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The 5 Best Dragon Ball Super Card Games | Rules, Strategy & Gameplay Tips

The Dragon Ball Super (DBS) Card Game is a fast-paced, collectible card game for two. Launched in 2017, it features characters that span the whole history of the Dragon Ball franchise.

The rules of the game are simple but deep that let you enjoy the fierce battles firsthand, for which the series is famous.

The beautiful cards of this game showcase art that appears to be straight out of the TV show, together with Anime and special CG illustrations that you will find only in the Dragon Ball franchise.

With such high quality and attention to detail, this game promises you an immersive experience in the world of the Dragon Ball series. You can learn more about DBS here.


The 5 Best Dragon Ball Super Card Games

SaleBestseller No. 1
Dragon Ball Super TCG: Fusion World Blazing Aura Booster Box
6 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dragon Ball Super TCG: Fusion World Awakened Pulse Booster Box
  • Booster box contains 24 packs
  • Each booster pack contains 12 cards
Bestseller No. 3
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Dragon Ball Super TCG: 5th Anniversary Set
  • REVAMPED SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY BOX!: To celebrate DBSCG's 5th anniversary, this product is focused on amazing new cards! Including great cards that will power up any deck of any color!
  • GUARANTEED SCR!: Three of DBSCG's most popular SCRs are back as reprint cards with new illustrations! One set containing one random card, making this a must-buy item!
Bestseller No. 4
2022 Dragon Ball Super Unison Warrior Series 7 Realm of The Gods Display Booster Box: 24 Booster Packs
  • Themed around Destroyers and maxed out Saiyans, the box set will come with a random SR/SPR box topper
  • Lots of cards to help get you started playing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Bestseller No. 5
Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Ultimate Squad Booster Box
139 Reviews

Video Guide: Unboxing + How To Play Dragon Ball Super Card Game! Explanation & Battle!


Released by Bandai – a Japanese toy making company, the game draws heavily from previous versions of the Dragon Ball series.

Though it borrows some ideas and basic terms from them, it also introduces numerous new mechanics.

Notable among these is the unique “combo” system, where cards can be put to use for various purposes (characters, energy, and combos), and a system is created to imitate the penchant of Dragon Ball characters to “power up” after they have taken damage.

How To Play

The game has 3 types of cards as given below:

  • Leader Cards: They form your deck’s core. At the start of the game, they are placed on the field.
  • Battle Cards: They are vital to battle.
  • Extra Card: To take control, these powerful cards can come in handy. You can extend your battle strategies by using them.

There’s a leader mechanic in Dragon Ball Super where the life total depends on attacks to the leader only. Leader’s life totals are determined by 8 cards from your deck that need to placed face down.

Once you hit your rival’s leader successfully, your rival picks up one of the cards from his/her life area and adds it to his/her hand. If he/she is forced to pick up the 8th card, you win.

In other words, you can say that to win Dragon Ball Super Card Game, you have to be the first player to cause sufficient damage to the rival’s Leader Card to make its life reduce to zero.

You can know more about how to play Dragon Ball Super by watching this video.


  • To fight it out, you can make decks of 1 Leader Card along with 50 Battle Cards/Extra Cards.
  • By using the Combo and Awaken systems, you can get points in the game.
  • When you are in trouble, you can gain new power by making your Leader Card awaken, which in turn can help you turn the tide in your favor.
  • By pulling off combos with your allies, you can offer support to your characters in battle.

To know more about the rules of Dragon Ball Super Card Game, you can check the website of DBS Card Game.

