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The 5 Best Hot Lather Dispensers [Ranked]

Hot Lather Dispensers

Hot lather dispensers enable you to heat your preferred shaving lather or gel and dispense it at your discretion to enjoy a smooth and hot shave.

Whether you are a professional barber or just somebody that enjoys a close and comfortable hot shave, hot lather is the way to go.

Hot lather will actually soften facial hair, which means that you or your customer will experience significantly less discomfort while they are getting a close shave.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Wahl Professional 5 Star Series '19 Liquid Lather, Premixed Solution for Hot Lather Machine, Resealable 64-ounce Bottle for Professional Barbers and Stylists - Model 68907-100
  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: Wahl Professional's '19 Liquid Lather was designed to deliver the sharp performance experts demand by providing a premixed solution that is ready to go right out of the box. Refill size so you can pour, heat, and use

One barbershop owner purchased it after using the Campell Lather King for many years.

He said that this machine was much cleaner and easier to maintain. While the lather can be a tad pricey, it's still worth it.

Another buyer said that they've purchased a pair of these latherers.

 While the ease of use and cleanliness is exceptional, the pumps are prone to break over time.

Wahl Video Overview

They have a tendency to clog and they are useless afterwards. One buyer said that they've disassembled the pump to clean it but had little luck getting it functional again.

That said let's take a look at five of the best-selling hot lather dispensers on the market today and see how they compare.


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine
  • Professional barber electric hot soap machine to create a a thick, aerated, super wet lather for professional results (Long lasting DC Motor)
Bestseller No. 2
Conair Shave Gel & Lather Heating System
3,674 Reviews
Conair Shave Gel & Lather Heating System
  • Shave Gel and Lather Heating System: The Conair Gel and Lather heating system is a deluxe shaving accessory that heats your favorite shave gel or cream to provide a hot, close, smooth shave experience
Bestseller No. 3
Professional Hot Lather Machine for Shaving, Hot Lather Machine for Barber, Barber shaving cream heater, Gifts for Men (Green)
  • Packaging Include: 1 x Hot Lather Machine for Shaving, 1 x Non-Slip Safety Pad, 1 x Cleaning Brush.
Bestseller No. 4
Hot Lather Machine SANGLE SOPFFY,Shaving Cream Warmer for Men -800ML Large Capacity Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser for Home Salon Barber Shop Spa With 2 Pumps,Christmas and Birthday Gift for Men
  • Enjoy Warm Lather Shaving :A professional shaving foam warmer could product warm,dense, rich lathers to take your shaving care and makes your experience of shaving care more comfortable.The heated shaving foam dispenser is easy to refill and ready for used daily without overheated.
Bestseller No. 5
Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine
  • Hot shave lather machine

The Five Best Hot Lather Dispensers



Ease of Use

The Conair Hot lather machine is a popular option, great for one-handed use, that will heat up in under one minute and functions using standard-sized or large-sized cans of shaving cream.

It has received mostly positive feedback from users we spoke with who advised to shake the unit a bit before turning on to ensure that the lather will come out correctly and not just hot and watery.

The Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating system is a hot lather dispenser that helps to make shaving a more comfortable experience. This hot lather dispenser is not expensive and features a variable temperature control which helps to keep the gel consistent during use. Some of the hot lather dispenser users have commented on how nice of a shave it gives them, one that is smooth, quite close and very comfortable. 


This hot lather dispenser unit heats up both regular shaving cream as well as gel and it has a nice indicator light that lets the user know when it is ready for use. Users agree that it heats up quite quickly and the cream or gel comes out of the dispenser nicely and very warm which makes for a very warm and soothing shave in the mornings. Users have said that the Conair Gel and Lather heating system does all that it claims to do and is a quality product, especially for the price.


One of the things that some users didn’t like however is that with some of the gel cans for the hot lather dispenser, it was difficult to get the cans into the dispenser and it took a few tries to get the job done, however, after that it fit in nicely and there were no more issues. Other users also felt that it dispensed the gels and creams a little to slow.

Video Overview


  • Inexpensive
  • Heats up cream or gel quickly
  • Dispenses easily
  • Has a variable temperature control
  • Ready indicator light


  • Some difficulty getting some cans into dispenser
  • Dispenses cream or gel slowly



Ease of Use

The Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine is a hot lather dispenser that has a variety of different features such as easy push button system for easy dispensing of creams, has an extra large cup for soap, comes with an eight-ounce bottle of liquid shaving cream has a non-slip safety rubber pad and a handy cleaning brush. Many users have commented on quietly this hot lather dispenser is and how hot and moist the cream is once it is dispensed.


The Lather Time hot lather dispenser also has a variety of hair cloths that users have found helpful because the options are a poly/cotton, old fashion haircloth, traditional poly/cotton, black and white striped cloth as well as an extra large neckcloth that is great for those with larger necks.


