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Ease of Use

The Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator is an extremely lightweight option with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It only weighs 14 pounds and measures 28" x 24" x 33", with a floor to seat height of 23 inches. Its adjustable handles can raise between 33" and 38". This rollator has a particularly loyal user base, demonstrating the broad and enduring popularity of this medical mobility aid.

Rollator features:

  • Zippered pouch beneath the seat,
  • removable and passed backrest,
  • supports individuals up to 300 pounds,
  • 7.5" tires,
  • specially designed handles to relieve hand pressure

This is an extremely lightweight rollator, ideal for transport and maintaining the independence of users who struggle with heavier units. Tool-free assembly makes this realtor a breeze to assemble.

​Drive Aluminum Rollator Video Overview

One negative that has been reported is that it was a little stiff to fold up the first time. A little WD-40 and it became simple to collapse.

If you are looking for a lightweight rollator that is ergonomically designed, features attractive and convenient storage, and its made by a reputable manufacturer, then this might be an ideal device for you. If you are under 5' 2", it may make sense to examine junior rollators- they might be more appropriately sized for your particular needs.

The Drive Medical aluminum rollator is an attractive, inexpensive, ergonomic and extremely lightweight option (14 lbs), ideal for sturdy, on-the-go transport.


  • Ergonomically designed handles make it easy to grip and access the handbrakes
  • Easily collapses for convenient storage
  • Zippered storage pouch superior to wireframe storage, providing more privacy and protection from the elements


  • Little stiff folding up the first time

What are HealthSmart Users Saying

One consumer described her purchase as a life changing investment. She's 87 years old and has such severe asthma that she can only walk a few steps before needing to rest. As well, she is also suffering from coordination issues which make her unsteady on her feet. She purchased this drive aluminum rolling walker and has rediscovered mobility and joy in her life.

Now, whenever she feels tired, she was able to activate the rotors brakes, sit down and rest, and then move along again once she has recuperated. She loves the pouch storage container beneath the rollers seat pad- it is able to hold her purse, tissues as well as clothes and even morsels of food.

Further, because this rollator is so lightweight, she is able to pack it into her car, drive to her destination, and then remove it for mobility purposes. Perhaps the most surprising feature that she discovered was its low cost. She fully expected a medical mobility aid like this to cost upwards of $300, but she was able to find a much lower price online.

Another buyer wrote about purchasing this rollator for her father. He has severe ankle injuries and is unable to walk unassisted. He had been using a heavier model that he had purchased from a local medical supply store, but it was so heavy that whenever he tried to pick it up he experienced enormous pain. She describes feeling a great deal of anxiety prior to its arrival, hoping that her father would use it, and that it would be effective in managing the pain he was experiencing.

How to select a quality rollator

When it did arrive, tool-free assembly was a blessing. He began using it and immediately fell in love with it. He is able to collapse the rolling walker on his own without too much trouble, tucking it into the backseat of his automobile and be on his way.

As far as his pain and mobility go, he is able to put all of his weight on to the rollator itself and comfortably ambulate. In fact, his daughter writes up another interesting news she discovered for the rollator- her father will sit on it and she can push him along using the back rest, which makes it function somewhat like a wheelchair.

In all, they were very pleased with her purchase- her father is now much more independent than he once was and able to live life more on his own terms. Another user writes of purchasing this lightweight aluminum rollator for her elderly mother. Her mother was 81 years old and having an incredibly difficult time with her traditional walker. She was even falling sometimes.

When their aluminum rollator arrived, her son was able to assemble it in under three minutes. Now, her mother is 5' 9" and weighs over 200 lbs., but she experienced no trouble beginning to use this mobility aid. In addition to her larger than average stature, she had undergone two spinal surgeries and frequently experienced debilitating back pain.

After they assembled this 4-wheel walking aid, they headed off to the local mall. She was able to comfortably ambulate using this mobility aid- walking and then resting, walking and then resting. The seat was highly comfortable and also unexpectedly sturdy.

This particular buyer also wrote of calling her local medical supply store and being quoted a price of $379 for this unit.

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