Foam Floor Tiles

The 5 Best Foam Floor Tiles [Ranked]

Foam floor tiles are individual pieces of foam that are placed on the ground to create a softer and/or more attractive surface (Source). They are often used in children’s bedrooms or play rooms to create a good, soft area for children to play. They are also quite often used as a good surface for exercising or working […]

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

The 5 Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth barcode scanners provide an easy and high-tech means of wirelessly scanning barcodes (Source). They integrate with a huge number of different operating systems and programs- making them an essential and general-purpose strategy for high volume, mobile data collection (Source). The way they work, is that the barcode scanner reads the barcode, either inputs it directly into […]

Portable Hydrogen Sulfide Monitors

The 5 Best Portable Hydrogen Sulfide Monitors [Ranked]

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless and toxic gas often referred to as “sewer gas” as it is frequently produced as a result of the breakdown of waste material (Source). It will smell like rotten eggs- and occurs in the home often times because of faulty plumbing, with sewer drains containing dry traps allowing hydrogen sulfide to […]


The 5 Best Attic Ladders [Ranked]

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling attic ladders and see how they compare. First we’ll take a look at how they’re used and installed. Attic ladders are useful to have in your home if you have an attic or loft. Without one, you won’t have a convenient way to reach the attic. These ladders […]

Hard Knuckled Gloves

The 5 Best Hard Knuckled Gloves [Ranked]

Steel knuckle, SAP gloves, or as they are also known, weighted-knuckle gloves, are designed for purposes as diverse as self-protection, driving, motorcycle riding, tactical military purposes, hunting, baseball batting, and all-terrain-vehicle riding. They are engineered to be breathable, provide maximum finger dexterity, all while reinforcing the knuckles and palms for high-impact cushioning.  One of our favorite pairs […]


The 5 Best Umbrella Hats [Ranked]

Do you feel it inconvenient taking a heavy umbrella when it’s raining? Do you want to keep your hands free for holding multiple grocery bags on your way back to home after grocery shopping? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, getting an umbrella hat would be your best bet. These innovative hats […]

The 5 Best Hip Waders [Ranked]

Hip waders are basically boots that rise up to your hip level. They’re also known as ‘hip boots’ and frequently employed by fishermen and hunters so that they can wade into deeper waters while on the hunt. Our top pick is the Hodgman Mackenzie Fishing Waders. They’ve received primarily positive buyer feedback in our research. When donned, they […]

3-Piece Luggage Sets

The 5 Best 3-Piece Luggage Sets [Ranked]

Three-piece rolling luggage sets are dynamic traveling companions (Source). They feature 3 different-sized suitcases that can fit one inside the other for small-footprint storage (Source). They are generally lightweight and rugged- the options we examined are also relatively affordable as opposed to more luxurious sets (Source).  In addition, the small and medium-sized suitcases typically can fit inside overhead […]

Drain Cleaning Machines

The 5 Best Drain Cleaning Machines [Ranked]

Drain cleaning machines offer a more powerful alternative for home owners and professional plumbers to clear out clogged drains than traditional snakes (Source). Many homeowners opt to purchase a lightweight, auto-feeding drain cleaner like the Ridgid K-30 because it quickly pays for itself unclogging nasty debris from home sinks rather than calling in a plumber for […]

Shoe Cover Dispensers

The 5 Best Shoe Cover Dispensers [Ranked]

Automatic shoe cover dispensers are a time-saving and hassle-free way of covering the shoes of workers and guests to your business without forcing them to bend over and put the shoe covers on manually. The Emperor of Gadgets automatic shoe cover dispenser is our top pick. It is a commercial-grade automatic shoe cover dispenser that is a great […]