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The HealthSmart Euro Style Rollator



Ease of Use

The HealthSmart Euro Style Rollator is a modern-looking, aluminum mobility aid that is extra robust and sturdy for outdoor terrain. It weighs 17 pounds, folds to 25" x 16.5" x 11.25" and when open measures 22.5" x 12.5" x 36" at maximum height. Handle height will adjust between 31 and 36 inches in 1-inch increments.

There are many features that recommend this HealthSmart rollator as a terrific mobility aid. Its sleek design, sturdy frame, quality brand reputation- let's take a look at some of these positives.

Strong and durable construction make this an extremely stable and secure mobility aid, even accommodating moderate travel over outdoor terrain. The storage tote is stylish, functional and completely portable with a shoulder strap.

​HealthSmart Rollator Video Overview

The seat is wide and comfortable at 10 inches and the mesh backrest is one of the widest that we've seen- sitting on it is a surprisingly comfortable and accommodating experience. Rugged and high-quality wheel design make it a particularly agile option. It comes preassembled, which is an added convenience if you are not handy with tools.

It also comes with a cane holder, which is not a feature that we see often with these rollators. HealthSmart Euro Rollator Features Comfortable padded mesh backrest, weight capacity of 300 pounds, no assembly required, oversized 8" front wheels and 7" rear wheels are designed to handle outdoor terrain, collapsible design for storage convenience rear wheels are designed to handle outdoor terrain, collapsible design for storage convenienceinch rear wheels are designed to handle outdoor terrain, collapsible design for storage convenience

What we don't like

While we are close to being raving fans of this particular rolling walker, we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't take note of some drawbacks that we have observed and other users have noted as well.

Some users have complained that it is too difficult to completely collapse- it requires unscrewing two knobs. Depending on your strength and dexterity this might be simple or difficult, depending.

This roller is not ideal for users that are over 5'9" or under 5'1". If you are under 5'1" take a look at junior rollators, or if you are over 5'9" take a look at tall rollators.

Another minor drawback is that some users have reported that in the event their rollator needed a replacement part, HealthSmart was not able to provide them one. It's worth noting that these durable devices generally hold up really well and I'm not likely to require replacement maintenance.

That said, if you navigate to the product page you can find their limited three-year warranty documentation which should provide you some insight into their specific policies.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Extra-sturdy for heavier users
  • Attractive design


  • Can be hard to collapse
  • More difficult to transport
  • Minor amounts of paint-chipping occurs with extended use

What are HealthSmart Users Saying

One 70-year-old woman who weighs 250 pounds writes of its sturdy construction and convenient ability to collapse. Though she writes that in order to get it to fully collapse, you'll have to remove and reinsert locking bolts for each wheel, which she found moderately inconvenient when she needed to transport her HealthSmart Euro rollator.

She found it easy to toss into a car trunk and comments that most people will find it easy to lift it out of the car, unfold and then use this rollator. Commenting on its exceptional agility, she writes that standing behind it and between the two handles you can easily have the device make a circle around you as you stand in a fixed position.

Yet another reviewer describes it as a magnificent product, though he had some issues because of his height. He says that if you are taller than 5'9", this is certainly not the rollator for you. He recommends purchasing a tall rollator to accommodate larger statured individuals. With a handle height that at its best is just short of 36 inches, it is too low for him to use standing at 5'11".

How to select a quality rollator

While he wasn't personally able to use the Hugo Walker, he commended its quality construction as well as customer service that promptly refunded him his money. In addition, he praised the use of its collapse, in contrast to another reviewer but found it difficult. He writes that squeezing the HealthSmart's sides inwards will compress this 4 wheel rollator to about 7 inches in width. While this reviewer was not able to actually use this rolling walker, he had some interesting insights about its benefits and functions. Another reviewer writes of doing a great deal of product research before purchasing this particular Euro rollator for her father.

She is very pleased with her purchase, particularly because of its weight and sturdiness which allows her father to roll easily over outside terrain that other rollators with smaller wheels cannot easily overcome. The adjustable bars enable her father to steady himself, the HealthSmart's padded seat rest is exceptional for him to take a break while out and about, and the storage pouch is handy for transporting carry along items like the mail, newspaper or his medication.

Yet another reviewer writes of purchasing this HealthSmart rolling walker for her husband in lieu of his electric scooter while they were traveling. Unfortunately, her rolling walker broke and she was not able to get a replacement part from the manufacturer.

Another user commented that her four wheel rolling walker had in the past been destroyed during air travel so what she eventually decided to do was to fold up her walker as tightly as possible and stick it in a 32-inch duffel bag and gate checks it. This has helped prevent her mobility aid from being destroyed during rough air travel transport. If you're looking for a stylish and sturdy euro-style roller, and are not over 5'9" or under 5'1", then the HealthSmart Euro Rollator might be for you.

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