The hot lather dispenser includes a nice clip to help fasten the cloths around the user’s neck for ease of use. A common complaint of a lot of users however is the fact that it takes about an hour to warm up the hot lather dispenser. Another issue some users seemed to notice was that the machine sometimes tends to leak water and soap mixture and can cause somewhat of a mess while using the hot lather dispenser.


  • Easy push button operation
  • Extra large soap cup
  • Variety of hair cloths
  • Has non-slip safety rubber pad


  • Takes a long time to warm up creams or gels
  • Leaks on occasion



Ease of Use

The Salon Edge Lather Machine is a hot lather dispenser that is quite easy to use and is designed to give the user a nice warm and comfortable lather with just one push of a button.


Many users enjoy the nice LED feature of this hot lather dispenser that displays the constant temperature of the shaving cream or gel as well as the control buttons it has for personal temperature control. Another thing that users like about this hot lather dispenser is the fact that it heats ups somewhat faster than other models with it just taking 10 to 15 minutes to warm up either shaving cream or shaving gel.


They also like the ability to actually choose what temperature they would like for their cream or gel to be at when the dispenser is ready to dispense the gel or cream for use. Some users didn’t like the idea however that the Salon Edge dispenser did not come with any kind of instruction on how to operate the unit properly making it difficult to figure out how to set it in order to get a hotter, thicker lather. This unit also seems to need to have the cup refilled often which some users didn’t like about the unit.


  • Simple on button operation
  • Temperature control buttons
  • Easy to read LED screen for temperature display
  • Quick heat up of cream or gel


  • No proper instructions on how to use
  • Need for refilling cup too often
  • Only 30 day warranty



Ease of Use

The Andis RAZR Pro Lather machine is a hot lather dispenser that is a compact size and is lightweight and includes non-slip rubber feet that most users found as a good feature for this particular type of unit.  It has its own shaving cream that is included free along with some Old Spice Body Spray that is included with the purchase price.


Even though it does come with its own shave cream users are not limited to using just the hot lather machines brand of cream, other creams and gels can be used. Many users like how easy the Andis RAZR Pro lather machine is to fill and that the machine heats up the lather in about 15 minutes which is a relatively quick time compared to some other similar units on the market.


Some users did complain that this hot lather dispenser does not produce a thick lather as expected and desired. It was also noted by some users that the machine on times leaks as well and creates a mess.

Video Overview


  • Heats up lather quickly
  • Easy to use on/off switch
  • Easy to fill
  • Comes with non-slip rubber feet
  • Includes shave cream and body spray


  • Leaks sometimes
  • Not thick enough lather

5. The Salon Edge Professional Barber Hot Lather Shave Dispenser Review



Ease of Use

This hot lather dispenser by Salon Edge is a professional grade unit that has a lot of nice features that users enjoy each time they use this hot lather dispenser. Some of the features that users enjoy with this lather dispenser is its LED display screen that displays an easy to read temperature reading, it has the ability to control the temperature of the lather itself with its temperature control buttons and users love how simple it is to use by just one simple push of a button.


They also liked the fact that this hot lather dispenser seems to be one of the fastest on the market when it comes to heating up the cream or gel by only taking 10 to 15 minutes to get the job done. The Salon Edge Professional Hot Lather Shave Dispenser is not only good for the normal user it is also considered by some users a good enough hot lather dispenser for professional barbers to use.


There have been some users who have used the unit that have said that they didn’t care for how slow that it dispensed the lather but did love the result of a nice soft and fluffy lather. Some users of this hot lather dispenser did say that their units did have issues with leaking.


  • Has own temperature controls
  • Easy to read LED temperature screen
  • Produces fluffy thick lather
  • Heats up quickly


  • Slow in dispensing lather
  • Some leaking issues

Practical Tips for a Longer-Lasting Shave

After a comfortable shave, men feel smart and confident. However, shaving is a regular critical task for us while it’s an important part of men’s daily grooming. But sometimes we can’t shave because of a busy schedule. In this case, employees and businesspersons are favored to long-lasting shave.

Of course, I completely agree with you when you say: regularly shaving is a handy and time-consuming task. Also, shaving techniques are important for a long-lasting smooth shave.

This is why I can assure you from the discussion of some beauty therapists and skin experts that how will you prepare for a longer-lasting shave. And in this article, I will explain what you should do before, during and after shaving that grant you smoother skin for longer. Here are all practical tips for longer-lasting shaving.

1. Shower Before You Shave

Taking a shower before shaving is a great practice. First, during the shower, the steam of the hot water will make your face softer. And, it also removes the natural oil, perspiration, and hydrates of the hair. As a consequence, it makes 60% easier to perform shave within two-three minutes of optimum time.

