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The 5 Best Hydraulic Patient Full Body Lifts [Ranked]

Hydraulic Patient Body Lifts

Hydraulic patient body lifts are safe and affordable ways to facilitate patient transfer.

These patient transfer devices generally include padded swivel bars, push handles, high-weight capacities, strong steel construction, and an ability to handle 360° patient rotations without swaying- though you usually have to purchase the lifts and slings themselves separately.

The 68 lb. Invacare Hydraulic patient body lift is our top pick- it is pretty simple to assemble and use, uses strong S-hooks for lifts, can support up to 450 lb. patients, and features a 6 point swivel bar attachment to accommodate different lifting styles and positions.


Our Top Pick: The Invacare Hydraulic Patient Body Lift

  • Features a 6 point swivel bar attachment to accomodate all types of slings and positions
  • A 20" - 64" range that enables prone patients to be picked up
  • A pump handle is able to rotate side to side for caregiver convenience
  • An offset boom and mast build helps provide a better lift path to fully maximize travel range

Do note: you will have to purchase the sling, straps and/or chains separately, with many people purchasing the Chain Assembly Kit and the Careguard Standard Polyester Sling to use in conjunction with this patient lift.

One user describes deciding to purchase a hydraulic patient body lift instead of renting one for around $200 a month, saying that she was happy she made this decision because it saved her money in the long run.

That said, let's take a look at five of the best-selling hydraulic patient body lifts on the market today and see how they compare.

Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
ProHeal Hydraulic Patient Lift - Manual Full Body Lifter for Handicapped, Senior and Immobile Patients - 6 Point Spreader, Chains Included, 450 lbs Capacity
114 Reviews
ProHeal Hydraulic Patient Lift - Manual Full Body Lifter for Handicapped, Senior and Immobile Patients - 6 Point Spreader, Chains Included, 450 lbs Capacity
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE HYDRAULICS: The premium grade hydraulic pump is designed to raise, lift and transfer patients gradually from any position to ensure safety and comfort. This sit to stand lift moves patients from beds to chairs, toilets and more.
Bestseller No. 2
PPOLB Electric Patient Lift, Full Body Patient Transfer Lift for Home Use, 400lb Weight Capacity with U-Sling, Foldable Hydraulic Body Transfer for Home, White (Pack of 1)
1 Reviews
PPOLB Electric Patient Lift, Full Body Patient Transfer Lift for Home Use, 400lb Weight Capacity with U-Sling, Foldable Hydraulic Body Transfer for Home, White (Pack of 1)
  • This electric patient lift for home utilizes an electro-hydraulic lever to provide smooth, controlled lifting, eliminating the fatigue and risk of manual lifting. The hydraulic system provides precise height adjustment, making it easy to find the perfect lift position. Experience a seamless lifting process that prioritizes safety and comfort.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lift + Medium Full Body Mesh Sling, 450 lb. Weight Capacity
  • SIZED FOR CARE: Please consider the large size of this product and how it will fit between and maneuver around the furniture in your home. The overall dimensions are: 46.75"L x 22"-42.25" W x 17"-61"H
SaleBestseller No. 4
ProBasics Heavy Duty Patient Lift, 450 lbs, Hydraulic Medical Lift for Home Use, Swivel Caster, Alloy Steel, Hammertone Finish, Adjustable Width Base, Compatible with 4 or 6 Point Lift Slings
  • Patient Lift Moves Easily.... Hydraulic lift has 5" front and rear casters that allow the patient lift to be moved and rotated easily. Caster wheels lock in place easily by stepping on the lift plunger.
Bestseller No. 5
MediHoist Electric Patient Lift•Foldable Electric Hoyer Lift for Home Use•Installation-Free•Both Full Body Sling&Headrest U Sling Included•500lbs Capacity Hoyer Lift •Body Transfer Lift
  • ❣️Versatile and User-Friendly: With one-button operation, MediHoist's electric patient transfer lifter simplifies the task of moving patients. This electric hoyer lift comes with two types of strong nylon slings- a full-body sling and a commode sling, both supporting up to 500 lbs. This portable hoyer lift is perfect for transferring patients with various mobility issues to sofas, wheelchairs, beds, and more.

Some of our favorite body lifts aren't availble anymore- check out the table above for an up-to-date resource. 

The 5 Best Patient Body Lifts



Ease of Use

The Medline Hydraulic Patient Lift is a reputable brand that has long helped caregivers transfer their patients.


This particular patient body lift is well-constructed and sturdy- and users really like how easy it is to put together using 4 simple bolts. Buyers have also commented how easy this patient body lift is to use and that it saves a lot of strain on both the caregiver as well as the patient since the arm range can go from nearly floor level to shoulder height.


It comes with its own nylon sling, which is very sturdy and has straps that are color-coded according to their length, making it very easy for users to put together and set properly for the patient.


Reviewers also commend this patient body lift for its ability to transfer a patient into a chair or even onto a sofa. As well, if the patient is in a sitting position, this patient body lift can help get them into a standing position quite easily.


Some users, however, said that the base of this patient body lift actually cannot be adjusted and that the instructions for assembly are not helpful.


  • Base opens with hand lever
  • Lift comes with own full body sling
  • Is a six point cradle design
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transfer patient to chair or sofa
  • Easy to help patient get to standing position from sitting position


  • Some users say base doesn't adjust
  • Bad assembly instructions



Ease of Use

This Lumex Standing Power Body Lift is a hydraulic lift that is constructed of heavy-gauge steel making it a very rugged product, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.


