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The 5 Best Lawn Rollers [Ranked]

In this post we examine five of the best-selling lawn rollers.

First of all- what are they?

Lawn rollers are used for maintaining a healthy and well-groomed lawn. 

They are useful for keeping the soil level and can be a big help when you’re preparing a new lawn by ensuring the seeds are well planted in the soil. 

Lawn rollers are also useful for repairing damage to your yard that’s caused by rodents or playing children (Source).

How to use a garden roller


Comparing Them

How The Rollers Compare

All the rollers we looked at are useful for smoothing out bumps and imperfections in your lawn save for the Toro Lawn Striping System, which is geared more to creating stripes and patterns in your grass much like a baseball field.

The Toro is easy to put together and can be done with a Phillips screwdriver. Adding a bag attachment allows you to stripe as you mow. Buyers say the only downside is the small hole in the drum makes adding sand tedious.

Of the more traditional rollers we looked at the Brinly PRC came out with high marks. It’s a combination push/pull roller for maximum versatility and the poly drum is easy to fill and resists corrosion.

The next roller we looked at is the Agri-Fab 18x36 Lawn Roller. The smooth drum is made from polyethylene, which is rust resistant and built to last. Buyers say assembly is easy and hooking up to the mower was simple. Easy to fill with water and drains quickly too.

The Precision Products PLR 18-36 Lawn Roller features a steel tow bar frame, and a 40 gallon capacity poly drum for corrosion resistance. Some buyers say item arrived without all the necessary hardware to assemble.

Last up is the Ohio Steel 48T 24x48 roller. While an effective roller, a major complaint among buyers is that the bearings began to leak after only one season and are non-replaceable.

Best Lawn Rollers For 2024



Ease of Use

The Agri-Fab Lawn Roller is a good option if you want to restore your lawn’s smooth appearance after flooding. Users state that it is an excellent tool for the price, but some do complain about receiving a defective item.

This product is an internally reinforced lawn roller that includes a removable drain plug and a poly scraper bar. The roller’s drum is made of a sturdy polyethylene, which resists dent, rust and weather damage. It can be filled with up to 400 lbs. of water or sand and it hooks up behind a tractor. This item might be a good choice if you’re looking for a heavyweight lawn roller to flatten uneven grass and level new soil in 36’’ wide swaths.

In general, buyers have a favorable opinion of the Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller. They agree that it is well-constructed, durable, easy to assemble and lightweight when empty. Users appreciate that it fills easily and tows well behind a garden tractor.

However, some buyers complain of receiving a faulty item. Some dissatisfied users share that the instructions are vague.

How To Assemble The Poly Roller


  • Well-constructed
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight when empty
  • Fills easily
  • Tows well behind a garden tractor


  • Some buyers complain of receiving a defective item
  • Complaint – vague instructions



Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a top-rated lawn roller, you might want to consider this one offered by Brinly. Users like the effectiveness of this lawn roller, but there are those who complain about certain design drawbacks.

This product is a versatile push/tow roller that is small enough to maneuver in tight spaces and durable enough to tow behind a tractor to roll larger open spaces. It is heavy duty and has a 28 gallon (270 lbs.) capacity poly roller drum which will not dent or rust. This item could be a good choice if you want to erase lawn damage caused by moles or frost heave.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Brinly 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller. They agree that this tool is sturdy, effective and easy to assemble. Users appreciate its high-quality hardware in particular.

However, there are some complaints regarding its design and construction. One user says that the fill cap is very hard to fit even with a lube on it. Another one shares that the sides are designed to protrude outward and, as a result,you can’t roll right up next to a fence or raised border.

How To Use The Brinly


  • Sturdy
  • Effective
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality hardware


  • Complaint – the fill cap is very hard to fit
  • Complaint – the sides protrude outward so you can’t roll right up next to a fence or raised border

How Do They Work?

Most lawn rollers are pulled behind a riding mower or lawn tractor. They consist of a drum that can be filled with water or sand.

This provides the weight you need to apply enough pressure to your soil to get the best results. Experts suggest the best time to roll your lawn is when the ground is soft. Push or pull the roller from one end of your yard to the other much in the same way you would a mower.

The idea is to make several passes until the ground is even and smooth (Source).

Buyers say that when purchasing a lawn roller, you look for one you can tow with a mower or push by hand as this gives you more versatility for your money.

Also, it’s advised that you roll your lawn when the soil is damp, but not soaked for best results. Best to roll after lightly watering or after a sprinkle of rain.

Also, it’s suggested that poly rollers are the best for most homeowners with modest-sized yards. If you’re managing a large property, such as a farm, steel is the better option (Source).



Ease of Use

The TORO Lawn Roller could be a solid option if you want to add professional-looking, ball-park quality stripes and patterns to your lawn while you mow. Users like the performance of this tool, but some do complain about missing parts.

