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The 5 Best Essay Writing Services [Ranked]

There’s nothing worse than struggling with an essay assignment.

I remember being in high school and the whole weekend was overshadowed by a looming essay deadline. 

It was the worst.

While we don’t condone outsourcing your homework or college assignments, there are some essay-writing services out there that can ‘support’ your academic efforts.

We’ve ranked some of the more popular options below. These aren’t necessarily the best of the best, but they are among the most popular. We used real user reviews and editorial ratings to assemble a ranking for them: 

Five Popular Services


Rating (1-10)Self-Description
Grade Miners3.4Get your paper written by a vetted academic writer with 15% off! Complete confidentiality. Zero plagiarism. Affordable pricing. Turnaround from 3 hours.
PaperNow4Genuine Customer reviewed papernow.org. Service Rating: Working with this service is a pleasure. Their Support is real people, and they are always friendly.
WritingEssayEast2.4We provide the best essay that will bring you success while examination and luck with your writing task in college.
EssaysWriting5.8Struggling with your academic assignments? We are ready to assist! EssaysWriting.org is an ultimate educational tool for students.
EssayShark3.3Tight deadlines? Difficult assignments? Hire a reliable essay writer who will create a 100% original paper and deliver it on time. Satisfaction guaranteed!

*Ratings are compiled from user reviews and editorial contributions on sites like AWriter.

The Five Best Essay Writing Services

1. Grade Miners (3.4/10 According To AWriter Users)

grademiners essay writing review

The first writing service is GradeMiners. The platform is home to over 57 thousand students and an extensive collection of writers from all corners of the world. GradeMiners offers authentic, custom and peer-reviewed writing like no other writing service. Confidentiality is the third name of GradeMiners because vital information about clients and writers is not disclosed to any third parties. Most importantly, if you are not satisfied with GradeMiners, trust that you can get your cashback.

GradeMiners diversifies in over 50 different subjects of discussion. The best part is no matter how difficult your assignment might be, be confident that GradeMiners will have the perfect writer to get the job done for you. The task completed will not only be high quality but also posted right on time.

GradeMiners has a comprehensive collection of returning and favorite clients since the inception of the service 10 years ago. With over a decade of experience in the writing industry, it is safe to conclude that GradeMiners have mastered more than enough tactics and techniques to post high-end top quality content. Most importantly, GradeMiners has over 3500 professional writers and customer care.

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2. PaperNow (4/10 According To AWriter Users)

paper now essay writing service

The second writing service is PaperNow. With as low as $7 for editing and $13 for research, PaperNow assures all clients high-quality assignments. PaperNow corrects all grammar mistakes and plagiarism issues before submitting any assignment to the client. The objective is to provide original papers whose reliability is beyond the slightest doubt.

In writing, when a client is not satisfied with the work done by a specific writer, PaperNow assures you of a free, custom revision within the first two weeks of the assignment. This way, the writer will have enough time to recall the research and back up his or her research in case further revision is required. Papernow has the best revision deals.

PaperNow allows its clients to choose the most eligible writer for a particular task. Note that the clients, as well as the support department of PaperNow, have the freedom of choosing the writers that they best fit. However, if the writer underperforms to disappoint the customer, Paper now has a less than 10-minute policy or order reassignment and cancellation that can allow another potential writer who is evident with the instructions to proceed.

3. WritingEssayEast (2.4/10 According To PaperGrad)

writing essay east content writing service

WritingEssayEast is the third most impressive writing service of the 21st century. With its latest updates, this writing company offers clients and writers’ privacy policies like never before in the history of academic writing. For example, there is now a free version of most of the recurrent end term questions. Trusted writers are by far the most exquisite service that this company offers.

When it comes to essay writing, trust that WritingEssayEast will make all your academic worries disappear before you know of their existence. With dissertations and essays that are required by higher learning students, this company assures all its clients of the most original, free from plagiarism content services like no other writing agency.

They claim that their research papers are easy to authenticate because of the presence of remarkably qualified writers from all over the world.

Unlike other writing services that favor either writers or clients, WritingEssayEast is mutual when it comes to appreciating the role of each of their customers. This company values fairness and equality by creating a mutually beneficial platform where both writers and clients can interact without feeling that one of them feeling like they are being looked upon by the company.

4. EssaysWriting (5.8/10 According To AWriter Staff)

Essays Writing Service

EssaysWriting is the fourth writing service that is reliable. Here, you will get access to a massive option of competent and professional writers who stick to deadlines. They also follow all instructions to the latter. Additionally, plagiarism is not a question of concern in this platform because both writers and the company have checkers against plagiarism that will create barriers when uploading a document to the client.

This platform covers endless subjects in all fields of life without wasting time. When it comes to delivering as many as 100 pages of a dissertation, this writing company will do justice for you. Whether it is discussion posts, responses, trending affairs, politics, business or medicine, Essayswriting has several qualified writers who will stop at nothing to post tremendous and authentic jobs for the ultimate satisfaction of all its esteemed clients.

This service company assures all its clients of a 24-hour available support department. The merits of availing an all-time support team are the fact that clients have a better chance of ending up with contented results. Most importantly, despite the complexity of the topic under discussion, this platform has the best low writing prices that the world has ever witnessed.

5. EssayShark (3.3/10 According To AWriter Users)

EssayShark Writing Service – Cheap Help from Essay Writers EssayShark

EssayShark is the final recommended writing service. One of its most amazing features is its ability to provide previews and free access to solutions for simple problems. The target here is to convince clients that the content of their respective subject of discussion can be customized to meet one’s needs and preferences.

