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The 5 Coolest Harley Quinn Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like the cartoon psychopath Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel), there are some compelling options.

The Suicde Squad supervillain costume is one of the more popular cosplay and Halloween options.

Probably the best costume if you want a total solution is the officially licensed Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume from Rubie. 

It's a full outfit that includes fishnet tights, a belt, shorts, a jacket and a top. Consider pairing this with a Joker costume- great if you have a significant other you can partner with!

But there are a few other options- check out the comparison table below.

You can also brush up with some YouTube cosplay & makeup tutorials to help achieve an even more realistic look. If you find the look too intimidating, you can dress up in something cuter like a Minion costume.

Comparing The Costumes

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Make Your Own Harley Quinn Costume

DIY Costume Tutorial

All About Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel is a fictional character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in the animated series Batman, the animated series in 1992. Originally a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, she became an accomplice of the Joker under the name of Harley Quinn, wearing a Harlequin costume.

In 1993, she had her first comic book appearance in Batman Adventures, a comic that played parallel to the cartoon and recorded her drawing style.

Later she was also taken over in the regular comic series 1: 1. The name Harley Quinn is a pun, created by her real name, alluding to the English word Harlequin for the harlequin figure. Her clothing is modeled after the traditional costume of a harlequin or a medieval court jester.

IT Inspired Harley Quinn Costume


Harley Quinn is one of the few Batman characters that was first created for the Batman animated series and was later added to the Batman comics.

The character first appeared in episode # 22 ( Joker’s Favor ) of the Batman animated series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, which aired in the United States for the first time on September 11, 1992. After several appearances in Elseworlds’ stories like Batman Thrillkillers 62 (1997) or the movie Batman of the Future, she returned to the DC universe in 1999 through her own series Batman: HarleQuinn accepted.

In contrast to the template in the trick series, Harley Quinn, less humorous and more psychopathic, was adapted to the Joker. Harley Quinn made her debut in the twelfth installment of the Batman Adventures comic book series.



The graphic novel The Batman Adventures: Mad Love from 1994 finally recounted for the first time the character’s lineage in the style and continuity of the Batman animated series. The story (implemented by Dini and Timm) was well received and received an Eisner and a Harvey Award for Best Single Issue Comic of the Year (the comic was filmed in 1999 in an eponymous episode of the animated series The New Batman Adventures ).

The graphic novel Batman: Harley Quinn told the story of Mad Loveredone in style and continuity with the ongoing Batman comic series, inaugurating the character into the “main Batman Universe”. The Joker she calls in all variations of the material vernudlichend as Puddin ‘ or Mr. J, her friend Poison Ivy is called Red (in German: “redhead” – because of her red hair). Harley sometimes calls himself a Cupid of Crime (“Cupid of Crime”).

Fictional Biography

A young psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel works to rehabilitate patients in the compound of Arkham Asylum until she meets the Joker. Harleen falls in love with the famous psychopath and helps her to escape several times, before being discovered. Her license is revoked and, ironically, she gets her own cell at the asylum.

Harley Quinn

Love makes us do crazy things. And for the bubbly and psychotic Harley Quinn, that includes dressing in costume, becoming a super-villain, carrying gag-themed weaponry, and murdering countless civilians-all just to put a smile on her puddin’s face. Before her descent into madness, Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a promising psychiatrist assigned to Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s home for the criminally insane.

After an earthquake that shakes Gotham City, much of the boarding school is destroyed. Harleen Quinzel dons a Harlequin costume (hence the wordplay with her name) to help her new mentor in fulfilling her Machiavellian designs.

His love affair with the Joker is marked by excess and abuse. Psychologically and physically abused by her “biquet”, her “duck” or her “chick” according to the versions, she nevertheless always returns to him.

This relationship is also dotted with long moments of separation, be it through the constant back and forth between the freedom of the streets of Gotham and the therapy of the walls of Arkham Harley sometimes teams up with Poison Ivy.

The duo becomes a trio with Catwoman, nicknamed the Gotham City Sirens. During her stay in an ultra-secret prison protected by the US government, she meets Deadshot, a killer smart enough, during his mission (see Suicide Squad), we can say that thanks to this mission the two villains are closer and Joker will be a little jealous of their relationship.

Physical Appearance

Since you’re most likely looking for a costume, it’s important to pay attention to her appearance.

