Digital Hair Dryers

The 5 Best Digital Hair Dryers [Ranked]

Digital hair dryers combine conventional hairdryers with a touchscreen that provides options for adjusting temperature, wind speed as well as ion selection (Source). Technologically advanced digital hairdryers like the Croc digital hair dryer will actually monitor airflow and temperature changes, automatically adjusting on the fly to create an optimal airflow. Another advanced option is the Kenchii digital […]

Hydraulic Bench Presses

The 5 Best Hydraulic Bench Presses [Ranked]

Hydraulic bench presses are primarily designed to be able to remove gears, bushings, pulleys, bearings, U-joints, ball joints and other sorts of metal forming work. These hydraulic bench presses work by lowering the bench-mounted ram press with generally around 10 tons of force for forming and pressing (Source).  Users often opt for these benchtop hydraulic presses when […]


The 5 Best Beach Wheelchairs [Ranked]

Beach wheelchairs are mobility devices for those suffering from medical and mobility impairments. It allows impaired individuals to enjoy beach access while adapting to their specific medical limitations.  Rolling beach wheelchairs are generally designed to transition their users from hard surfaces like the parking lot onto the beach and into the water. They are ideal for people with […]

Cervical Traction Kits

The 5 Best Cervical Traction Kits [Ranked]

Cervical traction describes the stretching of the neck. Typically people use cervical traction when they have sustained injuries like those from whiplash in their necks (Source). The neck is actually also known as the cervical spine and contains 7 vertebrae. Cervical traction enables you to generate some spacing between your vertebrae to help ease discomfort and […]

Hand Crank Lanterns

The 5 Best Hand Crank Lanterns [Ranked]

Hand-cranked camping lanterns are a smart and cheap way of providing yourself a self-sufficient light source (Source).  As well, we love that many hand-cranked lanterns (like the AGPtEK & Ivation models) double as USB charging stations- which is a plus in the emergency preparedness column. The Ivation lantern even includes: an am/fm radio and an SOS siren […]

Top Disability Product

Our Top Disability Product Reviews

A disability is a sort of impairment that, according to Wikipedia, can be developmental, mental, cognitive, physical, sensory as well as intellectual in nature. An important criteria for assessing whether an individual is disabled or not is the extent to which their impairments restrict their ability to join in what is typically considered normal everyday […]


The 5 [Best] Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop is an alternative to more traditional gas or electric cooktops. They use electromagnetic energy rather than using heating elements or burners.  The manufacturers claim that they are more efficient and safer than traditional gas and electric cooking options (Source).  You may be wondering “How does induction cooking work?” Well, it’s a very […]


The 5 Best Whittling Knives [Ranked]

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling whittling knives. Our top recommendation is the Morakniv whittling knife. Click here to jump to the video review.  Whittling is the art of carving shapes out of blocks or pieces of wood. While there are multiple knives for wood carving, whittling knives (or pocket knives) are generally straight […]

Automatic Fetch Machines For Your Dog

The 5 Best [Ranked] Automatic Fetch Machines

Automatic ball launchers, or as they are known, automatic dog fetch machines, let you play fun fetch games with your pet giving them plenty of exercise. All on autopilot. Many of the automatic fetch machines include distance and angles settings to accommodate and entertain dogs of different sizes and ages. The Pet Safe automatic ball launcher, for […]


The 5 Best Engine Crane Hoists [Ranked]

Engine cranes, or engine hoist cherry pickers, are used for engine removal applications. Frequently employed by automotive mechanics and DIY vehicle hobbyists, they enable you to lift engines out of their compartments and lower them into work areas to perform restoration or total engine rebuilds. These shop cranes generally provide solid power combined with collapsing frames for […]