To be able to access more peer-reviewed and authentic content, a client will have to upgrade to better subgroups of the service. When it comes to dealing with writers, the support department responds promptly all around the clock. This way, the client can be certain that no matter the urgency of a new order or revision, timely-delivery is no worry for this platform.

Unlike other writing providers, EssayShark has an internally built plagiarism and grammar checker that enhances the quality of all done jobs. The advantage of an in-built checking system is that despite the natural mistakes that many writers make, there is still a chance to correct them before uploading the assignment to the client.

EssayShark does not require the upfront payment of all completed orders. Instead, the account allows clients to check, analyze and evaluate the originality and quality of a given paper before paying. How great is that?

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How To Hire A Essay Writing Service

Many students in both college and high school hire for online essay services (Source).

Although there are so many controversies surrounding these services, students still find it necessary to recruit for them. One thing for sure is that students are overwhelmed with the multiple assignments that they need to finish by the end of the semester. Still, we cannot forget about the performance expectations from both the school and parents. No one wants to fail in their exam, and if you are not good at essay writing, consider hiring it out.

Getting an online writing company to hire is quite easy. This is because multiple companies are blooming all over the world. Therefore, all you need is to research from various sources to get an excellent company to work with.

Although there are plenty of companies to hire, you need to be cautious when selecting the services to ensure the quality of the contents and timely delivery. Therefore, here are a few guides to help you choose the best online writing service provider.

Common Considerations

Writing style ability

There are various essay-writing styles that you may be required to write in your assignments. Some of the writing styles include narrative, descriptive, and persuasive, to name a few. So, before hiring the company, ask them if they are familiar with all the essay writing styles. This makes your work easy since it is more convenient, cheap, and comfortable working with one company throughout.

The bottom line is, the right essay writing service provider must be able to write essays in all available styles.

White papers?

A white paper is a document that explains or defines something to readers. It can be used as an informational piece that provides information on a given subject, such as the benefits of an organization’s product, services, or process.

It can also be used to give specifications and requirements for a product, service, or process.

White paper is a document that is mainly used to provide information about a specific product, business, or service. It can also be used to provide general information about a topic or industry. They are often referred to as the “business card of internet marketers.”

White papers are original documents that focus more on providing information and less on selling a product. Most people who use them do so because they want their prospects to understand the benefits of their offer in detail. If you’re using a service to get this written for you, make sure you specify the white paper format so that the service provider understands the specific requirements for this specialized writing.

How similar is the style to your own?

Choosing a service provider who matches your writing style is crucial to keep yourself safe from being “caught.”

Your professor(s) knows your writing styles from how you put punctuation marks and how you structure your sentences, among others. The writer you choose should be able to match your writing styles at any cost. You can share some of your writing details or give them special instructions when you give them tasks to do.

The cost

Although it is every student’s dream to get affordable essay writing services, the quality of the results should not be overlooked by the price. So, if you bump into an online company offering cheap services within a short period, consider other alternatives since the providers may not meet the required quality.

Excellently written essays take a lot of time and effort, and in this case, a person will not charge you cheaply for the services. This means that a well-written essay will cost you some decent amount of money.


Choose an online essay writer with various modes of communication for easy reaching out. Some of the best communication channels to look out for are instant messages and chat live. These are secure and most reliable online communication channels because the news is related fast and efficiently.


The online essay writer companies differ in their working schedules. Some companies offer hourly services, while others are available 24/7. So, which company would you want to work for you? The one that is available for a short period, or a company that is readily available at any time you need them? Well, one thing to note, though, is that anything can happen ones you receive your essay.

For example, you may be required to make some minor changes or corrections before the deadline. Therefore, choose a service provider who works around the clock to ensure in these scenarios, you can easily reach them. Before selecting the company to hire, ask them their working schedules to see if it is convenient for you, or you will need to look for other alternatives.

Plagiarism detection

Plagiarism detection software can detect plagiarism by comparing one student’s paper to all the papers in the database. You can check out Grammarly’s plagiarism tool or this plagiarism checker from PrePostSEO. All of these services will spot-check the finished product with a plagiarism detection tool like this one. The one really big mistake that students make is to hand in an essay that is essentially plagiarized from another source. The essay can be traced back to the original source.

The revisions terms and conditions

Other than ensuring the company provides 24/7 services, you also need to consider the revision terms. You need a company that will be able to make the necessary corrections if need be. So, before signing up with the company of your choice, make sure they have a policy that offers free revisions in case the essay does not meet the required standards. The change should take a day or less, depending on the kind of correction(s) needed.

Delivery time

Although the online essay writers have different delivery times, the length and the nature of the essay may also determine how long it will take before the writer submits it. The times range from 12 hours to 48 hours or even more depending on what you agree on. But, make sure the service provider grants you a guarantee of timely submission. They should provide you with evidence that your essay will be submitted at the agreed time.


Every online essay writing site has writers who possess different writing skills. Some writers have knowledge and skills in writing in various fields while others specialize in one area. So, ask for information about the writer who is assigned to do your essay. Choose someone who has done pieces in your field before since this guarantees you quality results considering he/she is working on a project they have done before.


How long has the essay writing company been offering the services? Experience is crucial in essay writing since it guarantees fewer revisions and top-notch written pieces. If the company has provided the writing services for more than 3 years, consider them. You can also check the customers’ reviews to see what the previous customers are saying about the services of the company.

Summing Up

With the overwhelming number of essay writers online, being able to choose a reliable and long term company can be a bit tricky. So, use the above-discussed features to help you choose an online essay service provider whom you will work with for a long time. If you have a friend who has hired for the services before, ask them to refer you to a reliable company to work with.

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