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The 5 Best Geri Chairs [Ranked]

If someone you know has mobility issues and needs something in between a powered mobility device and a wheelchair, a Geri chair can be a highly useful addition (Source).

Also known as medical recliners or geriatric chairs, these products are designed to allow persons with mobility issues to get out of the bed and sit comfortably while being transported to different areas within the home or a facility.

While these chairs are perfect for the elderly, they can also be used by patients recovering from surgery or illness. Frequently used in senior facilities, rehabilitation centers, and hospital, Geri chairs can be conveniently used in a private home too.


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
Lumex 3-Position Medical Recliner, Reclining Geri Chair with Wheels, Doe Skin
  • THE INDUSTRY STANDARD: The first recliner specifically designed to improve the comfort and mobility of patients and residents in healthcare facilities.
Bestseller No. 2
NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seat Cushion: Navy Taslon Water-Resistant 72" L x 18" W
  • USE: NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seats are designed for use with positioning belts for the geriatric chair, positional recliner or chair for the elderly. Ample foam padding provides comfortable seating and covers metal chair components for sensitive skin protection.
Bestseller No. 3
Foam Geri Chair Cushions - Reclining Chair Medical Pressure Pad for Sores - Prevents Body Heat and Promotes Weight Distribution - 24" x 72" x 3
  • PRESSURE RELIEF SEAT CUSHION: The ProHeal Foam Geri Seat Cushion is designed for ultimate comfort and supreme back, lumbar, and butt support. Crafted with Visco Gel Polymer Technology (VGPT) foam, this equipment controls heat dissipation and supplies excellent pressure redistribution.
Bestseller No. 4
Geri-Chair Cozy Seat With Backrest & Legrest
  • ( Pictures are for illustration supposes only and do not always match the actual product )
Bestseller No. 5
Drive Medical 3 Position Geri Chair Recliner, Reclining Chair with Armrests and Tray, Chocolate
  • 3-positions: upright, deep recline, and elevated leg rest/footrest; Retractable lock bar secures the chair in the desired position; 5" casters (2 with locks) make it easy to move and secure the recliner

How To Use A Geri Chair

The chair in the video is from Champion Chair.

Buying Guide

Geri chairs are designed to provide comfortable positioning and support for aging people and patients with mobility issues. While the use of such a chair can greatly benefit the user, there’re some crucial features that you’d need to consider when buying this product.

  1. Size & Weight Capacity: First of all, size and weight capacity of the chair are of utmost importance. It’s crucial to ensure that the chair you’re going to buy can properly support the weight, height, and girth of the person who’ll be using it.
  2. Electric & Manual: When it comes to the operational feature of Geri chairs, these typically come with either electrically-powered motors or manual adjustment. Products with electrically-powered motors offer more convenience but more expensive also and need to be plugged into a power source. On the other hand, manually adjustable chairs are more economical but they usually require more effort to adjust and users may face difficulties changing position independently.
  3. Dimensions: Another important feature you’d need to consider is whether the chair will adequately support the user. If the user needs a large amount of trunk or head support, you should go for a product that either is compatible with supplementary supports which can be added to those areas or includes those supports already.

More Info

A Geri chair is a specialized chair that is perfect for people who require more substantial seating than what’s offered by a conventional wheelchair (Source).

For the elderly and patients with mobility issues, it often becomes challenging and uncomfortable to get out of the bet and sit in a chair. With the use of a Geri chair, this issue can be eliminated to a great extent.

These chairs offer a variety of positioning solutions and thus, help to promote recovery, healing, and independence while still providing comfort and safe support for the user.

The majority of these products come with leg elevation and a degree of back angle reclines to offer optimal support and comfort. Use of this product also eliminates the need for family members or caregivers to keep a more watchful and constant eye to help ensure that a senior or a patient doesn’t fall from a regular chair while getting in and out.

The versatile design of these chairs sometimes includes measures that can help prevent pressure sores and to maintain proper posture and blood flow to facilitate good health.

If you’re looking for a way to provide an elderly or a patient with relaxation and comfort as much as possible, use of a Geri chair is one of the best ways to accomplish it. You can watch this video to learn more about this product.

Geri Chair Cushions

Bestseller No. 1
NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seat Cushion: Navy Taslon Water-Resistant 72" L x 18" W
  • USE: NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seats are designed for use with positioning belts for the geriatric chair, positional recliner or chair for the elderly. Ample foam padding provides comfortable seating and covers metal chair components for sensitive skin protection.

These are specifically engineered overlays to lower the impacts of reclining-induced shearing. Geri chair cushions offer natural thigh and lumbar supports that help the users remain comfortable in both the reclining and upright positions.

You can attach these lightweight, durable, and non-skid covers easily to the chair. These removable, zippered covers are fluid-repellent in nature and can be cleaned effortlessly using an approved cleaning agent or neutral suds.

Geri Chair Vs Broda Chair

If you’re planning to buy a Geri chair and doing some research, chances are you’ve come across the name of Broda wheelchair (Source). It’s quite normal to wonder which one you should buy, especially when both of these are wheeled chairs and cater to the same purpose of helping people with mobility issues.

