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The 5 Best Dumbbell Racks [Ranked]

Dumbbell Racks

Dumbbell storage racks are a simple and neat way to organize your weights.

They usually come in 2-tier layouts like the CAP dumbbell rack, 3-tier like the the Marcy, Body Solid, XMark Fitness racks, or in a vertical rack like the Fitness Republic dumbbell rack. 

When purchasing one of these dumbbell weight racks, there's a couple things to be on the lookout for.


Dumbbell Rack Buying Considerations:

  • Angled tiers so you don't smash your hands racking or removing the dumbbells
  • Solid and sturdy welding to hold your weights for the long-haul
  • Non-marring feet
  • Enough space within the tiers to hold small to large-sized dumbbells
  • Generous weight capacity so the whole thing doesn't collapse

Our Top Pick: The Marcy 3-Tier Rack

The Marcy dumbbell rack has an 800 lb. capacity. It's 33" high and is 36" wide with a depth (front to back) of 23.5". (Watch it get assembled above). It has angled rack tiers so you won't crush your fingers re-racking your hex dumbbells. 

One buyer we spoke with said that he filled his Marcy rack with with hex dumbbells that ranged in weight from 20 to 85 lb. pairs and the rack has held extremely steady. With barbells that weigh 60 lbs or more, it will only fit 4 per tier, so you can't really 'overburden' the rack.

Let's examine 5 of the best-selling options on the market today and see how they compare. 

Dumbbell Racks Compared

The Top 5 Dumbbell Racks For June 2024



Ease of Use

This 3-level dumbbell storage rack is sturdy, practical and convenient for a home gym. Users love that the rack is easy to assemble, but some do note that it arrived poorly packed.


This dumbbell rack tree measures 38” x 23” x 7”, and it has a weight of 56 pounds, a heavy-duty steel frame, a powder coat finish, a durable welded construction, an angled frame design for easy access and rubber feet to protect the floor from scratches. It can accommodate multiple size dumbbells, and the rack has a 2-year warranty.


A buyer comments that he managed to assemble the rack for about 15 minutes with a wrench. The reviewer also says that the rack holds the weight of his entire collections of dumbbells without any wobbling.


Another happy user mentions that this is a sturdy storage rack and even after six months it’s still as good as new. He highly recommends it to anyone who wants the best weight rack for his home gym. Another satisfied purchaser shares that it’s easy to grab a weight from the rack during workouts and that the quality of the Marcy dumbbell tree exceeds its price.


However, some customers have complained that the dumbbell storage tree arrived damaged and that all the necessary hardware was missing. Some also note that it can’t hold as many dumbbells as they expected.


  • Three tiers
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • A heavy-duty frame
  • An angled design
  • Rubber feet


  • Poorly packed
  • Arrived damaged
  • Missing hardware



Ease of Use

If you are searching for a top-rated 3-tier dumbbell storage tree, you might take a look at this weight rack offered by Body Solid.  Users love the sturdy design, but some do note that it’s hard to assemble the stand.


This dumbbell stand measures 40” x 30” x 20” inches, and it has a heavy-gauge all-four-side welded construction, a weight of 47 pounds, and a capacity for nine pairs of hexagonal dumbbells (5 to 50 lbs). You can place it against a wall or centered in a room, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 


In general, buyers praise the functionality, sturdiness, and usefulness of the Body Solid 3-tier weight rack. One user comments that he assembled the rack for less than 15 minutes without reading the instructions. Another reviewer shares that he has this dumbbell storage tree for about a year and that he doesn’t have any complaints.


A customer also states that he has a full set of weights and the rack holds them without staggering or wobbling. The purchaser also mentions that the weight stand doesn’t take too much space.  He would recommend it to anyone looking for the best dumbbell tier tree.


However, some customers have complained that some of the holes weren’t properly drilled and that the provided dimensions are inaccurate. Some users also note that it’s difficult to access the lower levels of the rack since the levels aren’t staggered. 


  • Three levels
  • A heavy-gauge construction
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Solid
  • Sturdy
  • Holds nine dumbbell pairs


  • Mismatched holes
  • Incorrect dimension
  • Difficult to access levels
  • Hard to assemble



Ease of Use

This two-tier dumbbell rack offered by Cap Barbell is durable, well-balanced and useful for storing multiple size dumbbells. Users love the price and the solid construction, but some do note that the warranty is only 30 days.


This dumbbell storage stand is made of heavy-duty steel with a black/ white finish, and it’s available in two models. The small model measures 27” x 18” x 5”, and it has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and 40-inch of storage space. The large model measures 55” x 19” x 26”, and it has a weight of 55 pounds and a 100-inch of dumbbell space.


