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The 5 Best Lego Pokemon | Kits + Finished Examples

In this post, we examine several popular Lego Pokemon sets- plus show some amazing custom creations!

Ever since its first release in Japan in 1996, Pokémon has taken the world by storm. Game Freak developed the main series of this role-playing video games (which they often called the “core series”), which Nintendo published as part of its Pokémon media franchise.

Since then, the games have been made available on every generation of Nintendo’s handhelds.

Usually, the games are released in pairs, with each varying slightly from the other, and the remake of the games for another console gets released a couple of years after the original version. But Pokémon isn’t just a series of role-playing video games.

Some Amazing Designs

A bunch of LEGO Pokemon I built

There are some gorgeous examples- you can buy some pre-made kits from Amazon if you want to begin building your own Pokemon from legos.

From card games and Pokémon-related manga as well as anime to spin-off games based on the original series, a lot of variety has slowly come to the forefront. From puzzles and digital pet games to fights and role-play, these games offer enthusiasts a lot of ways to stay entertained.

Lego Pokémon can be called a re-creation of the popular video game where you can use Lego blocks to create your favorite Pokémon characters and then either play with these toys or indulge in elaborate game settings. If you love both Lego and Pokémon, Lego Pokémon is your best bet to get the best of both these worlds.


Comparing The Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
MEGA Pokemon Action Figure Building Toys for Kids, Dragonite with 388 Pieces and Wing Flapping Motion, Age 9+ Years Old Gift Idea
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MEGA Pokemon Action Figure Building Toys for Kids, Dragonite with 388 Pieces and Wing Flapping Motion, Age 9+ Years Old Gift Idea
  • 387-piece Dragonite building set featuring the innovative Motion Brick for built-in motion
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MEGA Pokemon Action Figure Building Toys Set, Kanto Region Team with 130 Pieces, 4 Poseable Characters, Gift Ideas for Kids
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Bestseller No. 3
MEGA Pokémon Building Toys Set, Countryside Windmill with 240 Pieces, Motion and 3 Poseable Action Figures, for Kids
  • 240-piece building set featuring the innovative Motion Brick for built-in motion

Video Guide: How To Build

The CaptainHobby YouTube channel provides instructions concerning how to build Venusaur, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle out of Lego. For a long period, the YouTuber seriously considered redoing Venusaur and fixing Charizard’s wings.

He’s finally gotten around to it, and he thinks the new versions are extremely nice (he was always pleased with Blastoise and has no intentions to redo it). Furthermore, he also built a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle due to the fact some individuals indicated a fascination with more smaller, non-evolved Pokemon.

Buying Guide

  • Complexity: While some Lego Pokémon blocks are available to build a couple of specific characters, others are more elaborate and have a huge number of blocks to set up battle scenes and exhibit your Pokémon in different poses. Thus, it depends on what you want to do with your Lego Pokémon to decide which ones are the ideal ones to buy. If you are just starting off with these building blocks to create your Pokémon characters, and intend to simply display them, you can start small to get a hang of things.
  • Kits? But if you plan to get fired up for battle with your Pokémon mini-figures, buying Lego Pokémon sets is ideal. By giving you the chance to build a number of popular characters in the Pokémon series (such as Pikachu, Machop, Zubat, Eevee, Magikarp, and Abra – among others), these sets let you enjoy your very own battle games.
  • Custom? Ardent Pokémon fans or enthusiasts may even spend a few extra bucks to get their hands on custom Lego mini action figures of their favorite Pokémon, which when displayed or played with can surely elicit the jealousy of many.

In brief, what to buy depends on two key decisive factors namely how you want to put your Lego Pokémon to use, and your budget. So, have a clear idea of both these aspects before you go shopping for your own set of Lego Pokémon blocks or sets.

What You Need To Know

Lego Pokémon brings good news for Lego lovers who have a special place in their heart for Pokémon. Building your favorite Pokémon by arranging the Lego blocks properly is both a challenge and a fun activity. You can get an idea of how to build characters of the popular role-playing video game by watching this video.

If you thought that Lego Pokémon is just for kids, think again. Ever since its release, the Pokémon series has got its fans – both young and old, spread across the world. And these Lego blocks too aren’t any different. Though most are primarily designed for kids, they have captured even the hearts and minds of adult fans as well.