Performing shave on dry skin is dangerous for everyone. Being a sensitive portion of the body, shaving on a crisp skin can make rashes and cuts. Because the blade doesn’t slide smoothly along the skin. Therefore, taking a shower before a shave will save you a lot of time and will help you to shave properly for long-lasting.

2. Use Moisture-rich Shaving Gel

Undoubtedly, a smooth shave is important for long-lasting shaving. Needless to say, a moisture-rich gel can offer a perfect, comfortable shave. Enough amount of moisture-rich gel just helps to keep the skin wet. As a result, the razor performs perfect shave with the help of wetness gel without making cuts and rashes.

A hot lather dispenser and moisture-rich gel combination can work faster and smoother. Typically, the lather dispenser helps to heat your preferred gel and provide a smooth and hot shave.

3. Choose High-Quality Razor

According to Getarazor to get the best performance, you need to choose the right and best tools. Similarly, if you want to get the smooth cut off for long-lasting shaving, you have to select the high-quality razors. There are different types of razors that designed with high-standard technology. In fact, some top-quality razors have 5-blades technology integrated.

Typically, these types of high-quality razors gently exfoliate by sweeping away the top layer of skin hair for surface renewal. And, there has less chance to get cuts or rashes on the skins. So, for a long-lasting shave, you have to get the best razors.

4. Choose Blades and Planning

Picking the best blade for a longer-lasting shave is much important. There are different types of blade that reduce nicks and ingrown hairs for shaving regularly. More blades don’t mean to perform the better shave. A fresh blade can provide a smooth and more comfortable shave. It also helps to prevent cuts and irritations.
You have to replace the blades when you will get the dullness or discomfort. Only the fewer blades with proper planning and preparation will clear the hair surface of your face. So, you should consider using the best blades with proper planning can provide the longer-lasting shave.

5. Shaving Direction

Wrong guidance information like shaving against the hair growth provides the best result means you are on the wrong track. Even, it’s misleading guidance. Some people advised shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth. And, it may give them feels like to produce smoother results for increasing ingrown hairs.
It won’t be a wise decision to perform shaving against the grain. Though, it produces a closer shave and faster results but also increases the possibility of irritation, nicks, and cuts. So, for getting a perfect long-lasting shaving you have to run the blade in the right direction.

6. Rinse Skin after Shaving

Cleansing the face entirely after shaving is another important task. Taking shower with the warm water just opens the skin pores. So, after completing the shave, slightly warm water removes all the traces of the gel. As a result, cold water completely rinses the face and helps to clean the pores.
While rinsing the skin thoroughly, don’t rub the face harshly and also don’t dry off at all. And, this extra water will help to seal the moisturizer in your skin.

And, this extra water will help to seal the moisturizer in your skin. So, you have to ensure the rinsing process after shaving that will helps to get a longer-lasting shave.

7. Use Moisturizer

To restrain cuts and irritation, make sure to take lotion after shaving. Some people also advise taking different types of lotion-like pure aloe vera, witch hazel, hypoallergenic and also beard oil. Beard oil will help to prevent the ingrown hairs and soothe the razor burns.

Most of the professionals advised using moisturizer as well as an aftershave. But, aftershave will dry the skin. So, they suggest to always try moisturizer. Because the moisturizer will helps to longer-lasting shave. So, you have to confirm the usage of moisturizer use after shaving.

8. Cleanse the Razor

Finally, after getting the smooth shave, it’s time to cleanse the razor reusing purpose. Most feels like a lot of work including waste of time. Actually, it’s not like this. Mainly, it’s getting less razor-edged after a couple of repetitions. And, every repetition reduces the efficiency and ability level of the shave. It may injure the skin during shaving time.

There are lots of advised to clean the razor after using it. Some people normally just detached the blade from the razor and drop both on a towel to pat dry. But, the most recommended way to clean the shaving equipment is to keep the razor and blade inside a basin full of steam-water.

After this, just remove the blade, use razor’s toothbrush with soap to clean all the other parts of the razor. And finally, dry them with the intention of the next usage. So, it will help to use the razor repeatedly for longer-lasting shaving.

Some Old Favorites

Final thoughts

If you're looking to purchase a heated shaving cream dispenser, or hot lather machine, as they are also known, for a hot shave, check out the reviews on this page and reference the comparison table to get a sense of what's available on the market today.

You might be a professional barber that needs a high-quality shaving cream dispenser on hand, or a guy that just likes the experience of a hot shave every couple of days, or maybe you are shopping for a gift for a male relative- these make great Father's Day and birthday gifts for dads and brothers.

Heated shaving cream dispensers enable you to really get a tight and close shave- and the warm lather makes it almost an enjoyable and ceremonious occasion. Hot lather machines generally work with most national shaving cream brands-but check ahead to make sure if you are really particular about the type of shaving cream that you like to use.

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