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The 5 Best Folding Beds [Ranked]

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Are you living in a small apartment or adjusting to living in a tiny living space?

If yes, a folding bed can act as your savior.

In recent years, this type of bed has grown increasingly famous because of its excellent ability to save space.

With this product, you’ll never need a large bed or cot.

You can simply fold it, clasp the top and store it in the cupboard.

What’s more?

Folding beds are highly lightweight, which means you’d be able to carry them anywhere.

Whether you are out for picnic, camping, or looking to spend some comfortable time on the beach, a folding bed can be your one-stop space-saving solution (Source).

Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
Giantex Folding Bed with Mattress, Rollaway Guest Bed W/ 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Sturdy Metal Frame, Portable Sleeper Bed Cot Size Easy to Store, Foldable Bed for Adults
  • [Super Comfort from Memory Foam Mattress]: The 4'' mattress is filled with selected memory foam and high density supportive foam, which provides you and your guest with a comfortable sitting or sleeping experience. Additionally, it also comes with a breathable cover to increase additional comfort.
Bestseller No. 2
Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – 75” x 38
  • EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT – The Diplomat distinguishes itself with a full-steel wire lattice frame that’s reinforced and overbuilt to ensure maximum sturdiness for 300lbs! Fold out dimensions – 75” long x 38” wide. Mattress is 73" long for proper fold up.
Bestseller No. 3
Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Cot Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – 75” x 31
  • Exceptional Support – the Diplomat distinguishes itself with a full-steel wire lattice frame that’s reinforced and overbuilt to ensure maximum sturdiness. Fold out dimensions – 75” long x 31” wide.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Karcog Rollaway Bed, Folding Bed with Mattress for Adults, Storage Cover Included, Cot Size Extra Guest Bed, Foldable Bed with Memory Foam Mattress and Sturdy Metal Frame on Wheels - 75” x 31"
  • Sturdy Bed Frame: Made of the sturdy premium steel frame, this rollaway bed with a reinforced structure is durable enough for long-term use, offering you ample stability and support. *BONUS: It comes with a Folding Bed Cover that can protect your bed from dust when you need to fold it up for storage.

Buying Guide

There was a time when we could only think of four-legged, large platforms made from wood or steel as beds.

But today’s modern lifestyles need efficient use of space and that’s probably the biggest reason for which the concept of beds has changed drastically over the last couple of decades.

While a folding bed can come extremely handy on countless occasions, lots of these products are available on the market right now and that makes the selection of a perfect folding bed quite an overwhelming task.

When you’re purchasing such a product, there’re some crucial things that you have to keep in mind.

  1. Mattress Quality: First of all, check the mattress quality because it’ll directly determine your quality of sleep.
  2. Mattress Thickness: Look for a bed that comes with an adequately thick mattress which is made from memory foam.
  3. Foldup Dimensions: If you’re buying the product for conserving space, it’s imperative to go for one that can be easily folded to compact size and stored.
  4. Frame Type: Another important thing you’d need to review is the frame type of the bed. If you can spend more, simply go for a bed that comes with a trampoline frame as it tends to be more comfortable, supportive, and durable than slat-style frames.

More Info

As the name implies, a folding bed is a different kind of bed that can be extended and folded quickly and they can be commonly found in hotel rooms under the category of extra beds.

The biggest benefit of these beds is they are lightweight and come with a folding mattress which remains attached to the bed’s frame while closing, making them highly convenient.

In general, using such a bed is as simple as deploying and just placing a couple of pieces in their place.

You can watch this video to get a clear idea of how to deploy these beds:

The manufacturer writes that “Its generous size and thick foam padding make this a very comfortable bed and it also reclines to four different positions for daytime relaxing. It’s easy to fold down and stow away when it’s not in use – it even has wheels so it’s easy to move around.”

You may note that a folding bed isn’t a luxury item, it’s an intelligent product instead.

Apart from their use at home and personal use, these beds can be advantageous in a lot of other places.

From educational institutes to small infirmaries to professional workplaces – it seems to be prudent to keep one of these units.

Another notable thing about these products is that they can provide almost the same comfort as traditional wooden beds, helping the sleeper to get quality sleep.

Folding beds come in different sizes such as Twin, Double, Queen etc and the most commonly used sizes are Twin and Queen.

In short, regardless of the age of the user, a folding bed can be a perfect addition to any city apartment with limited space.

Folding Bed Frames

SaleBestseller No. 1

While a folding bed isn’t necessarily a permanent bed, it’s one of the most widely sold products due to a large variety of reasons.

The key to the comfort and durability of this product lies in the bed frame.

The majority of these beds have a metallic frame which helps them to be folded in the middle, making them highly convenient to store.

Whether you are looking for a folding bed for prospective guests or your personal use, it’s extremely important to look for a higher quality model to get maximum longevity and comfort.

Apart from these, higher quality models lower the chances of the bed frame causing an accident due to faulty construction.

