Air Cushions

The 5 Best Air Cushions [Ranked]

Air cushions provide inflatable seat padding for general comfort and more serious medical requirements (bedsores, sciatica, degenerative disc disorder etc.) (Source). The inflated cushion helps to distribute your weight across the surface of the air cells, alleviating pain, discomfort and skin breakdown. One high-end example is the the Roho cushion, which is built from clusters of small, […]


The Importance of Regularly Cleaning CPAP Equipment for Hygiene and Effective Therapy

Are you worried about the hygiene and effectiveness of your CPAP equipment? We get it, as we’ve been there too and understand that bacteria can rapidly grow in improperly maintained machines. This comprehensive blog post is dedicated to guiding you through the importance of regular cleaning for your CPAP equipment and how it affects both […]

The 5 Best Crimping Tools [Ranked]

Ferrule crimping pliers are specialized hand tools that crimp different sizes and types of of ferrules, terminals, and connectors (Source). These crimping tools will solderlessly conjoin two pieces of metal by manipulating one or both of them in a way that makes them bind to one another (Source). The result of this ‘conjoining’ is referred to as […]

Gel Seat Cushions

The 5 Best Gel Seat Cushions [Ranked]

Gel seat cushions are fantastic options to improve the sitting comfort of your daily life. Whether you suffer from mild back pain, or perhaps something more debilitating, gel cushions can help to prevent, alleviate and treat a variety of pain conditions from coccyx issues, lumbar strain, sciatica, degenerative disc disorders, and many others (Wikipedia). Gel cushions are […]


The 5 Best Mouthwashes [Ranked]

In this post, we examined 5 of the best-selling mouthwashes on the internet. If you just want our quick top picks, check out the comparison table below- we list out the ‘specialties’ of each mouthwash. From teeth-whitening to breath-freshening.  Mouthwash is a liquid that people use to either freshen breath or kill germs that build up in […]

Tri Dollies

The 5 Best Tri-Dollies [Ranked]

Three-wheeled furniture moving dollies provide a convenient means of moving bulky, heavy objects.  These 3-wheeled furniture rollers can slide beneath a pool table or sofa, sitting in the tri-dolly’s recess, and help you to transport seemingly immovable objects (Source).  Some buyers even keep the tri-dollies in place- especially in tool-shops where you can conveniently re-position […]


The Role and Benefits of Hernia Belts in Supporting Hernia Management

Are you struggling with managing a hernia and seeking relief? We’ve been there too, and understand that living with this condition can be challenging. After thorough research and consultations with medical professionals, we found that hernia belts play a significant role in offering temporary support and symptom relief for individuals with hernias. Ready to learn […]

The 5 Coolest Daenerys Targaryen Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like Game of Thrones sensation Daenerys Targaryen there are some interesting costume options.  You can purchase her Blue Qarth party dress, a striking brown Dothraki halter and apron combo, and even a formal black cosplay cloak. Or you can just buy her distinctive platinum wig and call it a day.  If you’re […]

Personal Locator Beacons

The 5 Best Personal Locator Beacons [Ranked]

Personal locator beacons (PLBs) are designed to be used in emergency situations to alert authorities in your area to your exact location so search and rescue teams can be deployed to assist you (Source). They are generally one-use devices, though they can be tested to ensure their batteries haven’t expired. It’s essential, and often required by […]

Attic Ventilator

The 5 Best Attic Ventilators [Ranked]

Attic ventilators allow you to remove stifling and super-hot attic air, helping to improve the comfort of your home regardless of whether it is air-conditioned. Attic ventilators can help to decrease the cost of air conditioning, help to prevent ice dam formation, increase the longevity of your roof’s life, as well as remove potentially damaging moisture […]