Buyers seem to like the 24V DC motor that comes with it because it runs very quietly and has nice smooth operation making the job of lifting and transferring patients a lot easier than some other lifts on the market.


Another feature some users like is the quick-release of the removable foot platform and the adjustable knee pad unit that is also included with this patient body lift.


Buyers have found that the large handles that are easy to grip also make this patient body lift a lot easier to maneuver. The lower-base height also easily maximizes the stability of the unit and makes it very easy to fit under most patients beds.


Another key feature that many reviewers applauded was that this patient body lift has an easy-to-access emergency stop button that helps to prevent any accidents from happening when transferring a patient.

Lumex Patient Lift Video Review


  • Ergonomic foot pedal base opening
  • Large handles that are easy to grip
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quiet and smooth running motor
  • Constructed of heavy duty steel
  • Adjustable knee pad unit
  • Quick release of foot platform
  • Easy to access emergency stop button


  • None



Ease of Use

The ProBasics Hydraulic Patient Body Lift is a lift that has a pretty decent weight capacity of 450 pounds. Caregivers who have used this for their patients like the dual purpose padded swivel bar that comes with this body lift because it can use either a four or a six-point sling for assisting the patient they are working with.


Users also like the handle that rotates and that it has a manual hydraulic pump- making the job of lifting their patient a lot easier. One thing that some users didn’t like was that this particular patient body lift unit does not come with locking casters and you have to upgrade for that.


They did, however, like the size of the casters on this patient body lift- their 5″ size help to maneuver better, especially on carpeting. The ability for the base to change width is another feature many users found helpful as well.


  • 450 pound capacity
  • Large front and rear casters for easy maneuvering
  • Adjustable base
  • Padded swivel bar
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Locking casters cost extra



Ease of Use

This Invacare Stand Up Patient Lift is a hydraulic lift that offers comfort at most heights and lifts up to 350 pounds.


It does come with adjustable leg support features and a soft pad that helps to secure the legs for more comfort, a feature that a lot of buyers applauded.


It also has a retractable and non-slip footplate which helps to give a more stable base when users are transferring their patients. One feature reviewers commended were the low-friction wheels that do tend to help improve the rolling portability of the unit.


This particular patient body lift is actually designed more for the patient that does have partial weight bearing abilities and are in need of rehabilitation support.


Even though the wheels are low-friction, some users have commented that this patient body lift is quite difficult to maneuver on carpeting and this can cause a lot of strain for both patient and caregiver when using the lift.

Invacare Hydraulic Patient Lift Video Review


  • Comfortable at any height
  • Adjustable leg support with soft pad
  • Has retractable and non-slip footplate for stable transfer
  • Low friction wheels


  • Difficult to use on carpeting

2. The Invacare 9805P Hydraulic Patient Body Lift Review



Ease of Use

The Invacare 9805P Hydraulic Patient Body Lift is a was specifically designed to be an affordable means of transferring incapacitated patients. 


Buyers like the slim design and the functionality of the hydraulic lift, which they say makes it a lot easier for both the user and the patient that they are moving than a gait belt.


Reviewers also enjoy the padded swivel bar with its easy-to-use push handle- supplying users the ability to rotate their patients 360 degrees without there being any kind of side to side swaying of the patient body lift.


Users also felt that this patient body lift is pretty lightweight, all things considered, and that it is easy to disassemble making it very quick and easy to transport and set up again. The only thing that users didn’t like about this patient body lift is that it tends to be a little slow in lifting.

Invacare 9805 Patient Lift Video Review


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • 360 degree patient rotation
  • Weight capacity of 450 pounds
  • Has six point swivel bar attachment


  • Lifts slow

Buyer Guide

Hydraulic patient lifts are extremely valuable tools if you or a loved one are disabled or suffering from disabilities like Alzheimer's or dementia. One user that we surveyed describes purchasing a lift because her elderly parent is very unsteady when she walks, is especially prone to falling, and is unable to get herself up off the floor once she has collapsed.

She purchased the Invacare hydraulic lift- and she writes that it lets her pick her mother up off the floor even when she is by herself. This means that she is able to keep her mother out of the nursing home. Another user describes a pretty simple assembly, saying also that the actual lifting is a pretty smooth, if sometimes slow, operation. Bathroom safety aids were also another essential purchase for these users. 

How to operate

You will have to attach the rings to the sides of the hoist, have the person hug themselves when they are in the sling, and then use the lever like a jack to raise them up. The release switch will let you slowly lower the patient down to a chair, toilet seat or commode- this makes it much easier to move a disabled individual around the home, especially if you are by yourself and don't have the physical strength of support to do this on your own.

Purchasing one of these hydraulic patient lifts can significantly improve quality of life if you are a caregiver and for the individual patient themselves- with many users writing that they found better-quality options purchasing online, at a cheaper price, than if they had purchased from a local medical supply store, or rented a unit for an extended period of time.

Many people search for hydraulic patient lives that are used, but honestly you will find pretty fair deals online- and since this is such a specialty piece of medical equipment, it's unlikely you will want to invest in a used apparatus.

Some Old Favorites

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a hydraulic patient lift, check out our reviews on this page, consult with the comparison table at the top, and review what other caregivers are saying about these patient lifts on the individual product pages to get more context around your purchase.

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