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The 5 Best Kate Spade Wallets


Kate Spade wallets are designed with a modern sensibility to help you hold all your essentials.

A Kate Spade wallet has signified a transition to adulthood for many women- an affordable, luxury accessory.

According to a countless number of women, carrying this product is much more than only a fashion statement – it is a status symbol of success and financial independence.


Since its inception in the 90s, Kate Spade wallets have been carrying the same significance and still are considered one of the most significant possessions to a lot of women (Source).

In short, if you are looking for a stylish yet affordable wallet that you can carry anywhere, you should not look beyond a Kate Spade wallet.


The 5 Best Kate Spade Wallets

Buying Guide

Probably there is nothing more personal and impactful than wallet shopping. A good wallet should come with simplicity and style in a way which does not hinder function. Everyone wants something different in his/her wallet. Maybe you’re someone who wants to carry a lot of things in your wallet or you’re a minimalist who carries the bare minimum. Either way, there is the “right” wallet, you just need to know how to find it.

  • Storage Space: Regardless of your priorities, storage space plays a crucial role in making a wallet good enough. So, look for enough crannies, nooks, and pockets to meet your needs.
  • Resilience: In addition, wallets get lots of use, so make sure your Kate Spade wallet can withstand some wear-and-tear.
  • Bulk: If you tend to use smaller purses, some of the Kate Spade wallets may be too bulky for them. So, keep an eye on it too.
  • Resale Value: Some women tend to change their wallets frequently. If you belong to that league, you should go for good quality branded one like the Kate Spade one so that you can get good resale value out of it. For example, if you want to buy a pair of Christian Louboutins but don’t have enough money, you can always part way with the Kate Spade one to cover the difference (Source).


Kate Spade wallets are the brainchild of the famous American designer Kate Brosnahan Spade. In the early 1990s, she used to work at Mademoiselle (Source), a woman’s magazine, as an accessories editor and was in charge of gathering purses and other accessories for photoshoots.

Kate Spade was pretty much aware of every handbag company and found those products too complicated.

Eventually, she quit her job and in 1993, came up with the label named Kate Spade New York. Soon after the launch of the label, Kate Spade wallets took the fashion world by storm by their artsy window displays, cheerful prints, and bright, electric colors. The products were both functional and fashionable, carried by the women on the TV screen and in an office alike.

Though Kate Spade wallets were a little bit costly, they became popular as affordable luxuries for a huge subset of consumers.

Lots of young girls growing up in that time equated having such a wallet with entering womanhood.

Eventually, Spade branched out with accessories, home décor, clothing, stationery, and kitchenware. Her ladylike looks were perfectly tailored to both a night out and a regular day at the office.

Over the years, the label has become synonymous with perfect defining moments in lots of women’s lives.

How To Clean Them

Kate Spade wallets are elegant, classic, and sophisticated products made with the finest leather and fabric.

But as with any other product, it’ll get dirty and you would need to clean it properly to maintain its elegance.

If you have a leather wallet, wipe the product with a damp cloth first, using a mix of water and gentle soap. Then use leather cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe away marks and stains.

If your product is made with fabric and nylon, it’s good to perform a spot test before applying the mix because some fabrics can be stained by water.

Then use some gentle soap and a damp cloth to wash out marks and stains.

It’s not recommended to clean deeply set or large stains at home. Instead, you should take the product to a professional cleaner for avoiding the risk of damaging your wallet.

Kate Spade Wallet Authenticity Check

Kate Spade wallets are replicated frequently. These are not only poor quality-wise but are sold at significantly lower price points than the original ones.

So, how would you spot a fake one? First, pay attention to the size and shape of the letters on the product’s label. Compare the font on a suspected fake product with the authentic labels displayed on the Kate Spade website. If the appearances of the letters differ in any way, the product is not authentic as the brand uses only one style of lettering.

Be suspicious of products that look like works of another designer.

