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*Last Updated: October 2021

The 5 Best LCD eWriters [Ranked]

LCD eWriters

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LCD eWriters are essentially an eco-friendly, paperless mashup of sketchbooks, memo pads, notebooks, drawing pads- all rolled into one cool little tech product (Source).

They use reflex LCD technology to provide a high-quality writing experience in a modern and sleekly designed package (Source).

Some eWriters like the Boogie Board Sync (Boogie Board out of stock alternative) can save several hundred pages worth of notes onto the SD memory card and then transfer those files into a smart phone, tablet, computer or some other device wireless or even through USB.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best selling Boogie Board eWriters and see how they compare.

The Sync has the most features (including saving and transferring your work) but the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is an affordable option, but does lack the file save and transfer functionality. 

Bestseller No. 1
NEWYES 8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet with Lock Function Office Whiteboard Bulletin Board Kitchen Memo Notice Fridge Board Magnetic Daily Planner Gifts for Kids Age 3 Months+ (Blue+Lanyard)
  • Upgrade Version: This lcd writing tablet provides much brighter writing than the old version and enjoys longer service life.age 3 Months+

This LCD writing tablet is designed to replace paper and pen. It has one delete button that clears the surface screen. This new version is really lightweight- only 0.3 LB, making it a great mobile option for children.

One reviewer we spoke with said that they had purchased it for a two-year-old boy. They said it's been an inexpensive, educational tool that's great for small children.

NewYes Video Review

Here are our top 5 picks if you're looking for a high-quality LCD e writer:

LCD E Writers Compared

Bestseller No. 1
WOBEECO LCD Writing Tablet, 8.5 Inch Electronic Writing &Drawing Board Doodle Board with Lanyard for Kids and Adults at Home, School and Office(Blue)
  • Improved Technology: Adopting new LCD pressure-sensitive technology, you can use attached stylus or other plastic pens to write and draw, just like write on the paper; Suitable for kids aged 3+
Bestseller No. 2
LCD Writing Tablet ERUW 10 Inch Electronic Graphics Drawing Pads, Drawing Board eWriter, Digital Handwriting Doodle Pad for Kids Home School Office Girl Boy Toys Christmas Birthday Gift Age 3+
  • 【Up to 35% Brigher Writing】Adopting the latest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, this new version of LCD writing tablet for kids is about 35% brighter than the old version. Without radiation and glare, the LCD screen better protects your eyes.
SaleBestseller No. 3
LCD Writing Tablet,Electronic Writing &Drawing Board Doodle Board,Sunany 8.5" Handwriting Paper Drawing Tablet Gift for Kids and Adults at Home,School and Office (Pink)
  • With LCD writing tablet ,children can freely release their natural instincts, enjoy painting, count the numbers, spell words at any time and place without no longer making a mess on the ground or walls.Moreover,you don't have to spend a lot of money on papers.
SaleBestseller No. 4
SINNOK 15 Inch LCD Writing Tablet, Toys for 3-9 Years Old Boys and Girls, Colorful Digital E-Writer Doodle Drawing Pad with Stylus, Electronic Graphic Handwriting Pad, Gift for Kids and Adults
  • 【Color Screen & Eye Protection】SINNOK writing tablet is equipped with a 15 inch flexible color LCD screen without radiation and glare, and adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology to ensure the smooth, clear, bright writing and high precision. It not only protects your eyes, but also make it safer and more comfortable after long-term use.
Bestseller No. 5
KURATU LCD Writing Tablet 2 pack 8.5 Inch Electronic Drawing Pads, Portable Reusable Erasable Ewriter Elder Message Board, Digital Handwriting Pad Doodle Board for School, Fridge or Office,(blue/pink)
  • 【Vision protection LCD Screen】 The surface of the pressure sensitive ensures writing is smooth and in high precision. LCD screen, This product has no background illumination, it relies on natural light, so there is no light flickering to protect your eyes. It is like chalk writing on the radiation, no glare, all protect your eyes

Boogie Board Video Reviews



Ease of Use

This Boogie Board eWriter measures 11.7 x .7 x 7.6" and weighs only 12 ounces. It has a 10 1/2 inch screen size and runs off a pair of AAAA batteries. It's a great way to collaborate with your children, many users write, helping them to do math problems for spelling exercises without wasting a ton of paper.