Getting a robust, well-built bed frame for the structure will not only ensure maximum comfort and support but the product will remain strong and durable for years to come as well.

A Bi-Fold Metal Bed Frame

This video may help you learn more about a folding bed frame:

Folding Bed Mattresses

Bestseller No. 1
Jay-Be Saver Folding Cot Bed with Rebound e-Fibre Mattress, Lightweight, Regular (101702)
  • REGULAR FOLDING BED - Lightweight, perfect for camping or travel due to its compact, portable design. A folding bed which is ready in seconds.

One of the most important elements of any folding bed is the mattress as this will determine the level of support and comfort the user will get.

Generally, mattresses are made from two types of foams – memory foam and polyurethane foam.

By nature, memory foam is dense and can alter its shape according to the sleeper’s shape.

Additionally, this expensive material offers a sinking effect that adds more value to it.

On the contrary, polyurethane is an inexpensive material and offers less durability than memory foam.

A mattress made from polyurethane is ideal for people looking to get a good amount of comfort while staying on a budget.

The thickness of the mattress is another thing that matters heavily when it comes to providing comfort.

While a folding bed with a thicker mattress offers more comfort and support, it comes with a significantly higher price tag compared to the one that comes with a thinner mattress.

Hybrid Styles

A quick note- there are some flex beds on the market today. According to RealMattressReviews, it’s a combination of memory foam and foam-encased pocket coils. Watch the video above for more details.

Folding Sofa Beds

SaleBestseller No. 1
DynastyMattress 4-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Convertible Sofa & Couch Beds Queen Size
  • ✅ MATTRESS ONLY-Sofa not included. This sofa mattress is carefully designed with gel memory foam, providing unmatched comfort and quality at a reasonable price. The memory foam conforms to the body, aligning the neck and spine, allowing the user to relax and enjoy a good night's sleep. Each mattress ships compressed for easy delivery. Mattress Only

This is a multifunctional form of standard folding beds.

You can use it as a sofa during the day and as a full-sized bed during the night.

This kind of multipurpose product can be a great addition to your home if you are looking to improve its style quotient while utilizing the bed fully.

These beds generally come equipped with multiple wooden slats that eliminate the need for a box spring (Source).

These sturdy products usually come at very affordable prices and are easy to set up.

Rollaway Folding Beds

One of the notable offerings by the recent innovations in technology is the rollaway folding bed.

As the name implies, these products can be rolled and kept somewhere when not in use.

This feature makes this product extremely useful for people lacking adequate space in their homes.

These beds come with a folding mattress placed within a robust metal frame that you can fold in half.

The hinged metal frame has casters/treys at the center to roll.

You can not only maneuver this product effortlessly through elevators and hallways, but make it ready for the guest within a minute, and store away when it isn’t required.

Presently, there’re different types of rollaway folding beds can be found in the market.

Most popular categories include the standard rollaway bed, Ottoman rollaway bed, and cabinet rollaway bed.

As with other folding beds, inspect the key advantages of the rollaway bed you are planning to buy to make the most out of your investment.

Two of the most important benefits include portability and compaction which would determine that the bed can be folded and fitted inside the space you plan to use.

You can watch this video to learn how a rollaway bed works:

Wall Folding Beds

Bestseller No. 1
ECLV Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed Springs Mechanism Hardware Kit for Full Size Queen Size,Twin Size,King Size Bed,Horizontal Wallbed Mounting,White
  • Horizontal Mount Queen Size Full Size Twin size Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware Kit(for the small size bed,just reduce the springs in the housing if they are too strong)

Widely known as wall beds, this form of folding beds are extremely useful in homes that lack space terribly.

This product comes with dual functionality as you can use it as a bed and on other furniture products as a cabinet or desk when folded and placed.

The majority of these well-packaged products come with a handle that helps you direct it according to your needs.

However, wall folding beds take up a significant amount of time to install because of their complex mechanism.

You can watch this video to learn how these products work.

Folding Bed Size

Just like most of the traditional beds, size matters for folding beds as well.

Before you zero in on a bed, be sure to check the dimensions of the product when it’s unfolded.

If you are someone who is more than six feet tall, checking the length of the bed is a must.

Also, if you are a large person, the bed has to be wide enough to accommodate you comfortably.

Don’t forget to check the dimensions when the bed is folded.

It’ll help you get a clear idea of whether it can be fitted in a storage area or closet or even the car’s trunk.

If you are unsure about what would be the best bed size to cater to your purposes, you can have a look at this guide to get a clear understanding.

Summing Up

We’ve already learned that the best folding bed has to be comfortable, durable, safe, and functional.

Another key aspect that can make or break the utility of these products is installation.

Some of these are ready to use by unfolding the product straight from the box.

Here, the important thing is whether you can handle the installation on your own, without needing any assistance.

If it needs professional assistance or even too much effort, then it’s certainly not the best folding bed.

Generally, it shouldn’t take over a few minutes to unfold.

So, when you are out there to buy one, ensure easy installation of the product among other features.

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