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The 5 Best Hall Trees [Ranked]

Introduction After a long day of work, what’s the first thing you do before you even sit down?

Most likely, you take your coat off and hang it somewhere.

Of course, though, you don’t want to just throw it on the floor and you don’t want your guests to wonder where to hang their coats either.

One of the best options to keep your coats in order is a hall tree. A hall tree is a coat rack that earns its name from the location that it is usually kept;-the end of the hall (Source).


What Are They?

Unlike the traditional coat rack, though, these usually have a more rectangular shape, standing upright much like a freestanding closet does (Source).

Further separating it from a traditional coat rack, a hall tree also offers extra storage space below –or even above– the hooks where you hang the coats (Source).

This gives them more function than a traditional coat rack as well as optimizing the space they take up to accommodate more than just coats and hates.

Buyer Advice

The first thing that many customers advise is to pay close attention to dimensions and check to see if the unit can hold adequate weight.

For example, you don’t want it to crumble under you if you sit on it to take off your shoes.

Customers also advise that you be prepared to modify your model a bit, especially when it comes to models that have less quality to them.

Whether it is something as small as oiling hinges or bigger adjustments, customers suggest that future owners be ready to make sure that these hall trees fit your needs the way you want.

Comparing Them

How They Compare

When it comes to hall trees, though, what we are really concerned about are the models we are going to discuss today. So, when it comes down to it, what really sets these apart? Well, let’s take a closer look. Of course, they all come in at least a slightly different style.

Both the Linon Home Décor and the Home Styles Décor hall trees are especially solid, rugged designs– though, the Linon Home Décor model is black while the Home Styles Décor hall tree is white. The other three models– the eHome Products, WE Furniture, and Home Star models– are made with a more wiry, minimalist design in mind.

While all these products are quality, it is also important to note that they aren’t equal. The Home Styles bench particularly garnered a lot of complaints for its construction. From dents to scratches in the finish, it especially disappointed and called for customers’ personal adjustments.

Benefits of a Hall Tree

  1. A convenient place to hang your coats and place your shoes which minimizes the mess in your home.
  2. Most models offer extra storage, so you can add extra organization to your home as well.
  3. These hall trees offer you a wealth of different styles, making it possible for anyone to find a model that fits their home décor perfectly.

Best Hall Trees For 2024



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a top-rated hall tree, you might want to consider the Home Star 3-Shelf Hall Tree. Users like the handiness of the hall tree, but do complain about incorrect dimensions.

This product provides seating, hanging and storage space at your front door. It has a beautiful metal frame and antique wood textured finish. You can fill its 5 hooks and 3 shelves with everyday things that are needed as you’re walking out the door. This item seems like a good choice if you want a bench seat for your front entryway.

In general, users are happy with the Home Star Antique Wood Hall Tree. They state that it has a sturdy construction and holds a ton of stuff. Users appreciate its easy assembly.

However, buyers complain that advertised dimensions are way off. Many purchasers state that pre-drilled holes for screws where the hooks go don’t line up with the holes in the hooks, necessitating a lot of muscle work to get them on straight. Users add that the item needs to be secured to a wall; otherwise, it’s a little wobbly.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Holds a ton of stuff
  • Easy assembly


  • Buyers complain of incorrect dimensions
  • Complaint – a little wobbly if not secured to a wall



Ease of Use

The WE Furniture Driftwood Hall Tree is a good option to store all of your outdoor attire, hats, coats, shoes, or umbrellas.Users like that the hall tree is both visually pleasing and functional, and so far have no complaints.

This product is a beautifully designed and durably constructed hall tree that can be a wonderful addition to any home for keeping your family’s items off the floor.It is made of high-grade MDF and powder coated metal. It features multiple clothing hangers and open bottom storage space, perfect for shoes.This item could be a good choice if you want to keep your hallway tidy and organized.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the WE Furniture Metal & Wood Hall Tree.They agree that it is easy to put together, sturdy and very functional. Users like its beautiful design.

So far, buyers have no complaints about the product. One user recommends placing the item against a wall for improved stability.


