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Leg and Knee Contour Sleeping Pillows [Ranked]

Knee Pillows and Cushions

Knee pillows, or contour leg cushions, are an excellent option if you are a side-sleeper trying to relieve sciatic, general leg, hip, back and pregnancy-related pain.

Memory foam is the best material to use- it will contour to your specific shape and remain resilient over extended use.

Our overall favorite knee pillow cushion is the ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow.

 It's a great combination of excellent user feedback, quality construction and price.  Check out our comparison table below to get a sense of the 5 best leg contour pillows on the market. 


Our Top Pick: ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Knee Pillows Compared

ThumbnailKnee PillowManufacturerPriceOur RatingDimensions (Length X Width X Depth)Weight
InteVision Knee PillowInteVision$412" x 7" x 8"12oz
Carex Memory Foam Knee PillowCarex Health Brands$4 13" x 8.1" x 7.8"1.8lbs
Memory Foam Knee PillowMed Sound Products$$4.911" x 9" x7"1.4lbs
KNEE-T Knee PillowKnee-T$$$3.625" x 10" x 3"1.2 lbs
Memory Foam Knee PillowCushy Cloud$$4.412" x 9" x 7"1.3lbs

How to use a knee cushion

Customer Feedback

  • Many users write of how exceptional leg contour pillows are for traveling purposes as well as home use.
  • One reviewer also uses her knee pillow when she is in the car, situating it behind her head and finding that it provided exceptional back and neck support in the passenger seat.
  • If you have knobby knees, or osteoarthritis, many knee pillow users write that is a great way to alleviate the pain from the knee on knee contact during side sleeping.
  • Reviewers also write that memory foam leg contour pillows "blow away" traditional pillows if you are looking for a way to sleep on your side comfortably.
  • Some reviewers also described using their leg contour cushions to prop up sore or swollen ankles.
  • When first purchased, and initially used, these knee pillows will find warm up and will compress a little bit and become more comfortable.
  • The washable liners are great way to keep the knee pillows clean, however they can pill a little bit with use.
  • If you are looking to purchase a leg contour cushion pillow, consider buying one from Amazon- it's a great place to get free shipping, read abundant user reviews, and their return policy makes it simple to replace an item if it is not an exact fit for you.
  • As well, make sure you have read our reviews on this page and refer to our handy comparison table that has craft out the best contour pillows available on the market today.

What is the best sleeping position?

Summing Up

In our experience, we found that most people are extremely satisfied with their leg contour pillows that they have purchased, but since everyone is different, and we all have different medical issues, body weights, heights and sleeping positions, it is not a guarantee that the pillow you select will necessarily improve your resting experience.

However, the majority of users describe these specialized pillows as dramatic improvements over traditional pillows for spacing the area between the knees during sleep. 

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