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The 5 Best Genji Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were discussed a lot during 2017 as they were claimed to help people release their tension or nervous energy, and even concentrate better on their tasks.

Basically, it’s a multi-lobed skill toy that has a central ball bearing with usually three flat triangular shaped structures jutting out in three directions, thus making the toy capable of being spun along its axis.

Usually made of metal or plastic, fidget spinners became a rage in 2017 though they were around since 1993.

As the name indicates, the Genji fidget spinner also belongs to this category of spin toys though it comes with certain additional features over its plastic cousins and even has a look that surpasses its competitors with respect to the style quotient.

According to the Overwatch Wiki, Genji throws precise and killer Shuriken at his enemies, and employs his wakizashi to deflect projectiles or hits with a Swift Strike using his technologically-advanced “dragonblade” that destroys his enemies.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the best available options- though sometimes we supplement with other Genji merchandise if there aren’t fidget spinners in stock.


Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
Jawhock 12 Pack Fidget Spinners, High Speed Hand Spinner Goodie Bag Stuffers ADHD Anxiety Toys Stress Relief Reducer, Classroom Prizes Birthday Return Gifts for Kids
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  • ▲【EASY TO PLAY】 To spin the fidget spinner, just hold either side of the center with one finger, and then hold the bearing with the other hand. Through practice, the spinner can only be used with one hand. To use the anxiety toy on the table, simply press the center to keep it stable and spin at the same time. Once you let it go, the fidget spinner will continue to spin.
Bestseller No. 2
Jawhock 24 Pack Alloy Metal Fidget Spinners with Gift Card, Fidget Spinner with Stainless Steel Bearings for Anxiety& Stress Relief, Great Gift for Children
  • 【SUPER VALUE FOR KIDS】Elevate celebrations with our Party Favors Set, featuring a delightful combination of 24 cards and 24 alloy metal fidget spinners, elegantly packaged in clear bags for added charm. Perfect for Valentine's Day gifts, party favors, classroom prizes, and more, this set makes it easy to express love and gratitude to those who matter most. Make each gesture memorable with this thoughtful and festive gift ensemble, spreading joy and warmth on this special occasion.
  • 【EXQUISITE CARDS FOR YOU】Enhance thrill with our delightful spinners, accompanied by adorable gift cards awaiting heartfelt personalization. Tailored for school exchanges, this versatile gift is a wonderful choice for both boys and girls! Encourage creativity as your child inscribes their name and crafts to share with loved ones. Infuse joy and love into the occasion with this delightful DIY Gifts.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Fidget Spinners, Spinner Gifts for Adults and Kids, Stress Anxiety ADHD Relief Figets Toy, Metal Finger Hand Toy with Luminous Light, Absorb Solar Light Then Release in Dark
  • ↪️Rotation Time & Glow in the Dark↩️: INNOPLUS fidget spinner rotation time is 3 to 5 minute average, The rotation time is controlled according to the external force, The great the power, the longer it lasts. Fidgets spinners need absorb 60 seconds of light under the light conditions (sunlight, mobile phone rear light, etc.), then Release light in the dark environment, which is very interesting.
  • ↪️Best Anti-Stress Stress & Easy to Carry↩️: Great for releasing anxiety, relaxing, staying awake, release the nervous energy, Improve focus and help ADHD. Helps you calm down while stressful, kill you time while you are boring. It can bring you peace and improve your creativity. Silent bearing, sound less than 15 decibels, These fidget spinners is simple, lightweight, pocket size and fun, great for travel, for work.
Bestseller No. 4
PAPUKA Fidget Spinner Eye of Power,Fidget Hand Toys Focus Finger Spinning Toy for Kid and Adults,High Speed Precision Metal Material,Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief Boredom,Desk Toys Spin
32 Reviews
PAPUKA Fidget Spinner Eye of Power,Fidget Hand Toys Focus Finger Spinning Toy for Kid and Adults,High Speed Precision Metal Material,Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief Boredom,Desk Toys Spin
  • ★ HELPFUL -- Perfect for waiting in lines, meditation, timing, quitting bad habits, striking up conversations, and more.Increases Focus and Attention for Children.
  • ★ KILLER OF STRESS -- Great for releasing anxiety, relaxing, staying awake, ADHD, ADD, autism and other attention disorder issues. Helps you calm down while stressful, kill you time while you are boring.
Bestseller No. 5
SCIONE Metal Fidget Spinner for Kid Adult,Sensory Hand Fidget Toy 7 Pack-Anxiety Toys Stress Relief Reducer-Party Favors,Return Gifts for Kids Birthday,Goodie Bag Stuffers,Classroom Prizes
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  • IMPROVE ABILITY - SCIONE spinner toy is easy to use, just hold the center of the spinner toys with one finger and spining with the other. With practice, you can even do it with one hand. Kids sensory toys helps you improve your eye and hand coordination, allowing you to focus more.

Watch It In Action

The Too Much Gaming vlogger demonstrates some Overwatch Genji shuriken spinners- exhibiting some that reflect Genji’s other skins and costumes such as his Sparrow skin and his Nomad skin.