  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy
  • Very functional
  • Beautiful design


  • None so far



Ease of Use

The eHomeProducts Entryway Hall Tree is a solid option if you need handy storage space at your home. Users love the easy-to-assemble feature of this hall tree, but do complain about the vague directions.

This product is an entryway bench with hooks made from metal, hardwood and MDF. It comes with 8 metal hooks to hold your coats, jackets, hats, backpacks, bags, umbrellas, scarves, etc. The Cappuccino Hall Tree also features 2-tier shoe rack at the bottom and a bench for seating. This hall tree might be a good choice if you want to add more stylish storage space to your home.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the eHomeProducts 2-Tier Hall Tree and they agree that itis easy to put together and it also looks nice.

However, one buyer complains about the hooks which move, so if you have it up against a light-colored wall the hooks will mark up the paint. Another one states that the directions are not very clear.


  • Easy to put together
  • Looks nice


  • One buyer complains that the hooks move
  • One user states that the directions are not very clear



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a hall tree that will provide both function and style to your hallway, you might want to consider this one offered by Linon Home Decor. Users love the sturdiness of this hall tree, but do complain about some design drawbacks.

This product has a rich antique black finish with red rub through which gives it a “distressed” look. It features a back panel with four coat hooks and a spacious split top seating area which flips up and reveals a large storage section. The bench includes a spring loaded lid which stays up to keep the seat from slamming. This item could be a solid choice for keeping your mud room or entryway neat and tidy.

In general, buyers are pleased with the Linon Home Décor Black Hall Tree-Wide Bench. They appreciate its sturdiness. Users agree that the unit is very attractive and beautiful.

However, there are some complaints. Firstly, the parts don’t always fit properly. Secondly, the bench can squeak and can be hard to open/close. Thirdly, the backing is thin cardboard. Lastly, users complain that it requires two people to put it together.


  • Attractive and beautiful
  • Sturdy


  • Complaints - the parts don't fit properly, the bench squeaks and is hard to open/close, the backing is thin cardboard
  • Users complain it requires two people to put it together



Ease of Use

The Home Styles White Finish Hall Tree is a solid option if you need more storage space for organizing your things in the hallway or mud room.Users like the looks of the hall tree, but have many complaints about various construction issues.

This product is a Naples hall stand which is made of poplar solids and engineered wood. It features two open storage shelves, four double hooks and a lift-top storage compartment, providing ample storage space. If you want a high-quality hall tree, this might not be the best option.

Although users appreciate the Home Styles Naples Hall Tree for being nice looking, they have many complaints. They say that you need two people to assemble the unit. Users also complain about cheap materials, poor construction and lack of sturdiness.

The Home Styles Naples Video Demo


  • Nice looking


  • Users complain that two people are needed for the assembly
  • Complaints – cheap materials, poor construction and not sturdy

Where To Buy A Hall Tree

In the event that you happen to be exploring for the best deal, you may buy them at local retail vendors such as Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Ikea, Menards, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Harbor Freight, Walgreens, and perhaps Costco.

How To Build Your Own DIY Hall Tree

Instead of buying a hall tree perhaps you'd like to build one. There are a variety of DIY blueprints on the Internet that will walk you through how to construct your own customized fancy hall tree.

One of our favorite designs comes from Anna-White.com. The woodworker who constructed it for her sister said they were looking to build one that would have lots of storage, lots of hooks for both children and adults, and have an attractive, rustic aesthetic.

The project guidelines will walk you through how to construct the bench storage area, assemble the bottom supports, add base moulding, and add the back.

You will need to have some tools on hand including a tape measure, speed square, pencil, safety glasses, ear protection, Kreg jig, drill, circular saw, jigsaw, brad nailer, sander and a drillbit set.

Many prospective builders chimed in in the comments section, saying that many of the ones available online were prohibitively expensive and looked poor quality, so assembling their own became the only option for them.

One of the primary goals was to declutter entranceways- finding an organized space for jackets, school backpacks, muddy rain boots, umbrellas, and an extra space to sit and take a load off on the bench.

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