Other families keep them around the house for general note-taking like grocery lists or family chore lists. It's important to note that this model does not allow you to transfer your drawings or notes from the device to a computer- you need to upgrade to the Boogie Board Sync to do that.

In all, this is an inexpensive, highly portable eWriter that has received a great deal of praise from its user base.

Boogie Board LCD Video Review


  • Big 10 1/2 inch screen size
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Fine-tip stylus pen for writing small
  • Ecological solutions for paper consumption


Is writing better than typing?

Boogie Board's goal is to replace pen and paper. While they are attempting to replace this age-old industry, they are still enthusiastic about the cognitive benefits of hand writing notes rather than typing.

A scientific study conducted by Princeton University demonstrated that participants who used laptops in class took more notes, but those who hand wrote notes actually ended up with a much more robust understanding of the concepts being taught than those who used their laptops to take notes.

One of the reasons why this phenomenon occurred, the scientists speculated, was that because handwriting is so much slower than typing, that participants need to dwell on what they are writing as they write it rather then quickly and automatically transcribing what they are taught using a laptop.

Memory tests confirm this hypothesis. The research scientists speculate that mindless and rote typing notes actually does not facilitate greater comprehension of high-level educational concepts.

Benefits of an LCD eWriter

  •  Extremely low power consumption
  • With the BoogieBoard 10.5 inch writing tablet you only need 2 AAAA batteries (they'll last for tens of thousands of sketches),
  • Extremely thin and portable, easily lock the erase button to prevent losing your creations,
  • Draw or sketch with the included stylus pen or even with your finger,
  • Pressure sensitive writing surface lets you articulate different levels of line thickness.
  • Some eWriter tablets like the Sync let you save and transport your sketching & notes to a computer

What is a writing or graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet or eWriter, technically defined, is essentially an input device used by business people and even artists to take notes onto a computer screen without having to use a keyboard or mouse. These drawing pads or writing tablets that you use a stylus-type pen or even your finger to take notes in a smooth flow. This can be great if you enjoy writing instead of using a laptop to take notes and is more inexpensive and portable solution then an iPad. Or maybe curl up with a reading pillow for an even more comfortable experience!

These graphics tablets come in a variety of different screen sizes. Some even measure 14 x 14" and are designed with professional engineers and artists in mind need that amount of screen space for their professional work. Many of these graphics and lighting tablets enable you to transfer your creations onto a computer hard drive either wirelessly or through a USB port.

Another differentiating factor between the different writing tablets out there is the quality of the pressure sensitivity of the drawing surface. You want to have at least 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. This will let you do some really interesting effects around line thickness and let you truly mimic the actual feel and function of a pen.

Speaking of the included pen, these graphics tablets will also include one, sometimes they are corded and sometimes they are holstered. The last feature that any people look for when purchasing one of these graphics tablets is function buttons on the side of the tablet that let you toggle between applications and perform general actions easily. 

Our Former Picks

Below is our old comparison table- unfortunately some of our earlier picks are no longer in stock. Consult the comparison table at the top of the page for in-stock items.

LCD E WritersPriceOur RatingDimensionsWeight
The Boogie Board Original 8.5" LCD eWriter$4.210.8 x 6.8 x 0.6 inches6.4 ounces
The Boogie Board Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriter$$$3.80.63 x 8.31 x 13.35 inches12.8 ounces
The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter$2.910.8 x 6.8 x 0.6 inches6.4 ounces
The Boogie Board Play & Trace LCD eWriter$4.211 x 14.5 x 1.5 inches13.6 ounces
The Boogie Board 10.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet$$4.311.7 x 0.7 x 7.6 inches12 ounces

Summing Up

One mother rights of using her eWriter tablet with her son to do math problems- this saves them a ton of mess and expense buying yellow legal pads.

Another user writes of using it with his children to help them with spelling exercises and to memorize class notes. He's a huge fan of Boogie Board eWriting tablets, but he does note that an earlier model needed to be replaced because of contrast fading which made it almost illegible to read.

If you are looking to purchase an LCD writing tablet or eWriter, read our reviews above and peruse our Boogie Board comparison table to get a sense of the best options on the market today.

These high-tech tablets are inexpensive and fun ways to go paperless. They encourage collaboration and boost the comprehension abilities of those who use them to take notes in academic settings.

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