Our Fifty Favorite Card Characters

Card NumberNameRarityTypeColorPower
BT5-003Oblivious Rampage Son GokuRare[R]BATTLERed15000
BT5-004Son GokuCommon[C]BATTLERed10000
BT5-005Feisty Chi-ChiUncommon[UC]BATTLERed1000
BT5-006Grandpa GohanUncommon[UC]BATTLERed30000
BT5-007Grandpa Gohan, to the RescueUncommon[UC]BATTLERed19000
BT5-008Sideline Assist BulmaCommon[C]BATTLERed10000
BT5-009Yamcha, at 100%Super Rare[SR]BATTLERed19000
BT5-009_SPRYamcha, at 100%Special Rare[SPR]BATTLERed19000
BT5-011Deadly Defender KrillinRare[R]BATTLERed20000
BT5-012Master Roshi, Martial ExpertCommon[C]BATTLERed15000
BT5-013Puar, Best PalCommon[C]BATTLERed6000
BT5-014Scheming OolongUncommon[UC]BATTLERed15000
BT5-015Combiner Mecha Pilaf MachineRare[R]BATTLERed20000
BT5-016Pilaf, Leader of the CrewCommon[C]BATTLERed5000
BT5-017Shu, Trusted LackeyCommon[C]BATTLERed5000
BT5-018Mai, Trusted LackeyUncommon[UC]BATTLERed5000
BT5-019Bandages, to the RescueCommon[C]BATTLERed4000
BT5-020Spike, to the RescueCommon[C]BATTLERed6000
BT5-021Baba, Champions' LeaderUncommon[UC]BATTLERed1000
BT5-022King Piccolo, Terror UnleashedSuper Rare[SR]BATTLERed20000
BT5-022_SPRKing Piccolo, Terror UnleashedSpecial Rare[SPR]BATTLERed20000
BT5-023Afterimage TechniqueCommon[C]EXTRARed
BT5-024Oolong's WishUncommon[UC]EXTRARed
BT5-025A King's Return to YouthCommon[C]EXTRARed
BT5-026Son GohanUncommon[UC]LEADERBlue10000
BT5-028Ready Stance Son GokuCommon[C]BATTLEBlue5000
BT5-029Super Saiyan Son GokuCommon[C]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-030Resolute Strength Son GokuRare[R]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-031Surestrike Son GohanUncommon[UC]BATTLEBlue19000
BT5-032Great Saiyaman, Town HeroCommon[C]BATTLEBlue15000
BT5-033Ki Barrage Son GotenCommon[C]BATTLEBlue10000
BT5-034Deadly Defender VegetaRare[R]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-035Super Saiyan VegetaCommon[C]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-036Ki Barrage TrunksCommon[C]BATTLEBlue10000
BT5-037Vexing Outcome VekuUncommon[UC]BATTLEBlue10000
BT5-038Gogeta, Hero RevivedSuper Rare[SR]BATTLEBlue30000
BT5-038_SPRGogeta, Hero RevivedSpecial Rare[SPR]BATTLEBlue30000
BT5-039Quick Thinkin' GotenksUncommon[UC]BATTLEBlue15000
BT5-040Ghost Rampage SS GotenksSuper Rare[SR]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-040_SPRGhost Rampage SS GotenksSpecial Rare[SPR]BATTLEBlue20000
BT5-041North Kai, Keeping WatchCommon[C]BATTLEBlue10000
BT5-042South Kai, Keeping WatchCommon[C]BATTLEBlue15000
BT5-043West Kai, Keeping WatchCommon[C]BATTLEBlue5000
BT5-044East Kai, Keeping WatchUncommon[UC]BATTLEBlue4000
BT5-045King Yemma, Soul SupervisorCommon[C]BATTLEBlue10000

Check out this card site for more info.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Booster Box

Once you have understood the rules of the game and honed your playing skills with a starter deck, you should take your game to the next level with booster packs.

Every booster box will have a pack of 12 cards, which you can use in any way you like. You may create your own decks with them, or use them to customize your starter deck. Since the possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of decks you can create, it may feel overwhelming to some. You can begin by keeping your attention on cards with the same color as that of your leader.

Later, you can combine your favorite characters together to form a deck of your own.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game App

The game has a comparatively easy learning curve compared to several other games in a somewhat similar niche.

Through the brilliant tutorial app for mobile devices, Bandai allows would-be players to learn the fundamental mechanics along with the game’s phase and turn structure.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Review

Though knowing the storylines, characters, and places beforehand would help players get a grander sense of appreciation, it’s not absolutely necessary. Since the game is self-contained and doesn’t function under the ‘members only’ set-up, it can be enjoyed by anyone.

The beautiful, sturdy cards complemented well by an easy learning curve and fast-paced battles have made this trading card game a big hit with players.

Strategizing fast during the play is another aspect for which Dragon Ball Super Card Game has been applauded by many. Instead of going all aggressive or being overly defensive, it’s better to play a balanced game and know which cards are feasible to charge, and the ones that are important enough to hold on to during the Charge Phase.

Even during the Battle Phase, when you should use a Combo to boost your power and increase the overall damage to your rival involves careful strategizing.

When you declare an attack and it goes through, you have one chance to combo, but your rival too gets a similar chance to combo and boost his/her power to improve his/her defense. Thus, you have to again plan and make sure you out-combo an attacker by just enough to obstruct the damage as much as is possible.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tournament

Once you have had enough practice playing the game, you can visit a nearby store to compete with other players. Many stores feature tournaments every month, and you can get their details here.

While players just starting out should ideally participate in BCC Battles, the pros should find other tournaments that look for the country’s strongest players. Each month, tons of Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tournaments are organized in stores, which promise great prizes for the competitors.

However, you need to polish your game a lot before competing at the highest level. So, trade cards with friends and create a wide variety of unique decks followed by playing plenty of games to tune your deck to perfection.

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