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The 5 Best Floor Jacks [Ranked]

Floor Jacks

A quality floor jack for your garage or automotive repair shop is an essential item for car maintenance (Source).

It’s important to understand, if you are a vehicle owner, how large a floor jack you require. Floor jacks are intended to sustain a certain amount of weight for a certain amount of time (Source).

The type of floor jack you should buy really depends on whether you are doing relatively minor checks of the underside of your car for a couple minutes at a time.

If you need to conduct deeper inspections of heavier vehicles, or use the floor jacks for more extended periods of time, it would be a good idea to purchase a heavier duty floor jack.

Frequently floor jacks come with a case and a range of spare tools that can be useful for automotive maintenance. 

Purchasing a floor jack is not always simple. You’ll need to shop around a bit, check out reviews, and just generally make sure that the product meets your personal automotive requirements.

  • Provides a low-profile so you can easily place it beneath custom vehicles
  • The Pittsburgh's extra wide steel casters provide added stability
  • Engineered for DIY garage and professional mechanics
  • Proprietary 'Rapid Pump' system will lift with far fewer pumps than comparable models
  • A universal joint release enables for precise load control, no matter the handle position
  • A 2-piece steel handle provides a rugged grip and it is loaded with a foam bumper that helps to prevent vehicle damage

Pittsburgh Video Overview


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 2
TONDA Floor Jack, 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Low Profile Hydraulic Car Jack with Dual Pump System, Rapid Lift, Orange
  • EFFORTLESS LIFT: With a lifting range of 3.94"-18.5", our 3-ton floor jack makes it easy to get under even low-profile vehicles. It's ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs and a variety of other lifting support needs
Bestseller No. 5
TCE ATZ830026XU-1 Torin Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steel Service : Dual Piston Quick Lift Pump and Detachable Handle, 6,000 LBS Capacity, Blue
  • SPECIFICATION: The racing 3 ton low profile floor jack can be used for general or specialty use and features a 3 ton (6,000 lb.) load capacity; Foam bumper on the handle helps protect your vehicle from damage

Floor Jack Reviews

1. The 3-Ton Floor Jack

This industrial-quality floor jack is great for heavy duty use by automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

It lifts rapidly with just three and a half pumps thanks to its exclusive dual-piston parallel pump system. A universal joint release gives it a precise load control under any position. It has a 3-ton capacity with an extra-low profile that lets it fit under most cars. The maximum lift height of this jack is 19.75 inches.

Moreover, its foam bumper protects your vehicle from damage when this jack is in use.

2. The Big Red 3 Ton Garage Jack

This red heavy duty floor jack has a 3-ton capacity with a lifting range of 5.3 to 15 inches while the jack’s stand rises from 11 to 16 inches.

One of most important features of this jack is that it has a built-in overload system which prevents anyone from using it beyond its allowed capacity.

The padded creeper sits on top of six extra-tough casters for stability and strength. This jack has a low profile and is suitable for any standard car.

3. The Craftsman Floor Jack

If you are after a jack with a larger weight capacity than the average in the market, this one is for you.

It has a lifting capacity of 4 tons (up to 8,000 pounds) with a range of 4 to 20 inches high. Because of its low profile, it is suitable for small sedans, sports cars, SUVs and other vehicles with high ground clearance. The built-in overload valve system of this jack prevents it from getting used more than its maximum capacity.

This jack also has 2 rear casters that pivot 360 degrees for easy maneuver. Saddling it into position is possible with not too much effort.

4. The Maasdam Pow’R Lift

Created by one of the industry’s leading heavy duty equipment makers come this durable jack with ergonomic design and rust-resistant finish.

To ensure solid load contact, it features a 360-degree swivel saddle. It also has ball bearing swivel castors that allow for easy jack positioning. This jack has a heavy gauge steel frame that can carry up to a 3-ton weight. Other useful features include a foot pump and a handle with an extra-large grip.

According to reviews, this jack is more suitable for SUVs and other vehicles with high chassis. It may also take more than 20 pumps depending on your vehicle to get a good clearance.

5. The Strongway Hydraulic Aluminum Service Jack

Lightweight and handy, this jack has been tested for safety and reliability to meet ASME PALD 2009 standards.

This dual piston fast-rising jack takes only 9 strokes to achieve its maximum lift. However, it only accommodates up to a 2.5-ton weight. On the positive side, its low profile design makes it suitable even for low-chassis vehicles. Lift height is adjustable from 3.94 to 18.11 inches. The tubular frame of this jack is constructed from high-grade steel for durability.

On the aesthetics, it is resistant to rust, oil, dirt and grease, giving it an extended service life with proper use and maintenance.

What are customers saying about floor jacks?

Customer Tips & Feedback

  • Some users noted that their floor jacks would leak oil. They discovered that this was a consequence of overfilling it.
  • Users report using their floor jacks on cars ranging from lower profile Priuses to higher profile Ford Tundras.
  • Wide rear wheels are especially useful when the floor jack is not sitting on a level surface.
  • Many people were pleased to find out that shopping for a floor jack online gave them a lot more options, and was often a lot more convenient, than going to a local store.
  • Make sure you check out the warranty information on the floor jack you decide to purchase so that you are aware of what your options are should the unit breakdown or require maintenance.
  • Generally, floor jacks will work right out of the box, but some users report that they had to bleed theirs first.
  • It’s a good idea to get jackstands as well when you work on your car. Any floor jack can potentially lose pressure and begin lowering before you can crawl back out.
  • At the very least put something solid beneath the tires when using the floor jack so that in the event it fails the car won’t come crashing down on you.
  • Many of these jacks come with foot pumps that users found especially convenient.
  • Many non-professional users were thrilled when they first used their floor jack, commenting that they felt like professional mechanics.

Some Old Favorites

Some of our old favorites have limited availability- but they’re still good, if in stock:

Floor JacksOur RatingPrice
The 3-Ton Floor Jack4.7$$
The Big Red 3 Ton Garage Jack3.0$$$$
The Maasdam Pow'R Lift3.4$$
The Strongway Hydraulic Aluminum Service Jack4.0$$$$

How does a floor jack work?

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