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The Drive Nitro DLX Rollator Review

With an aging population, the walking assistance and rollator industry is positively booming.

With this comes a consumer demand for more visually pleasing mobility devices.

Enter the Drive Medical Nitro DLX Eurostyle Rolling Walker.



Ease of Use

This high-end Drive medical four wheel rolling walker comes in 2 colors: champagne and sleek blue. Its dimensions are 28" x 24" x 33.5".

The seat dimensions of this euro-style rollator are 10.75" x 18" x 20" and the handle height can adjust to between 33.5 inches and 38.5 inches, with a solid weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It weighs 22 lbs, which certainly makes it one of the heavier four-wheel rollators we've examined, but with that added weight comes increased stability and extra features. Consumer reviews are just starting to filter in, but so far they are uniformly positive- especially the back support. 

​Drive Nitro Rollator Video Review

With a price tag of over $200, this is certainly one of the more expensive mobility assistance devices on the market, but if you are looking for a visually striking, well-constructed four-real option, this feature-packed rotor to be an ideal option for you.

The Nitro DLX walker features: 

  • a caster-fork, welded design that improves rollator turning radius
  • large 10" front wheels for enhanced steering (including rougher terrain, e.g. gravel and cobblestones)
  • it folds with one hand press
  • ships with a deluxe removable storage bag with zipper and it is height adjustable
  • attractive design makes this an eye-catching walking assistance device.

​Drive Nitro Rollator Video Overview

The adjustable backrest is another great option- many other four-wheel walkers do not allow you to adjust this back support. The removable storage bag is hands-down the most attractive one that we have come across in reviewing three and four-wheel rollators.

This rollator arrives nearly completely pre-assembled, which makes this especially convenient if you or a disabled loved one are not particularly handy.

It's also easily collapsible- this makes it much more convenient to transport in the event that you need to take your rollator on the road.

What we don't like

The removable storage bag can be a little tricky to get on or off- it may take a little bit of practice before you get the hang of it.

Since it weighs more than other options (22 lbs) it may not be completely suitable to everyone's needs. One user reports seat with the will be too hard.

This is a common complaint with most rollators and can be ascribed to individual differences of users. If the rollator seat feels uncomfortable, you can consider purchasing a seat pad for it or even crocheting your own cover, which some users have done.


  • Very stylish
  • Includes removable storage bag
  • Large 10" wheels


  • Bit heavier than other options
  • Removeable storage bag can be tricky to remove

What Are Users Saying

One satisfied reviewer writes of having purchased this rollator for her mother who had subsequently fallen in love with it. She describes it as highly well-constructed, providing her mobility-impaired mother a tremendous amount of movement assistance and support. She was particularly impressed by the rolling walker's agility- which can be attributed to its caster fork design and the engineering of its 10-inch front wheels.

She even went so far as to commend the manufacturer Drive Medical who has taken on some degree of risk in producing such a high-quality and fashionable rollator- it's something the community has not yet seen before. Another reviewer makes an interesting point- she was particularly attracted to this rollator not because of its exceptional appearance, but because of its 10-inch tires.

She writes of having used other mobility assistance devices on her property which features a lot of gravel and cobblestones, but she found them ineffective. She was pretty much stuck inside for most of the day due to her chronic pain conditions. Luckily, this Drive Nitro rollator features highly robust wheels that allow for her and her service dog to travel outdoors and across the gravel that was previously too prohibitive for other walking assistance devices to navigate.

How to select a quality rollator

If you're looking for a visually-striking walking assistance device that features sturdy construction, exceptionally robust 10-inch front wheels, and you don't mind its 22 lb weight, then this could be an excellent deliver for you. A repeat buyer has described purchasing three Nitro rollators for members of the family.

Her elderly father and son, who is the victim of a nasty car crash, as well as herself because of her knee pain, all use this rollator which they describe as the Cadillac of rollators. Rollators are walking assistance devices that provide individuals suffering from knee pain, arthritis, old age, and a range of other mobility-challenging issues, to regain a measure of independence. While three-wheel walkers do not feature a seat, four-wheel walkers do.

The benefit of this is that the elderly or disabled individual who is using a walking assistance device can take periodic rests safely and securely, with the locking handbrakes activated, increasing the range and quality of their daily mobility.

In comparison to traditional walkers that have wheels on 2 legs, or no wheels at all, three and four wheel rolling walkers generally come equipped with built-in storage bags- this is a great option if you wore your elderly or disabled loved one would like to store their purse or any other large item as they travel. While rolling walkers offer premier advantages over traditional walkers, it should be noted that they are most of the time heavier than two wheel or traditional non-wheel walkers.

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