Intraoral Dental Cameras

The 5 Best Intraoral Dental Cameras [Ranked]

Intraoral cameras are excellent dental devices to increase patient awareness as well as boost case acceptance (Source). To the surprise of many dental professionals, an intraoral camera need not cost several thousand dollars! There are several high-quality intraoral camera options available on the market today for only a couple of hundred dollars. A high-quality intraoral camera will provide […]

Metatarsal Pads

The 5 Best Metatarsal Pads [Reviewed]

Metatarsal pads (often called ‘met pads’) are shoe modification devices that can help relieve pressure from the metatarsal head (PubMed). These met pads are designed to shift pressure from your metatarsal head to the shaft of the metatarsal and surrounding tissue. This means that painful pressure is distributed more evenly, helping to decrease the experience of pressure at your […]

Heated Car Seat Cushions

The 5 Best Heated Car Seat Cushions [Ranked]

Heated car seat cushions are a cheap and easy way to improve the brutal experience of cold weather driving. While installing heated car seats can be complex and purchasing them as a new car option can be prohibitively expensive, a heated car seat cushion is an inexpensive way of achieving the same result. These heated car seat […]

Calendar Clocks For the Elderly

The 5 Best Calendar Clocks [Ranked]

Calendar clocks are fantastic tools for people suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, impaired vision and for the elderly in general (Source). They reduce an individuals’ anxiety and help caregivers to stick to comfortingly dependable schedules. Calendar clocks for elderly or impaired individuals will prominently display the time, month, day and date (Source). Many of them also […]

Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves

The 5 Best Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves [Ranked]

Kevlar gloves are constructed from Kevlar fiber- an incredibly dynamic material. It is a rugged & lightweight fiber that is flame, heat and cut resistant. Gloves constructed from Kevlar are suitable for a range of demanding, high-performance professional activities, from police & tactical work, to recreational activities like motorcycle riding or oyster shucking. These cut resistant gloves […]

Electric Snow Shovels

The 5 Best Power Snow Shovels [Ranked]

Electric snow shovels are perfect tools to clean out snow from your property steps, sidewalks, patios and decks without the hassle & back pain of shoveling. Generally, they have 7.5 to 10-amp motors and are equipped to move upwards of 300-600 pounds of snow per minute.Buyer AdviceWe should caution, however, that electric snow shovels are great […]


The 5 Best Rado Watches [Ranked]

In this post, we examined 5 of the best-selling Rado watches. Rado is a Swiss company that makes luxury watches. What makes this company stand out is their modern designs and commitment to using high tech materials such as tungsten, ceramics and sapphire crystal (Source).What are buyers saying?Like most fashion watches, these watches are mechanical, and […]

Automatic Closing Toilet Seats

The 5 Best Automatic Closing Toilet Seats [Ranked]

Stop touching that gross toilet seat! It’s estimated that there are 50 disgusting bacteria per square inch on your bathroom’s toilet seat. Every time you grip the lid and manually shut it you are touching some really fetid stuff.  Plus your hands will slip on this skeevy grime and slam down, usually at 2 AM, waking your […]

Portable Manual Electric Typewriters

The 5 Best Portable Manual and Electric Typewriters [Ranked]

​Portable manual and electronic typewriters can be a decorative and highly practical solution for distraction-free writing. While you can scour eBay and find antique typewriters that are authentically rusted, many savvy consumers are purchasing modern, manual and electric portable typewriters. They are well-constructed, easy to travel with, without sacrificing the authentic feel and touch of a ‘real’ […]


The 5 Best Air-Powered Straight Line Sanders [Ranked]

A straight line sander vibrates in a straight line, rather than in circles. It’s commonly used for areas in which hand sanding is tedious or “blocking” is required. The majority are air-powered, a couple of them are electric powered (Source). The straight line sanders we examine here are all air-powered and can provide 3,000 reciprocating strokes per minute.How […]