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The 5 Best Himalayan Salt Crystals Lamps [Ranked]

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If you have ever felt physically and mentally reinvigorated after sitting nearby a gushing waterfall, or after spending an afternoon in front of a surging ocean, you are experiencing the benefits of negative ions that are produced by natural locations.

Himalayan salt lamps are able to reproduce this effect in your own home.

Essentially, they are able to absorb and recycle positive ions from the atmosphere and discharge refreshing, negative ones. WebMD writes that negative ions are able to stimulate the healthful circulation of oxygen to the brain, helping to increase our cognitive abilities and energy.

These pink Himalayan salt lamps are made of blocks of pure Himalayan salt. They come from ancient oceans and function as natural air ionizers. They can be constructed as a solid piece or as a basket filled with the pink crystals of salt. A small bulb inside the lamp heats the crystal and facilitates the ionizing action.

Let’s review our favorite Himalayan pink salt lamps.


Comparing Them

The Five Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. The WBM Himalayan Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

This hand-carved salt lamp is designed not just to produce a soft amber glow but also to help in cleaning indoor air pollutants as it absorbs positive ions and emits negative ions. It clears the air of allergens including smoke, pollens, pet dander and others. This lamp is fitted with a 15-watt bulb and can be used as a gentle nightlight. While many users are happy with this lamp, several reported having extremely hot dimmer switch that smells like burning plastic.

2. The Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you want to give your room a tranquil and earthly ambiance, you might consider buying this salt lamp. It is made of all-natural Himalayan salt that works as air ionizers for clearing the air of smoke, pollens and other harmful pollutants. It also provides a beautiful source of soft light that will give any room a romantic mood. This salt lamp can be used as a light for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hall and living room. There are different designs to choose from including angel, cross, leaf, snowflake and more. This is one of the best salt lamps we reviewed.

3. The HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This hand-crafted 15-watts Himalayan salt lamp is designed to emit negative salt ions in the surroundings, clearing the air of pollutants such as pet dander, dust, bad odor and others. It measures 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches and weighs about 6 to 7 pounds. It has a polished wooden base for stability. Many users are happy with this product. However, several users noted that because it has no dimmer, the light it produces could be a bit too bright for a small room.

4. The Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Make your indoor air clean with the help of this hand-carved 15-watt salt lamp. The salt it is made up of was mined from the Himalayan mountains and said to be all-natural. The lamp produces a warm amber glow with an ionizing effect for air purification. It is ideal for any room and it could work as a night light. The salt lamp is a bit heavy as it weighs about 10 pounds and it sits on a wooden base. The manufacturer says that they don’t produce two exactly of the same lamps- each is unique!

5. The WBM Himalayan Light

Unlike other salt lamps where the bulb is fitted inside a salt rock, in this one, the 15-watt bulb sits underneath a wire-basket filled with Himalayan salt-crystal chunks. It has a dual purpose function of lighting a room while working as a natural air purifier that emits negative ions. The amber light it produces has a calming effect while as a purifier it eliminates indoor pollutants. This lamp measures 5.5 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter.

Himalayan salt lamp video review

What are the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home?


They deodorize and cleanse the air in your home

One of the best-known benefits of Himalayan salt lamps is their ability to eliminate pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and many other types of toxins and contaminants from the air. They do this by utilizing something called hygroscopy. This means that the salt lamps are able to attract water molecules, absorb them, including any toxic foreign particles they are carrying directly into the salt Crystal. These particles become trapped and consequently stuck on the salt, which is how we are able to purify your environment.

They can help to alleviate coughing

The pink salt lamps’ hygroscopic cycling changes molecule charges. These Himalayan salt lamps absorb positive ions and expel negative ones. This can have a positive effect on your breathing passage. It increases cilial activity which helps to keep contaminants from your lungs. Cilia are the microscopic hairs that line your windpipe (trachea).

Improve your sleep quality

Your sleep quality can actually be harmed by an overabundance of positive ions in the atmosphere. This oversupply can actually reduce oxygen and blood supply to the brain which will result in disruptive sleep patterns. As we have already seen, and the himalayan pink salt lamps absorb positive ions and release negative ones- so this effectively will help you sleep better. Try placing a few around your bedroom and observe the effects on your sleep. If the light from your salt lamp keeps you awake, try keeping it on during the day and then shutting it off at night so that it has had time to work its magic.

They can increase your energy levels

Many invigorating activities like a hot shower or taking in fresh outdoor air involve exposure to high concentration of negative ions. It would make sense then that a Himalayan salt lamp would have a positive effect on your energy level considering their ability to recycle positive for negative ions. Try keeping one of these salt lamps in an area where you spend a considerable amount of time. This is a good strategy for testing out the effectiveness of the salt lamps to provide you some energy benefits.

Treatment of seasonal affective disorder

The soft and natural light emitted from these salt lamps comfortably resembles natural sunlight. They can potentially be used to help treat the negative symptoms of this disorder. When the days get shorter and colder consider investing in a few of these salt lamps. Place them strategically around your home and see if you are able to ameliorate the negative mood symptoms of seasonal affect disorder.