This product is a lawn striping system that easily attaches to most walk-behind mowers and it can be used with or without the bagger attached. It requires 16-20 lbs. of dry sand. You can remove the roller easily for storage or for areas where striping is not desired. This item might be a solid choice if you are looking fora tool that will allow you to mow and stripe at the same time.

The general user consensus concerning the TORO Lawn Striping System is that it is great for those who like to stripe their lawn. Many buyers state that it is easy to assemble and works well. Users recommend using dry sand instead of play sand because it’s difficult to put the latter in the small hole in the roller.

However, some buyers complain of missing parts and receiving the item without instructions.

Using The Toro Lawn Striping System


  • Great for those who like to stripe their lawn
  • Works great
  • Easy assembly


  • Some buyers complain of missing parts and no instructions

4. Precision Products Lawn Roller



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a lawn roller, you might want to consider the Precision Products Lawn Roller. Users like the efficacy of this lawn roller, but some complain of receiving the item with missing parts.

This product is a multi-purpose push or pull lawn roller. You can attach it to most trailers or tractors with a universal hitch. The poly roller drum is durable and long-lasting and it has a 40-gallon capacity (the roller can be filled with water or sand). It is easy to assemble and easy to use. This product might be a handy item for rolling needs that require the heaviest weights, such as smoothing uneven ground.

In general, users have a good opinion of the Precision Products 18’’ by 36’’ Lawn Roller and they conclude that it works well. As they say, it is durable and easy to assemble. Users appreciate that it can make tight turns.

However, there are others who state that the roller is not heavy enough to really compact soil or smoothen out small dents or unlevel areas. Some purchasers complain of missing hardware.


  • Works well
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
  • Make tight turns


  • Complaint – not heavy enough to really compact soil or smoothen out small dents
  • Some purchasers complain of missing hardware



Ease of Use

The Ohio Steel 48T Pro Steel Lawn Roller might not be the best option if you want a high-quality lawn roller. Although several users find it to work as expected, most of them complain about poor quality and construction.

This product is a 915 lbs. capacity lawn roller which is made to be filled with water. The manufacturer recommends adding ethylene glycol anti-freezesince this will protect the tank from damage during cold weather. In the case of filling the roller with water only, it must be drained whenever the temperature drops below 32 degrees F. If you want a heavy duty lawn roller that is likely to last for more than one season, this item might not be a good option.

Although there are some online reviewers who have no complaints of the performances of the Ohio Steel Lawn Roller Filled with Water, the majority experienced irreparable shaft leak problems in a very short time. Dissatisfied buyers share that the item is made of sheet metal and is basically very flimsy. As they say, running over even small stones leaves dents in it.

Using The Ohio Steel Roller


  • Works well (some users say)


  • Majority complains of irreparable shaft leak problems
  • Many buyers share that it is poorly made and very flimsy
  • Complaint – running over small stones leaves dents

Buying Guide

Since we spent so much time examining the five best lawn rollers on the market and reviewing their individual merits, it makes sense that we'd also take a deep dive into the benefits of using a lawn roller.

Checking out sfgate.com, they provide some insight on how best to use these gardening tools. As we've seen, this lawn care equipment is designed to be held or pushed across lawns, helping to level your garden soil, optimize new seedlings, and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your lawn.

The most popular sort of roller is probably the manual roller- though you'll also find rollers that you can hitch up to tractors or SUVs that can then be pulled across larger acreage. Sometimes it makes sense to rent one of these rollers rather than buy- you can visit a local garden supply shop to get more information about rental prices. 

Pro Tip: You might want to supplement with an edge trimmer if you need to work on the corners of your garden (MenGarden)

In terms of what it's most popularly used for, it seems that most buyers investigate their use to help restore and repair lawns that have been damaged by common pests like rodents and insects. In addition to that, if you have a large family, with kids who are constantly trammeling the backyard lawn, you can periodically employ it to smooth areas that have been damaged.

Or, you can use it when you are just starting out with a new lawn and sowing grass seed. The way it works in this instance is that you can use it before you add grass seed and then after it as well to help increase the speed of germination. These gardening tools are helpful in removing troublesome air pockets as well as making sure that the roots are connecting with the soil to help establish the sod.

On the downside, there are some reasons why you shouldn't use this landscaping tool. You definitely don't lawn rolling to become too regular a habit. The reason why is that they can stress out grass, especially during the summer months. This can cause grass to die and cause dead patches to appear in your front and backyard lawns. As well, don't use it on heavy, wet soils.

Sfgate.com says that it should be used on moist soils, but if it's too wet it can actually decrease aeration while increasing soil compaction, both of which are dangerous to the long-term health of your grass.

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