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The 5 Best Joker Costumes [Ranked]

If you're looking to assemble an amazing Joker costume, we've got you covered. 

Below you'll find some of the best-selling getups if you want to impersonate this green-haired, purple-clad supervillain. 

Whether you're just attending an office party or doing something more serious at a cosplay convention, there are a bunch of different styles. 

Some dress up like the Heath Ledger Joker, while others prefer the more classic interpretation of Cesar Romero or Jack Nicholson. 

Whatever the case may be, scroll down to check out some of the available store-bought kits & DIY costumes. Don't forget to supplement your costume with some fun, novelty props like lapel pins, crow bars, cigars and playing cards! 


Joker Costumes

SaleBestseller No. 1
Rubie's Batman The Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume, Medium
1,319 Reviews
Rubie's Batman The Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume, Medium
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY deluxe Joker children's costume set, look for trademark logo on package and label to help assure you've received an authentic safety-tested item
  • LONG SLEEVE JACKET with attached shirt front, green vest front and tie, pinstripe pants, and overhead mask
Bestseller No. 2
Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume, Purple, X-Large
1,379 Reviews
Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume, Purple, X-Large
  • Officially licensed DC Comics Batman The Dark Knight Joker costume; look for trademark on label and packaging to help assure you've received an authentic safety-tested item
  • Purple jacket with attached shirt front, tie and vest, matching purple bottoms, and Joker Mask
Bestseller No. 3
Adult Mens Knight Joker Costume Shirt Vest Tie, Shirt Vest Tie Set, Size 2.0
  • 100% Polyester. Hand wash cold, no bleach, line dry, no ironing.
  • The deluxe cosplay costume uniform coat set including: hexagon shirt, green vest, tie, purple overcoat & pants trousers. You can buy them in whole set, or you can also buy them separately.
Bestseller No. 5
Joaquin Phoenix Cosplay Costume Clown Clothes Arthur Fleck Red Suit Halloween The Joker Jacket Uniform (Color : Red, Size : Medium)
  • Joaquin Phoenix Joker Cosplay: Embrace the iconic portrayal of the Joker by Joaquin Phoenix with this high-quality cosplay costume. The Arthur Fleck red suit, inspired by the character from the movie, is perfect for Halloween or costume parties.
  • Authentic Design: This cosplay costume features a meticulously designed Arthur Fleck red suit, capturing the unique style and details seen in the film. The attention to detail ensures an authentic and recognizable Joker look.

The King Of Joker Cosplay

Reddit DIY Inspiration

Over on Reddit, we searched the forums to find some trending discussions.

Some of the most popular topics concerning these Joker costumes included Halloween designs, Suicide Squad iterations, Heath Ledger getups, Jared Leto Joker costumes, DIY options, options for girls, cosplay images, Dark Knight Joker designs, Jack Nicholson getups, options for toddlers and cheap designs for older kids.

A DIY Cesar Romero

One design we saw on Reddit that we really liked was this Cesar Romero DIY get up with a purple Blazer, green tie and the classic white face paint with bright red lips and a dash of green hair. One commenter said that this was the best version of The Joker all time and that Jack Nicholson derives a lot of inspiration from it.

An Evil Look

A more evil looking style at a Animation cosplay event Shows a leering Joker with a purple pinstripe suit, gold best, gold silk handkerchief, purple gloves and a gold headed staff.

Some Reddit users praise that he wasn't just copying the Heath Ledger style, saying that he really resembles the comic book villain instead of some evil serial killer. Indeed, somehow he's able to capture the actual essence of the comic book villain.

Another commenter said that a lot of these cosplay costumes get kind of lazy - they just dip their face in white paint, slather on some green hair dye to look greasy, and that's it. This option is a really comprehensive and detailed take on this creepy super villain.

Best Props

In another area of Reddit, a user asked what the best props would be for a Halloween Joker costume. He came up with a few ideas including a crowbar, Joker Playing Cards, and a prop gun that shoots out a bang flag. Commenters suggested an acid shooting lapel flower And thought that his own ideas would give the cosplay and original luster. Another poster who went to an office party dressed up like the super villain says that he purchased an oversized novelty cigar and some round smoke bombs.

A Female Version

A woman posted her take on the costume - she's wearing a purple hat with a black band, some White Gauze gloves, as a large yellow sunflower the pale pain, orange vest with a green shirt, some black and white high heels and a gray Patchwork mini skirt.

