mannequin Head 20"-22" 100% Human Hair Hairdresser Cosmetology Mannequin Manikin Training Head Hair and Free Clamp Holder (1906LB0414)
  • Material: 100% human hair; Color: #4 Dark Brown, all the hair has been chemically washed and disinfected.
Bestseller No. 3
Training Head 26"-28" Mannequin Head Hair Styling Manikin Cosmetology Doll Head Synthetic Fiber Hair Hairdressing Training Model Free Clamp (1711LB0220)
  • Hair length: 26-28 inches (from the forehead to the back hair end),Individual hair strand: 20 inches, colour:2# black

Using The Training Head Mannequin

Buying Guide

For those of you who have a need to buy a mannequin head for a beauty school or a retail store, it is important that you learn how to buy exactly what you need. Because the type of mannequin head that you purchase can make a difference in what you can and cannot do, you need to have a set of criteria that you can use to make an informed decision.

Here are some buying tips that you should use.

  • Head Size: Depending on your reason for buying a mannequin, it is important that you can determine which size head is actually best. For instance, if you are buying a mannequin head for a class in beauty school, the size you need should be an adult. If you are teaching children’s arts and crafts, you may need the child size.
  • Materials: Additionally, the materials used in the mannequin head can differ since manufacturers are making them in vinyl and styrofoam.
  • Use Case: Consumers may also buy a mannequin head to showcase hats and wigs. In these cases, you may be able to cut the cost by buying the materials that less expensive. For instance, you may choose styrofoam instead of vinyl materials because they are more affordable.


What are Mannequin Heads?

Mannequin heads can be described as a figure shaped like the top of the human body. These figures can be used for numerous reasons, including making displaying for wigs and hats. Many beauty schools use mannequin heads with kits that allow them to start and complete hairstyles from start to finish.

For instance, a new student in a beauty school will not practice on human heads. Instead, they use the mannequin head to practice on before they are allowed to do stylings on humans.

Retail stores buy mannequin heads to use in presenting their products.

The type of mannequin purchased can make a difference in how and what you are showcasing.

For instance, some retail stores may buy both men and women mannequin heads, especially when they are placing their product displays in men and women sections. It is also important to note that these mannequins are designed in different ways to meet the need of a particular agency or consumer. For instance, the store or beauty schools that buy them may need portable options to transport easily from place to place.

DIY Option

Mannequin Head For sale

Consumers need mannequin heads for different purposes, and it is based on that particular need and preference. The cost of these substitute non-human heads can vary based on the size, gender, and composition of materials. Therefore, some individuals and companies may prefer to shop around before making a decision.

To find these products on sale, you may want to look online for the best prices or you may try looking in your local stores for the better deals. In some cases, you may even find a wholesale supplier that will provide your retail store with the number that you need at a deep discounted price.

Mannequin Head With Stand

Bestseller No. 1
AIMEI 23 Inch Wig Head,Wig Stand with Head,Canvas Wig Head Stand with Mannequin Head for Wigs Making Display with Wig caps,T Pins Set,Hair comb,Hair Clips
  • Realistic Head Design- Our wig head features a 23-inch circumference, closely mimicking real head dimensions for optimal wig fitting and realism in design.

Buying the mannequin head with a stand is also essential for homes, beauty shops, and retail stores.

The stand that is used serves many purposes too, especially when it comes to displaying wigs for people to see easily. Therefore, the stands have been designed to not only be durable but also rigid enough to be placed securely so that they do not fall over.

You will find these stands in many different places and they are also made from different sturdy materials. For instance, when you search for a stand online, you may find different types that have been made by manufacturers, including metal tripod designs that fold and unfold.

These type of stands can be seen at wig shows throughout the country.

You may also find that there are other mobile versions made of durable canvas and cork materials that can be seen virtually anywhere. To find the best version for you, you should search online to see what is actually available in the industry.

Mannequin Head With Hair

SaleBestseller No. 1
GHWMYD Training Head 80% Real Human Hair 26" Mannequin Head Hair Styling Manikin Cosmetology Hair Doll Head Multicolored Hairdressing Training Model Free Clamp Exquisite Gifts
  • 〖Real Hair Touch〗 Long hair mannequin head soft skin simulates the skin of human being.80% real human hair,Completely handworks in hair implantation process.Hair is soft and easy to comb , you are free to design the hair style as you like to improve your level of hairdressing

Beauty schools are one of the key places to find the mannequin head with hair.

The mannequins with hair are often essential to aspiring beauticians since they are designed for practicing their art. For instance, based on the type that the person buys, they may have human hair that can be washed, conditioned, and dried.

All of this and more can be done to the mannequin with hair since they have been made for these purposes. Once the mannequin with hair has been cleaned and conditioned, the hair can be curled and styled. By using the mannequin hair, the beauty students can do any damage that needs to be done before they are approved to do hair on real people.

Mannequin Head For Wigs

SaleBestseller No. 1
SZCY LLC 23 Inch Canvas Block Wig Head, Wig Stand Tripod with Head, Mannequin Head for Wigs, Manikin Head Block for Wigs Making Display with Wig Caps, T Pins C Bristle Brush
945 Reviews
SZCY LLC 23 Inch Canvas Block Wig Head, Wig Stand Tripod with Head, Mannequin Head for Wigs, Manikin Head Block for Wigs Making Display with Wig Caps, T Pins C Bristle Brush
  • 💖【Canvas Wig Head Material】This 23 Inch Canvas mannequin head is Canvas Outside, Polyurethane (100% cork ) Inside. You Could Put Pins and Hold Wigs Easily. Very Easy and Convenient to Use, Great for Wig Making, Fixing Wig Making, Styling and Display.

If you are in the market for a mannequin head, you may be looking for a mannequin head that has been made for wigs.

Because women wear wigs as much as their own hair today, the use of mannequin head is not just for the shop but for the consumer that takes them home to wear too.

For instance, when women buy an expensive wig, they will need the right amenities to store them away properly. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why the mannequin head for wigs is usually high in demand, especially among women that do not always wear their own hair.

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