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How To Clean & Empty A Portable Toilet

how to clean a portable toilet

A portable toilet is helpful when you go out camping, RV trucking, or you are just spending time in a remote location with friends where you can’t access a facility on which you can relieve yourself. However, most people feel that emptying a portable toilet is the hardest part.

Therefore, we’ve prepared this guide to help you learn how to empty a portable toilet in a manner that keeps things dignified and hygenic.


How To Empty And Clean A Portable Toilet

Follow the steps below to empty your portable toilets quickly and get them ready for the next use:

Step 1: Find the right spot to empty the waste

Carrying a portable toilet with you shows that you’re mindful of the environment. When the toilet is full, it’s a good practice to empty the waste in an authorized location. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the destination you’ll be visiting because there are set locations for emptying the wastes all over the world. When you find yourself in officially designated camping sites, you’ll find locations that are dedicated to these purposes. Therefore, always locate the location before erecting your tent pr pitch and ensure that you’ll have good access when emptying the portable toilet.

Step 2: Getting the toilet ready to empty

Most of the portable toilets will come in two tanks, the waste and the freshwater tanks. The two tanks are easy to separate. It’s good to ensure that you’re using a portable toilet with two tanks because they are the easiest types to use. It would help if you got the toilet ready to empty by undoing the latch, attaching the two tanks, and separating them. It is important to note that these tanks are easy to contain when emptied; thus, no cause for alarm.

Step 3: Carry the waste tank to the disposal spot identified in step one

The tank containing the wastes should be carried to the designated dumping location. If your portable toilet has a rotating sprout, it will help keep the waste even further away from you. However, you’ll be required to reach a little further where your portable toilet does not have a rotating sprout to ensure that the waste doesn’t splash on your hands. The good idea is to ensure that you’re always in your gloves.

Another point to remember is that some disposal locations contain open grids while others contain lids’ built-up boxes. If the disposal location is configured with a cover, ensure that it’s open before bringing the waste tank to avoid creating a disaster.

You can remove the lid from the spout earlier if you are experienced in emptying. Otherwise, it is okay to remove it at this point in readiness to empty. The emptying should involve holding the tank over the disposal area while ensuring that there are no obstacles that could hinder pouring. Also, ensure that the distance is safe enough that you don’t get splashed.

Step 4: Cleaning the waste tank

Now that your waste tank is empty, it requires cleaning. In most cases, you’ll find a hose or a tap near the disposal area. Fill the tank will water and swirl it thoroughly, ensuring that the lid is tightly in place to avoid splashing.

Again, empty the water into the disposal area keenly while avoiding splashing. Repeat this a few more times until you feel that the tank is clean.

Step 5: Returning the waste tank into the portable toilet.

The toilet tank is left empty if it is not going to be used again. If it will be used again, a small amount of water is left to mix with the toilet chemical added.

Step 6: Refilling the fresh water tank

Add water into the fresh water tank if refilling is needed.

Step 7: Reassemble the portable toilet

Now that your portable toilet is clean and empty, assemble the two tanks to the position you separated.

Now that the toilet is okay, remove your gloves and throw them into a bin. Next, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer.

If you’re looking to increase bathroom safety, learn how automatic flushing toilets work. A portable toilet makes it easy to move a bathroom option around the home, but outfitting your toilet with an auto flushing feature can add another layer of safety and convenience to your restroom.

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