Buying Guide

  • Genji fidget spinner is a simple yet innovative device that lets fidgeters release their anxiety and pent-up energy without disturbing or annoying the people around them. But if you thought buying it is an easy task, think again. When you are looking for the best fidget spinner, you need to consider certain aspects since the term ‘best’ is relative here. So, what’s best for you may not seem like a good choice for someone else. And this holds true for Genji fidget spinner too.
  • From tri-spinners and quadra-spinners to hexa-spinners for autism and ADHD, Genji fidget spinners are available in a wide variety. Before you buy one, you have to decide what purpose you want it to serve. If it’s just to play, improve concentration, or relieve anxiety and stress, you may not be too picky. However, if it’s for specific conditions like ADHD or autisms, Genji fidget spinner made of brass and copper, which is sandblasted, stonewashed, and anodized would be a good choice.
  • Apart from the purpose, other factors you need to consider are the price, size, and material it’s made of. Though Genji fidget spinners are usually budget-friendly, you may still have to decide what suits your pocket the best. Size is another important factor since too big a toy would be difficult to carry in your pocket or purse, while too small a size would easily get tangled with other things (that you carry in your pocket or purse) and may be hard to retrieve. However, a small size would make the toy spin faster while a bigger size may do just the opposite.
  • Metals like brass, copper etc, and alloys (zinc, stainless steel etc) are some common materials used for crafting Genji fidget spinners. It’s ideal to check some user reviews to make sure the one you are about to buy doesn’t have an off-center balance and spins nicely.
  • Some users even suggest taking a note of the type of bearing your short-listed skill toy uses, and how much maintenance on your part is required to keep the bearing functional before you take your final pick. For example, full metal bearings are cheap and can be easily prepared to spin longer, but they are likely to rust when they get exposed to moisture. Full ceramic bearings are, on the other hand, look extremely stylish, offer the longest spin times, and need low maintenance. But they are expensive than their metal or hybrid counterparts and tend to pick up grit and dirt easily as most have an open design. For some more buying tips, you can check here.

4 Ways To Maximize Fidget Spinner Speed

The G3AR – ‘GreekGadgetGuru’ vlogger demonstrates the Genji Shuriken fidget toy from Overwatch.

The vlogger says he was shocked to find out how quickly these spin when compared to 3 dimensional printed version that he had made himself. Make sure to hang in there up until the end of the video because following a some experimentation he’s developed some ideas and tricks for making the most of the fidget toy’s rotation speed.

Ways to increase speed:

  1. Remove caps
  2. Clean excess lubrication
  3. Adding liquid oil instead – “speed cream”
  4. Install ceramic bearings that will spin quicker than conventional steel ball bearings.

What Is It?

A Genji fidget spinner is a toy that you can spin either in your hand or on the table. The device’s multiple prongs are positioned in such a way that they give you a balanced feel and let it spin freely and beautifully.

If you are looking for an awesome toy to just fidget with and kill some time while you are waiting for your game to download or your friend to call you back, this fidget spinner can be your go-to device.

Real NameGenji Shimada (島田源氏)
BaseHanamura, Japan (formerly)
Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Affiliation(formerly) (formerly) (formerly)
RelationsSojiro Shimada (father)
Hanzo Shimada (older brother)

Even when you feel restless or anxious, a few spins of the Genji fidget spinner can make you feel calm and relaxed by helping you release your pent-up emotions. Though this toy is available in many varieties, the three-pronged ones shaped like Genji’s shuriken (a type of linear projectile) are said to be the most popular ones.

During your initial days with this fidget spinner, especially when you are holding it in your hand, you would need your other hand to spin it almost endlessly by using small, continuous strikes. However, with practice, you may master spinning it by using just one hand where you put your fingers to the task of beginning and ending the spin.

Genji Fidget Spinner Tricks

As millennials and post-millennials latched onto the trend of using these spinners as tools for entertainment, a lot of cool tricks have sprung up on the internet. If you too are looking for some, you can begin with a few of these:

  • Hand transfer trick: Hold the center of the Genji fidget spinner between your thumb and index finger. Use a finger (the thumb or the index finger) of your other hand to hit one of the prongs of the spinner to make it spin. Once it starts spinning, toss it to your other hand to hold it by the center while ensuring the spinning doesn’t stop.
  • Pen/pencil trick: Slide one tip of a pen or pencil inside the central part of the spinner and make it spin fast. By making it spin speedily, you will make the gyroscopic momentum work, which in turn would keep the pen or pencil upright as long as the spinner continues to spin fast. And the fun is even if you try to topple the pen or pencil over, it won’t!

If you are looking for some more fidget spinner tricks to amuse kids or surprise your friends, you will find some easy to master ones here.

Genji Fidget Spinner Videos

A mere search on the internet would show you a lot of videos where users not only display various ways to make the spinner keep moving longer, but even teach you tricks such as this one by GreekGadgetGuru that can make you popular among friends.

Even during family gatherings where small kids are present, a couple of tricks would make them seem like magic to the little ones. And the best part is – you don’t need any elaborate settings or props to master tips and tricks from these videos and perform them in front of an audience. If you haven’t checked these videos on the internet, do it right away.

It could make fidget spinning all the more fun.

Genji Fidget Spinner Games

If you have a few friends who love to play with fidget spinners, you can have a great time playing with them.

You may flick, balance, and spin your Genji fidget spinner on the table or on the floor, or spin it around your finger.

The aim of any game you play is usually to set a spinning record by making your toy spin faster and for as long as you can. To make the gaming level a bit difficult, you may even try playing with two or three spinners, where the players have to ensure all the spinners continue spinning.

Fidget spinner games are often crazily addictive as players try to outrun each other in their effort to earn high scores.

Will There Be A Genji Fidget Spinner Movie?

This may happen sometime soon in the future as several short and long films on fidget spinners (or using them as an important prop in a decisive scene) are already live on several online platforms.

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