Harley Quinn (Character) – Comic Vine

Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatric resident at Arkham Asylum, where she met the incarcerated Joker. Falling in love with her patient, she conspired to break him out of prison and eventually became his lover and loyal sidekick, Harley Quinn.

She is a young blonde woman with blue eyes, a pretty face, made up of white, enhanced by a hood with bells.

She wears a Harlequin costume (a reference to her nickname) red and black. Like her “chick”, she is inspired by a classic card game and fits in the Queen of Diamonds card (symbol on her costume).

Before becoming the ally of the Joker, she was already an excellent gymnast. After being savagely abused by the Joker, she was helped by Poison Ivy (or the Poisoner). Thanks to this intervention, her physical abilities were increased: she is now stronger and more agile, as well as immune to poison and disease. She uses to fight most often, a disproportionate mallet, a baseball bat, and many explosives.


She is cheerful and energetic, often versed in the situation comedy. She shows a very sensual and sexy side. His relationship with the Joker is quite complicated; They often argue over many things, but always end up forgiving him and come back to him. She does not necessarily hate Batman and does not do harm for pleasure but only to please the Joker. Her favorite animal is the hyena; she owns two of them (Bud and Lou).

Emotional Life

Harley Quinn is crazy in love with the Joker. In Batman: Arkham City, next to one of Harley’s suits, is a positive pregnancy test. But in the additional content of the game, it is revealed that the device had made a false positive because many other pregnancy tests that were on the ground show that Harley is not pregnant.

In the comics, especially during “The Last Laugh”, however, it is revealed that Harley does not want to have children with the Joker until they are married.

However, she has children with him in some alternative universes, like the game Injustice: The Gods Are Among Us, where she had a little girl she hides in the Joker (Lucy). To preserve her, she will tell him that she is his ” Outside the Joker, Harley also had a relationship with Deadshot, his teammate of the Suicide Squad, which earned him a conflict with The Joker. She also has a romantic relationship with teammate Poison Ivy, in a very ambiguous relationship.

Character Creation

Harley Quinn is one of the newer super-villains designed to oppose Batman. It first appeared in 1992 as part of the television series Batman, the animated series (episode 22) in a screenplay by Paul Dini.

Often associated with the Joker in his adventures, the character has been deepened by DC Comics who has recovered to take place in the ever-growing pantheon of enemies of Batman in its comics version. It is possible that she makes her first unofficial appearance in the series of the 60s.

Indeed, in season 1 episode 5: Poker for a Joker (character recurring thereafter), the Joker nicknamed his collaborator Quinny. It is the authors Paul Dini and Bruce Timm who will be at the origin of its creation.

Paul Dini particularly inspired an episode of Days of Our Lives, where a character is dressed in a costume from Harlequin 3. The comic version of Harley Quinn is definitely darker and more violent than the original animated series. DC Comics welcomes him into his pantheon under general acclaim.

An eponymous series consecrated her as a main character for a short time.

This franchise ended after only 38 appearances, but Harley Quinn still remains in the Batverse. Harley Quinn made his appearance in season 2 of The Batman, in an episode written and directed by its creator, Paul Dini. In this new version, Harleen Quinzel is a psychologist who presents a talk show, and whose Joker is one of the most fervent admirers.

Following the dismissal of Harley, the Joker goes to meet him and perverts her by making her his companion of misdeeds. We see it again in another episode, CyberJoker.

In Batman, the next generation: The Return of the Joker, an animated feature film inserted in the mythology of the animated series Batman, takes over in the year 2000, we learn the fate of Harley in the continuity of the series.

Note, however, that the grandmother who released the two twins of the Joker gang at the end of Batman, the relieves: The Return of the Joker is called Harley by his little girls when it reprimands them and strikes them.

Paul Dini is the originator of the character and has written the scripts of two video games, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Harley takes a large place, highlighting and deepening its history and its relationship with the Joker. There are two new costumes, far from the harlequin outfit that she keeps only the makeup and the colors red and black, which she boasts as being “very beautiful”.

Origin Of The Name

Her nickname is a play on words with her disguise of Harlequin and her real name as well as on the English word “Queen”, the queen, in reference to the card game which she takes again the symbolic (the queen of tiles and the queen of clover that can be seen on his right arm in the movie Suicide Squad ).

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