From letting you recreate your favorite characters using Lego blocks to building specific setting as depicted in the video game series (such as Kanto region’s Cerulean City), you are sure to have fun with Lego Pokémon.

Lego Pokémon Sets

You won’t get any official Lego Pokémon sets as there aren’t any available. Despite the popularity that both the brands enjoy, this could be a big surprise.

Perhaps this is what made Savath_Bunny submit a project idea on Lego Ideas, which is an extraordinarily detailed Pokémon Center that comes equipped with some vital starters and key character figures. If you are wondering what Lego Ideas refer to, it’s a place where people propose their creations for Lego playsets.

These proposals may be their own original works or projects that pay homage to a wide variety, from The Hobbit, Pokémon, and Doctor Who, to pop culture and even more.

The sad news is that despite getting strong initial support, Lego officials have said they won’t be producing the Pokémon Center set. The reason put forward says the licensed property (Pokémon), which a competitor of Lego owns, is neither a strategic fit nor a brand fit for the company to pursue a license. And that’s why they won’t consider Pokémon projects on Lego Ideas further.

Though this is indeed disappointing news for Lego Pokémon fans, you can still get sets of self-locking Lego bricks marketed by several companies.

These Pokémon building sets are available in smaller as well as elaborate sets. You can use them to either create your favorite Pokémon or recreate major locations and settings as depicted in the video games. Some avid supporters have even created microscale renditions of locations that the video game series has made popular. You can check one here.

Lego Pokémon Games

A lot of rules dictate the Pokemon card game. But memorizing and implementing all while playing your Lego Pokémon would be a tough task and not that much fun.

Instead, you can incorporate a few simple things that make the games fun while guiding them with a select set of rules that all players should abide by.

For example, you should remember the energy types every Pokémon has like Fire is for Charizard, and Lightning is for Pikachu.

Your games should be based on how these various types have certain advantages over one another.

For instance, if Pikachu and Charizard were engaged in a battle, Pikachu would emerge as the winner since Charizard’s Fire is defeated by Water, while Pikachu’s Lightning beats water. In other words, as Lightning beats Water, which in turn which beats Fire, Lightning will have the advantage.

Since Pikachu is Lightning, it would win the battle.

Some other rules that you can use to start a battle might involve these:

  • Select three Pokémon irrespective of their type.
  • Place one Pokémon in the Poké Ball’s stand and don’t let your opponents see it.
  • Placing your Poké Ball on a surface, open it.
  • The player with the advantage emerges as the winner.
  • In case your Pokémon is beaten in the battle, you won’t have the chance to use it in the battle anymore. Alternately, you can continue using it if it wins.
  • You can continue with your game until all the Pokémon of your opponents or the ones in your possession are gone, someone has got three wins.

Lego Pokémon Ball

To bring your Pokémon game into the real world, you need a Poké Ball. It’s a device that lets you catch and store your Pokémon.

You can put your Poké Ball inside a bag and take it as well as the Pokémon inside it out for a stroll in the real world. You can create this Poké Ball by buying a set of Lego plates and bricks, which need to be assembled according to the accompanying instruction.

The Lego pieces usually come unassembled in a resealable plastic bag. Following the instructions, you will have to attach these fun little builds to one another to get the small sphere that’s known as the Poké Ball.

If you plan to build a variety of Poké Balls that can open and yet preserve their spherical shape, this tutorial may help. While children will have a lot of fun with Lego pieces while creating the ball, even adults can join in this fun experience. They may either guide the little ones or attach some of the pieces on their own to speed up the entire process. The idea is to let everyone in on the activity of building a Lego Pokémon ball.

Lego Pokémon Instructions

Lego Pokémon building blocks are surely a fun project for all ages. However, you need to follow the instructions accompanying your individual characters or the sets to assemble them the right way in your first attempt. Ignoring the instructions may make you spend a lot of time and effort on the task unnecessarily.

A handful of users on online marketplaces have complained that their purchases often have the Lego bricks in non-numbered bags.

They say it makes the job difficult since you have to open every bag and get all the pieces together, from where you need to sort them out before you start building your Pokémon.

For children, it would be a tough task since they may struggle to find what they need from the big pile. In such cases, their older siblings or adults can lend them a helping hand, thus keeping their enthusiasm unbeaten. After all, the little ones may lose their interest fast if the seemingly simple task of sorting the pieces takes so long that the wait to start the build appears to be an endless one for them.

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