A Poor Attempt

cringe anarchy joker costume

Over in the cringeanarchy section of Reddit, users linked to an image of a Suicide Squad Joker costume. It displays a shirtless and heavily-tattooed style with slicked-back green hair and tight black pants with a black belt. One of the top commenters said that this is a poor take on the character, saying that it lacks The Touch of Class synonymous with the super villain.

List Of Joker Actors

  • Mark Hamill
  • Troy Baker
  • Heath Ledger
  • Anthony Ingruber
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Cesar Romero
  • Cameron Monaghan
  • Jared Leto (Source)

Costume Buying Tips

One of the best DC Universe supervillains, everyone now wants to have a pair of the character’s costume. But did you know that to be fully dressed like the supervillain, you will need to find only the best costume online? Here is our guide:

Makeup & Coat

His makeup is an integral part of his costume. Whiteface, green hair and red lips make the character stand out. Different types of jackets have been seen since its debut appearance, but the colors have remained the same. Jack Nicolson and Cesar Romero’s characters wore tailcoats while Leto and Ledger’s characters wore a long coat. All the jackets are purple apart from Romero.


In his first-ever appearance, Cesar Romero wore a full pink vest, and his entire costume was also pink. Nicolson wore an aqua blue vest while Heath Ledger chose a green vest and it’s considered the best amongst all.

Hairstyle and Skin

His best hairstyle ever is slick greenback that bears a close resemblance to Nicolson’s hairstyle which was light green messy hair. As we all know, his skin is too white in complexion due to the accident where he falls into bleach chemical.


Jared Leto’s Joker saw many significant changes. No other character ever used a staff, and that’s what makes this version fresh and unique for Halloween.

How To Dress Up Tutorial

History Of The Joker

The Joker is a fictional villain character created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.

The supervillain character was first featured in the debut release of the comic book Batman in 1940. While the character was intended to be killed in his debut appearance, he was lucky enough to be spared by an editorial intervention, and this allowed him to become the archenemy of the Batman.

Skills and Equipment

He possesses no superhuman abilities, but he uses his experience in chemical engineering to create thematic weaponry and lethal or poisonous concoctions including deadly joy buzzers, razor-tipped playing cards and acid spraying flowers. The Joker is at times seen working with supervillains in Gotham City such as Two-Face and Penguin and groups such as Injustice League and Injustice Gang.

One of the unique weapons he possesses is the Joker Venom: a gaseous or liquid toxin that sends his targets into a state of uncontrollable laughter. Higher doses of the venom can paralyze his victims, send them into a coma or cause death.


His homicidal and unpredictable nature makes him one of the most feared villains in the DC Universe. When other supervillains want to scare each other, they often tell Joker stories. His greatest rival is Lex Luthor, considered as the smartest man in the universe even though the two had a friendly relationship in 1950’s World’s Finest Comics.

The character’s first sidekick was Gaggy Gagsworth, a one-shot character who is short and also dressed as a clown. The sidekick was replaced by Harley Quinn, the Joker’s former psychiatrist and while Harley Quinn is in love with him, but he uses her to achieve his goals at her expense.

Cultural Impact Society

The Joker is considered one of the best comic supervillains of all time. The character was positively received upon his debut, and his popularity has significantly risen by far in the 21st century.

His popularity has significantly evolved in most Batman-related media from TV to video games. The adaptations have also been received positively on video games, television, and film. In the comics the Joker’s personality and his appearance change; he is unstable, campy or ferocious, depending on the intended audience and author.

The Animated Series

His history wouldn’t be complete without credit to Batman: The Animated Series.

The animated series is considered to be one of the best storytelling in the Batman Universe. The series is inspired by in both music and visual aesthetic by Burton’s Batman films, and the animated version is a direct nod to Nicholson’s depiction, but it is the voice of Mark Hamill that makes the supervillain come alive.

Ask anyone who’s ever watched the animated series what he sounds like, and the chances are that, Mark Hamill’s voice will spring to their minds. In exploring his backstory, the Batman Animated Series illustrated the character as “delightfully deranged” as Mark Hamill put it.

Mark would go on to become the defining voice of the Joker in both Batman video games and animation, and his weird cackle is what many of us think about when he is mentioned.

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