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The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker Review

The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker is designed by Hugo Mobility and is one of their more high-end product offerings. It features 8-inch wheels, an 18 lb frame, height adjustable handles that can accommodate people as short as 4'3" and as tall as 6'2". Its open dimensions are 27.5" x 24" x 30" and it's folded dimensions are 18" x 24" x 30".



Ease of Use

Hugo Rollator Features:

  • 8" swivel wheels,
  • hidden backrest storage,
  • tool-free assembly,
  • collapsible frame,
  • under seat storage bag,
  • weight capacity up to 300 pounds,
  • suited to indoor and outdoor use.

We love the Pacific blue color- it's highly attractive. The Hugo Walker is also extremely sturdy and durable, with one user writing that it looks and feels like a product that should cost between $500 and $1000.

​Hugo Rollator Video Overview

Its full-sized wheels function smoothly on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The Hugo mobility team provides exceptional customer service. One example, when one customer noticed a minor effect on the new model Hugo Walker that prevented it from reaching a desired handle height, Hugo Mobility customer service quickly responded and shipped her a spare part to fix the situation.

As many of you know, it's a real treat to experience quality customer service after purchase. Hugo walkers are available for online purchase for a steep discount when compared to their retail prices and local medical supply stores.

The storage bags are in many ways superior to the wire mesh frames that other rollators use- they provide more privacy, convenience and protection against the elements when you are transporting perishables like medicines or the day's newspaper.

How to Fold the ​Hugo Rollator

Another exceptional feature that is often overlooked on some 4 wheel rollators is that there is a snap that securely keeps the Hugo mobility aid completely folded when it is collapsed. This will lock automatically when it is folded and then to unfold you merely pull a knob.

What we don't like

While overall this is an exceptional walker, we would be remiss in our duties if we didn't take note of some negatives associated with this product.

Firstly, the rollator's seat is made of relatively cheap padding and plastic seams that are heat-fused together. This is a common problem with rollators and our suggestion is if the seat begins to wear out, consider purchasing a rollator seat pad cover.

One enterprising user even crocheted their own cover for extra customization. Another issue, for some users is that the back rest contacts with the spine at an uncomfortable point.

This doesn't happen with many people and there are ways to pad the backrest to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when sitting in the rollator.


  • Moderately priced
  • 300 lb. capacity
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Collapsible


  • Some complaints of cheap seat materials
  • A few users experienced back pain with the back rest

What are Users Saying

One buyer we surveyed wrote that they had purchased this rollator for their small-statured 90-year-old mother. They report that she had been using a cane for some time but her balance had been worsening so they cane was no longer viable for her.

She was an extremely independent woman who enjoyed shopping for herself and generally getting out in the neighborhood, so her independence was the primary consideration when her family decided to upgrade her mobility aid.

She loves her Hugo Walker and her son reports that her mobility has been dramatically increased. She is able to collapse the rollator herself, place it in the driver's seat area on its side, and then remove it when she reaches her destination, unfolding it herself for use. As well, the storage under the seat is an exact fit for her large purse.

This vignette comprehensively describes the full-cycle benefits a quality rollator can provide. Yet another user wrote of breaking his hip and requiring a mobility aid. He visited his local medical depot and found substandard mobility aids that had small, non-turning wheels and reduced weight capacities, with non-adjustable arms.

How to select a quality rollator

Dissatisfied, he turned to shopping online, read a lot of reviews, and discovered that the rollator adjusts up to 6'5" in height. As a tall man, he was happy to find a roller that would allow him to walk upright and direct while using the mobility aid. The 8 inch wheels were an added benefit because they enabled him to explore outdoor areas that other models with 6 inch wheels couldn't.

A pair of brothers purchased this Hugo rollator for their mother and described in one word her experience as: freeing. The right that since the purchase, the mother has been freed to shop, visit her doctor, and make trips to her family's homes in the area.

Additionally, they report that she is able to store her oxygen canister in the front pocket and then store her purse as well in one of the storage bags that the Hugo comes equipped with. The only drawback that they can think of is that her mother is unable to pick the rollator up herself.

As with many seniors and individuals living with disabilities, the one drawback of these devices is that they can sometimes be too heavy for the individual to fully manipulate on their own when transporting them. If you are looking for a sturdy, high-end rollator that can accommodate users up to 6'4", replete with thoughtfully constructed storage capabilities, the Hugo walker might be an exceptional option for you.

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