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The 5 Best Maytag Refrigerators
Maytag is a U.S. home and commercial appliance brand acquired by Whirlpool Corporation in 2006 (Source).​They specialize in dryers, washing[...]
The 5 Best Permanent Makeup Machines [Ranked]
Permanent cosmetic makeup is technically classified as cosmetic tattooing.Permanent makeup machines use micro pigmentation or demographics to deposit colored pigment[...]
The 5 Best Papasan Chairs [Ranked]
A Papasan chair or sometimes called a bowl or saucer chair that’s round and set up like an elevated bowl[...]
The 5 Best Propane Torches [Ranked]
In this post we examine five of the best-selling handheld propane torches.A propane torch, or blow lamp, are handheld torches[...]
The 5 Best Digital Yogurt Makers
Ever wanted to make your own yogurt instead of buying those over-priced gourmet yogurt cups from Whole Foods? Or perhaps[...]
The 5 Best Unreal Engine Tutorials [Ranked]
In this post, we examine five of the best-selling Unreal Engine Udemy classes online.Sure, there are a bunch of YouTube[...]
The 5 Best Pistol Crossbows [Ranked]
Self cocking pistol crossbows are perfect mini-crossbows for hunting small game or just for backyard target practice.Typically constructed from strong[...]
The 5 Best Water Heater Blankets [Ranked]
Insulating your hot water tank with a heater blanket (also called a 'jacket') is a cheap and simple means of improving[...]
The 5 Best Paint Markers [Ranked]
Paint markers are designed to provide street and graffiti artists with a vibrant and permanent marking solution that is resistant[...]
The 5 Best Flat Tummy Teas | Does This Weight Loss Tea Work?
In today’s hustle and bustle of hectic life, which heavily involves improper lifestyle activities and unhealthy food habits, it can[...]

Health & fitness Product Reviews

The 5 Best Vertical Stair Climbers [Ranked]
1. Enjoy the benefits of a rock-climbing workout right in your own home with this vertical climber exercise machine. It[...]
The 5 Best Balance Trainers
A balance trainer resembles a bisected yoga ball. It is an innovative style of fitness equipment that is able to[...]
The 5 Best Sitz Baths [Ranked]
A sitz bath is designed to fit over your toilet and provide a shallow and warm soak to help clean and[...]
The 5 Best Flat Tummy Teas | Does This Weight Loss Tea Work?
In today’s hustle and bustle of hectic life, which heavily involves improper lifestyle activities and unhealthy food habits, it can[...]
Safety Product Reviews
Here at Top5Reviewed we love reviewing safety products. There are so many different kinds of health and safety products, whether[...]
The 5 Best Chin-Up Bars [Ranked]
In this post, we examined five of the best-selling chin-up bars. A chin-up bar or pull up bar is a device[...]
The 5 Best Appetite Suppressants [Ranked]
In this post we examined 5 of the best-selling appetite suppressants on the market. We compiled this list analyzing the[...]
The 5 Best Full Body Pillows [Ranked]
Body pillows are roundly purchased for expecting mothers to help them rest comfortably (Source). The J, C, U and full-length[...]
The 5 Best Foot Rockers [Ranked]
Foot rockers provide effective stretching exercises that can help relieve discomfort & pain associated with conditions like Achilles tendinitis, ankle[...]
The 5 Best Hair Laser Combs [Ranked]
Hair laser combs are laser hair-regrowth devices that work for male and female pattern baldness, manufacturers claim, by stimulating hair[...]

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Our Favorite Outdoor Product Reviews
Here at the topfivereviewed.com we are tremendously interested in the outdoors. Whether it be the beach, the forest, mountain ranges,[...]
Our Top Disability Product Reviews
A disability is a sort of impairment that, according to Wikipedia, can be developmental, mental, cognitive, physical, sensory as well[...]
Our Favorite Engineering Product Reviews
Here at Top5Reviewed we love assessing engineering products. Engineering is the use of math concepts, scientific proof and technological, financial, interpersonal,[...]
The Best of Our Portable Product Reviews
One of our favorite categories of products to review here at top5reviewed.com is portable products. As the world progresses, technological[...]
Our Favorite Medical Product Reviews
Writing for Top5Reviewed allows us to explore to our hearts content all of the medical products and supplies we and our loved[...]
Products for the Elderly
Here at Top5Reviewed we love reviewing products for the elderly. New senior-living safety products are always emerging to assist senior[...]

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