A customer shares that this two-tier weight rack is sturdy, reliable and you can place it anywhere. The reviewer also adds that the small Cap Barbell stand is perfect for 4-6 small dumbbells and that he is very pleased with the quality of the material. Another buyer shares that the big two-tier rack fits a whole set of Cap Hex barbells and that it’s easy to grab a weight from it. The reviewer also adds that assembly was a piece of cake and that the rack arrived in good condition.


A happy user also mentions that the Cap Barbell rack has a solid base and that it’s perfect for anyone with limited space.  However, some customers have complained that the provided screws and nut for assembly are cheaply made or that they didn’t receive any hardware. Some users also complain that it can’t hold as many dumbbells as they expected and that it’s too small for their needs.


  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • A steel construction
  • Two modes available
  • Well-balanced


  • Cheaply made screws
  • Missing hardware
  • Small
  • A 30-day warranty



Ease of Use

This three-tier dumbbell storage cage offered by XMark Fitness is stable, stylish and an excellent addition to your home gym. Users love the high-quality construction, but some do note that the package was damaged on arrival.


This weight rack measures 52.2 x 22.8 x 40.5 inches, and it has a 14-gauge steel mainframe, angled shelves for easy access, a capacity for ten dumbbell pairs ( a complete set from 5 lbs to 50 lbs), and a scratch resistant powder-coated finish. The rack features also skid resistant feet so that you don’t have to worry about your floor.  


In general, purchasers are extremely satisfied with the sturdiness, size, and functionality of the XMark three-tier weight rack. A customer shares that the quality of this dumbbell storage stand far exceeds its price. He was very surprised that the two racks he bought held his 5-100 lbs dumbbell set without warping. Another buyer mentions that the three-tier rack fits more dumbbells than he anticipated and that it’s very well-built.


The reviewer also adds that the paint is holding up well even after a couple of months. He highly recommends it for a home gym. A happy user states that it’s a child’s play to assemble the weight rack and it provides easy access to his dumbbells. However, some customers have complained that their dumbbells don’t fit on the rack. One customer also complains that he didn’t receive all the necessary hardware for assembly.


  • Three levels
  • High-quality
  • A steel mainframe
  • Angled shelves
  • Holds ten pairs
  • Skid-resistant feet


  • Missing hardware
  • Some dumbbells don’t fit
  • Arrived damaged



Ease of Use

This steel weight storage rack offered by the Fitness Republic is inexpensive, well-made and you can choose between a 3-tier and a 5-tier model. Users love the professional design, but some do note that the assembly is cumbersome.


The three-level model measures 33 x 29.5 x 43.5 cm and it has a weight capacity of 120 lbs while the five-level stand measures 33 x 38 x 67 cm and the weight capacity is 200 lbs. You can also pick a model with a dumbbell set includes – a pair of 15 lb, 17.5 lb, 20 lb dumbbells ( 3-tier rack) and a pair of 3,5,8,10, 12 lbs dumbbells ( 5-tier stand).  You can use it to stack vinyl, rubber or neoprene weights.


Overall, buyers have a favorable opinion of the Fitness Republish steel dumbbell rack, and they praise its constructions and design. A user mentions that the weight stand arrived quickly and that it took him about 10 minutes to assemble it.


But he warns that you’ll need an adjustable wrench. A reviewer also adds that the dumbbell storage tree is practical, sturdy and holds an entire set of weights without bending. Another happy purchaser says that package was well-packed and the rack doesn’t take up much space. However, some customers are disappointed that the assembly directions are almost non-existent and that the rack was smaller than they anticipated.


  • Available in two models
  • High-quality
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Well-made


  • Plastic covers come off
  • No assembly instruction
  • Small
  • Hard to assemble

What Are Buyers Saying?

The Marcy A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Rack

The first A-frame weight rack set was the first optoin we took a look at was the three-level Marcy option.

  • This powder-coated, A-frame rack, Marcy says, is welded for longevity and is designed to store a variety of different-sized hex dumbbells.
  • They claim that it is a professional gym-quality option with three different tiers angled to adapt to the different sized fixed dumbbells you will store in it.
  • It features weight rails constructed of a heavy-duty steel to hold up for the long-term, rubberized feet so you don't scratch your floor surface when you are re-racking your fixed weights, and an A-frame construction design so that it doesn't shift around as you have to buy 50-pound barbell back onto the top-tier.
  • One weight rack buyer we interviewed told us that it is a sturdy option, weighing around 56 pounds, and requiring only 15 minutes to assemble by tightening its 12 bolts.
  • This A-frame fixed dumbbell rack set isn't designed to accommodate threaded, adjustable dumbbells that let you adjust weight by removing plates from them, but some buyers we spoke to did a little tinkering and figured out a way to adapt the rack to fit those threaded dumbbell handles.
  • Another buyer told us that this was a great option to help organize his home gym, enabling him to place his 5, 10, 20, 30-pound fixed barbell weights in one 3-tiered storage location.
  • One buyer did advise to place some weights on the rack before you tighten the bolts into place- this will ensure that the racks are firmly secured for bearing heavier dumbbells.
  • Some buyers mention changing up the orientation of the rack lip- making it so that it faces front instead of back, which provided more space for inserting the hex dumbbells, preventing you from crushing or pinching your fingers as you re-rack your weights.