If you find products that look similar to the ones made by other high-end designers but carry a Kate Spade label, they are definitely fakes. If you want to learn more about how to spot a fake Kate Spade wallet, you can read this post.

Kate Spade’s On Purpose

You may admire Kate Spade’s brand only for the bright colors, feminine designs, and cheery prints but there is another huge lesser-known reason you should know about.

There is a collection called “On Purpose” (Source) which is handcrafted by more than 150 women in a town called “Masoro” in central Rwanda.

The products from this collection sit simply next to the other products of Kate Spade.

But the difference is these were made in a factory where the electricity cuts out routinely, which doesn’t have a proper source of running water, and where, until a couple of years back, the workers didn’t have the required manufacturing skills. “On Purpose” holds the objective of offering these women financial stability.

According to the website of Kate Spade, it’s not a charity project, instead, it aims to teach these women the way to become valued suppliers in this global marketplace.

Reading Reviews


An idea of the huge popularity of Kate Spade wallets can be easily obtained by having a look at the reviews of the product.

While there are lots of reasons that have made the brand an extremely popular one, customer reviews emphasize on style, durability, and affordability of the product.

When it comes to the styles, most of the consumers have mentioned the structure, patterns, and colors of the products.

Durability seems to be another huge selling point for most of the customers. And the third factor is most of the customers consider the products an affordable designer luxury.

Obviously, Kate Spade products are not in the same line as a Hermes Birkin but they are highly recognized designer products around the world.

Best Kate Spade Wallets

All the Kate Spade wallets offer sufficient space for cards and cash together with zippered pockets and bi-fold compartments for extra convenience.

The Cameron Street Lacey Wallet is one of the most popular wallets from the house of Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Lacy Wallet: Review + Packing

This is a perfect option for those looking for a practical and beautiful wallet.

The Cameron Street Adalyn Wallet is another popular product.

It comes with space-saving, compact design that fits perfectly in pockets and purses with room to accommodate several cards and cash. If you want to learn more about some popular Kate Spade wallets, this post should help you get a good idea.

Deals & Discounts

The WalletsStorePrice
New York Cameron Street leather wallet Dustypeony Onefrom Nordstrom Rack$89.97
Sylvia Small Slim Bifold Wallet, Horizon Bluefromnew york$69.00
ADI Wallet Card Holderfrom Poshmark$32.00
Cardholder Wallet NWT | Color: Pink ...from Poshmark$45.00
Margaux Small Keyring Wallet, Frozen Lilacfromnew york$69.00
Rose Gold Large Slim Bifold Walletfrom Poshmark$38.00
Black Dani Wallet | Color: Blackfrom Poshmark$39.00
New York Cameron L-Zip Bifold Wallet Warm Beige Blackfrom 2 stores$64.00

Where To Repair Them

Although the brand Kate Spade sells a wide range of products – from clothing to shoes to jewelry to accessories to home products – wallets and handbags are its claim to fame.


Since these products are an investment, most owners try to keep them in good condition but even with the most appropriate care, these products can become torn, worn, or stained. To get the product repaired, you can take it to your nearest Kate Spade boutique or reach the customer service department.

The repair may be free based on whether it is within the warranty period and what requires to be restored.

To complete the repair yourself take the product to a designer product repair center. It’s important to note that you would not be in a position to receive assistance if you purchased the product from a non-authorized retailer.

Return Policy

Though Kate Spade products are offered in durable fabric and leather versions, and are widely known for excellent quality, each and every buyer may not be fully satisfied with the products.

If you want to return the product for any reason, it’s important to have a clear idea about Kate Spade Return Policy. You may return sale item(s) within 14 days of your purchase and full-price item(s) with 30 days of the purchase.

The returned product(s) must be unworn, unused, and in good condition along with original packaging and hashtags attached. In addition, the company considers internationally shipped products as final sale and it doesn’t accept returns of final-sale products.

You should also note that you would not be able to return personalized/monogrammed products, lighting, furniture, and rugs or products damaged via normal wear and tear.

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