Boost your mood and concentration

Again, the power of negative ions can help you to feel a little bit better as well as relax a little bit easier at the end of the workday. Improving the circulation oxygen and blood supply to the brain and the body’s other organs can actually boost serotonin production which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for making us feel happy.

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

All matter is made up of molecules which are comprised of atoms that themselves are constituted of three separate types of particles: positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and neutrons that have no charge.

Himalayan salt lamp buying guide

  • If you are interested in purchasing one of these pink salt lamps, the first thing you will need to consider is the size of the salt lamp.
  • A common rule of thumb is that 1 pound of the Crystal has the ability to cleanse the air and approximately 4 x 4 foot area. You can purchase multiple salt crystals to ensure that you have adequate coverage for a large room.
  • If you have space in your home where you spend a considerable amount of time like a home study, consider purchasing one salt lamp to start and placing it in that space.
  • Since you will be exposed to it on a daily basis, you’ll be able to assess the positive effects intimately over the next few weeks to determine if they work for you or not.
  • These salt lamps will actually melt if they are exposed to high humidity for an extended period of time. So if you are in a environment that has high humidity make sure that you keep a close eye on your lamps.
  • Also, make sure they’re not positioned next to a radiator, a shower or some other area that produces high heat.
  • Salt lamp experts estimate that it can take around a week for the positive effects to be noticeable. So if you’re not feeling any benefits for the end of the week, give it some time.

Other medical benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

Physical and mental improvements from the salt lamps are not uncommon.

Some of them include:

  • Improvement of skin conditions,
  • psychological disorders,
  • migraines and headaches,
  • rheumatoid conditions,
  • blood system dysfunctions,
  • respiratory issues.

Who are Himalayan salt lamps good for?

These lamps are ideal for individuals who want to call in a few more relaxed in their home, improve their health naturally, enhance the air quality of their environment. If you have any questions regarding these salt lamps, check out this site.

Why are positive ions so bad?

Positive ions are generated by electronic devices. Some have even described this emergence of positive ions as ‘electronic smog’. In our modern society, we are surrounded by more and more high-tech electronic devices like computers, microwaves, smartphones.

While we all love these devices and for the most part consider them indispensable, we are being bombarded by positive ions that can have negative consequences for us that include anxiety, insomnia and allergies.

Even the World Health Organization has chimed in-they have termed the abundance of negative ions and electronics smog as “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences“.

It is apparent that positive ions can have a negative effect on your health. If you are at all concerned about this issue, or are just curious about the potentially positive health benefits a Himalayan salt lamp can have, consider purchasing one in trying it out for yourself.

Customer reviews and feedback for Himalayan crystal salt lamps

  • Customers report that their salt lamps were able to purge the scent of cat urine from their home.
  • Some buyers report leaving the lamps on 24 hours a day and never being disappointed.
  • Many purchasers bought extra tubular light bulbs for their salt lamps so that they had spares on hand.
  • Some users report that the salt lamps will begin to melt in the bathroom while they are sometimes too bright for the bedroom.
  • If you turn the light down, you are also decreasing the ionizing action because the effect is heat-driven.
  • Make sure that you check how much the salt lamp weighs prior to purchase- some users were surprised when they purchased a 10 pound salt lamp.
  • The base of the salt lamp is also a consideration- you can purchase a separate base, or if you’re happy with the one that came with your salt lamp, as many people are, you can just use that one.
  • It’s a good idea not to use it outside and to make sure that you use a placemat or coaster beneath the salt lamp so that when it sweats it doesn’t damage any furniture.
  • Each Himalayan lamp varies by size and height- so no two lamps are exactly the same.
  • Many customers were pleasantly surprised by how attractive and beautiful these lights are. They report them being soothing to stare at, like a large glowing ember that makes everything around it feel warm.
  • One user reported using a salt lamp near his bedridden father who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He reports that the salt lamp had a positive effect on his father’s respiration- he was able to go longer between nebulizer treatments.
  • Another user reports placing a large salt lamp inside of a house that had been lived in for six years- within a few days the house lost its musty smell replacing it with a fresh scent.
  • People who like earthy, natural-looking products will certainly enjoy the salt lamp. If you prefer modern and elegant designs you will not like the jagged appearance of these pink Himalayan lights.
  • When it comes to the debate regarding their Ionic health properties- many people claim that they are a scam, but if you read the Amazon product review pages you will see that there are thousands of positive testimonials testing to their efficacy.
  • One safety consideration a user reported was that they had to be careful placing the cord where a cat or small child wouldn’t trip it over potentially injuring them.
  • In general, no matter which brand of lamp users purchased, they were satisfied with the quality.
  • That said, there were sometimes minor issues that required users to get a refund- so make sure you check out the warranty prior to purchase to ensure that you are covered in the event that your item is damaged in shipping or doesn’t work for some reason.

Final thoughts

There are many people who will dismiss these salt lamps as gimmicks, fads or even a scam, but there is real value in maintaining an open mind for naturopathic alternatives. One of the benefits of complementary or alternative strategies like the salt lamps is that they are virtually side effect free and they are very inexpensive.

So, read our salt lamp reviews, and then try one out and see if after a week it has had a positive effect on your mood, energy levels or your breathing.

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