The Body Solid Dumbbell Storage Rack Set

The second dumbbell rack set we examined was the Body Solid three-tiered horizontal dumbbell rack.

  • Body Solid say that you can place this storage weight rack in the center of your weight room, or even push it up against a wall.
  • It is designed to store nine different pairs of hexagonal dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 pounds to 50 pounds.
  • Buyers we spoke with said that this was a safe and organized way to store their fixed dumbbells, though if you have dumbbells that weigh more than 50 pounds, you won't be able to rack them on this Body Solid rack, though some buyers say that they were able to fit dumbbells that go all the way up to 90 pounds.
  • Another reviewer we interviewed said that while the metal is sturdy, the second and third tiers are a little bit difficult to access because they are stacked directly on top one another, not utilizing a staggered format where the shelves might jut out a bit to make it easier to grab the weights as well as re-rack them.
  • Buyers frequently bought body solid rubber hex dumbbells as well as CAP barbells to use with this particular rack. 

The CAP 2-Tiered Dumbbell Storage Rack

The third option we examined was the CAP two-tier dumbbell rack. It comes in different variations, one that is 20 inches long and another that is 50 inches long, both of them in two-tier layouts.

  • CAP Barbell says that it is built to be a 12 gauge steel and its lower level is angled so that the rack tiers are not stacked on top of one another as we have seen with the other models that make it difficult to truly access the weights easily.
  • One buyer we interviewed who purchased the 50-inch weight rack said that it is a relatively inexpensive option that he has filled with dumbbells weighing 10 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds.
  • One buyer we interviewed used his own thicker bolts to assemble the CAP Barbell rack as well as utilizing self-tightening nuts so that he could accommodate is especially heavy dumbbell set up.
  • Another reviewer told us that he assembled this so that he can organize the weights in his bedroom. It enables him to organize lighter weight dumbbells, though sometimes he has to stack the 5-pound dumbbells on top of one another to make them fit the 20-inch version. 

The XMark Fitness 3-Tiered Dumbbell Storage Rack

The fourth option we looked at was the XMark Fitness three-tiered dumbbell stand- it features angled shelves to make retrieving and loading dumbbells a cinch.

  • It's built from 14 gauge steel and has a powder-coated finish, designed to hold 10 pairs of dumbbells that range in weight from 5 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds.
  • One reviewer we spoke with says that it can hold up to 600 pounds of weights.
  • One buyer we spoke with raves about his XMark Fitness dumbbell stand, saying that in comparison to other brands that produce racks that break, or are hard to assemble, don't hold enough barbells, this XMark three-tiered option was truly an exception to the rule.
  • As well, the instructions are super-clear, so it was easy for buyers to assemble it.
  • One buyer said that for the first row he stores his 5, 10, 15, 20 pound weights and on the second row his 30, 35, 40 pound weights and on the third row weights that weigh 50 to 70 pounds.
  • Many buyers were initially skeptical that such an underpriced option would be quality, but those that took the chance to buy were pleasantly surprised with the comparative quality they received for such a relatively small price.

The Fitness Republic Dumbbell Stand

The final option and we took a look at was the Fitness Republic dumbbell rack stand. This is a vertical option for stacking dumbbells and comes in a three tier rack for 15, 17.5, and 20 pound dumbbells, a five tier rack for 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 pound dumbbells.

  • Because of it's a vertical layout, it saves a lot more space than horizontal options.
  • It does, like the others, arrive on assembled but all you need to get it up and running is and adjustable wrench and an Allen key.
  • One buyer we interviewed who purchased the five-tiered Fitness Republic stand enjoys it because it easily organizes his lighter-weight dumbbells.
  • It should be noted, that these vertical racks are a bit more prone to tipping over than the horizontal storage racks-especially if you load them up with heavier weights that they are not designed for.
  • One carpenter we interviewed told us that he built his own homemade, DIY weight rack out of wood!
  • Other reviewers spoke of purchasing some different models including the Gold Gym rack, the Parabody weight rack, the Hampton storage weight rack, and the Nautilus dumbbell weight rack. 



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