You may have also heard that sometimes occupational therapy practitioners recommend one over the other. Usually, a Broda wheelchair is recommended when there’re changes in patient’s condition, medication, behavior, and sitting tolerance observed.

On the other hand, a Geri chair is usually recommended when the patient’s comfort is a top priority and the user cannot tolerate sitting upright.

On another side note- if you’re looking for a comfortable recliner that’s a bit less ‘medical’, check out this recliner rundown by Sweet Living Room.


Bestseller No. 1
NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seat Cushion: Navy Taslon Water-Resistant 72" L x 18" W
  • USE: NYOrtho Geri-Chair Comfort Seats are designed for use with positioning belts for the geriatric chair, positional recliner or chair for the elderly. Ample foam padding provides comfortable seating and covers metal chair components for sensitive skin protection.

Thoughtful addition of some useful accessories, based on the needs of the user, can be a helpful complement to every Geri chair.

These accessories are designed to enhance the function of the product, as well as, the comfort level of the user.

For instance, if the user of the chair keeps on sitting in it for a prolonged time and/or uses it as a place to perform hobbies or as a dining surface, accessories like trays and similar things might be a great addition.

These would not only offer the user a solid surface to perform intended activities but also provide greater support for his/her upper body. Similarly, an IV attachment would be greatly helpful if the user utilizes some kind of IV medication. It would help to eliminate tangles that might occur when using an IV stand in addition to the chair.


If you need a Geri chair for a short period of time, taking one on rent might be a good idea.

And depending on your insurance, the company may pay for the rental as well. While Geri chair rentals are available in some medical supply stores, it’s important to check the key operational features of the product.

Remember to check that the seat positions are properly adjustable, adequate functioning of the locking mechanism, proper functionality of the casters, whether it’s easy-to-clean and capable of performing the desired functions effectively and safely.

It’s also important to make sure that you’ll get the product repaired at no cost and as soon as possible if something goes wrong with it.

Head Support Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Skil-Care Triangular Head Positioner - Wheelchair Back and Side Support, Additional Comfort for Wheelchair or Geri-Chair Patients, Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories, 703121
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR CHAIRS: The Triangular Head Positioner is universally compatible with chairs featuring extended backs, including high-back wheelchairs, geri-chairs, and recliners.

Geri chair head supports are ideal for Geri chair users who cannot fully support or control their head due to weakness, injury or any disability.

These supports provide mid-line positioning that improves feeding, breathing, swallowing, and eye-contact with others of the user. Most of these products are made with pliable and strong material with reinforcement around outside.

They also come equipped with a quick-release buckle that enables easy on and off procedures. These are available in different sizes to provide a proper fit and in different colors to suit individual preferences.

Geri Chair Covered By Medicare?

Medicare may cover a particular portion of the cost of your Geri chair in certain situations.

To get this coverage, the patient’s doctor must state that he/she needs the equipment because of his/her medical condition. Once the Part B deductible has been met (you’d need to pay twenty percent of the Medicare-approved amount), usually Medicare will pay the rest eighty percent of the Medicare-approved amount.

Remember that for Medicare to cover the cost or rental of a Geri chair, the user must have a medical need.

The equipment won’t get covered if it’ll be mainly used for recreational or leisure activities, or if it’s needed to move around outside the home only. If you’re planning to buy such a product and want to know whether it’d be covered by Medicare, it’s best to directly contact your Medicare provider to get a clear idea of what will be covered and what won’t.


Bestseller No. 1
Moocard Wheelchair Seat Belt, Medical Restraints Straps, Adjustable Straps Patients Cares Safety Harness Chair Waist Lap Strap for Elderly, Patient, Disabled (Black)
  • 【Wheelchair Safety Belt】Ergonomic design, T shape of seat belt which restraints waist, abdomen and crotch, provide more comprehensive safety and stronger protection for elder or patient.

A physical restraint refers to any mechanical or physical device, manual method, material or equipment adjacent or attached to a resident’s body which the individual cannot easily remove that restricts freedom of movement of one’s body.

If you’ve someone you know, who can stand up but if the angle at the hip is changed, he/she won’t be able to stand up due to physical functioning deficits, needs to have the seating system such that he/she can be reclined and wedged in there, it might be considered a restraint.

Therefore, a Geri chair might be considered a restraint.

Used Options

If you’re planning to buy a used Geri chair, there’re some factors you’d need to check out for optimal comfort of the user. If the user is prone to developing pressure sores (Source), it’d be wise to look for a product that comes with tilt-in-space capability so the patient can be shifted comfortably to relieve pressure.

You should also ensure that the product can be cleaned and sanitized for infection control easily. It’s important for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

It becomes even more important if open wounds, a compromised immune system, or incontinence are a problem. Ensure that the chair doesn’t come with no areas where debris or dirt can be trapped.

One of the major things that you must check out is the proper functionality of casters or wheels. Ensure that the chair is functional enough to transfer the patient comfortably and easily around a facility or home.

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