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The 5 Best Digital Stroboscopes [Ranked]

Digital Stroboscope

Digital stroboscopes, or strobes, provide consistent and exact measurements of speed, including stop-motion diagnostic inspection.

In essence, strobes are employed to make a cyclically moving object seem to be ‘slow-moving’ or even stationary. 

They are useful for observation and inspection of moving parts and work by ‘slowing down’ or ‘freezing’ the action. Objects that are moving at very high speeds appear to be stationary or slow moving.

Product Specs:

  • Built from extruded aluminum construction
  • Is microprocessor controlled for performance in volatile temperature scenarios
  • Includes an external trigger that auto-synchronizes with equipment
  • Provides a synchronous output so you can power other strobes
  • Uses a flash timer control- helps maximize your tube life
  • Flash rate up to 35,000 FPM- ideal for most industrial applications
  • Includes a one year warranty

The DT-311A stroboscope is designed to be simple to use, featuring an especially lightweight design. At the same time, its durable metal build means that it will withstand operation in harsh environments.

Provides +/- 0.01 percent of reading that is suitable for quality-control and process control operations. Phase shifting ability (provided in degrees of delay time) will let you perform a visual examination of reciprocating, rotating objects through all points of angle, motion and time.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite digital stroboscopes.

Comparing Them

Digital Stroboscopes Reviews


1. The Shimpo DT-311A Digital Tachometer Stroboscope

Weighing only 3 pounds and featuring a sturdy aluminum casing, this digital stroboscope is made for durability in working conditions. DT-311A is relatively easy to use and can measure from 40.0 to 35000 FPM which fits most industrial specialty applications. Microprocessor ensures precise measurement up to +/- 0.01 percent, even in volatile temperature environments. Large manual knob allows quick flash rate adjustments.

2. The Monarch Palm Strobe Digital Portable Stroboscope

The Monarch 6205-050 is a portable battery-powered stroboscope with xenon flash tube featuring an internal flash rate from 100 to 12,500 FPM with 0.01% reading accuracy, and external flash rate from 0 to 14,000 FPM with 0.2 FPM accuracy.

It is extremely light, weighing only 1.2 lbs. including the NiMH rechargeable battery. This stroboscope is made for evaluating functionality of fast moving rotational objects such as fan blades, belts and other machine parts. This stroboscope comes in a box that includes a rechargeable NiMH battery, 115/230V AC battery charger, instructions and a NIST Certificate of Calibration.

3. The Sper Scientific 840009 Digital Stroboscope

Featuring a powerful xenon lamp and capable of measuring in a 100 ~ 10,000 FPM range, Sper Scientific’s digital stroboscope is very convenient for non-contact measurement of running machinery in factories.

It features a 0.5” 4 digit LED display which is easy to read in both dark and light environments. If you’re searching for a cheap stroboscope for lab use or experimentation, then you should consider buying this Sper Scientific’s digital stroboscope.

4. The Monarch Nova-Strobe Digital Portable Stroboscope

This battery-powered digital stroboscope is equipped with a highly precise xenon flash tube with an accuracy of +/-0.002% which is more than other stroboscopes in the same price range. Flash rate ranges from 30 to 20,000 FPM which is ideal for doing printing inspection, motion analysis, and preventive maintenance.

Separate TTL input and output jacks provide power to remote sensors allowing multiples strobes to be daisy-chained for wider coverage. Monarch Nova stroboscope comes with a NIST Certificate of Calibration and universal charger that works with USA, Australian, U.K. and EURO wall plugs which can come in handy while traveling overseas.

5. The Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

Fluke 820-2 stroboscope comes with a hefty price tag but for a good reason. It’s rugged, compact and portable and the handle fits very well in hand for ease of use. This stroboscope features an LED light source with high flash rates from 30 to 300,000 FPM, multi-line LCD display, and simple push-button operations with 2x and %2 buttons for easy adjustments.

This unit comes with a nice padded hard case, user manual, NIST certificate, 3 AA batteries and a small external 3.5mm adapter plug for use with an external trigger source. If you’re searching for a good quality product with great value then look no further, because Fluke 820-2 stroboscope is what you need.

Digital Stroboscope Buying Guide

  • Stroboscopes assess the functioning of rapidly moving rotational objects. These include things like fan blades, machine parts, as well as belts.
  • You will typically find them in use in industries like printing, metal, and woodturning, research, manufacturing and entertainment settings.
  • The stroboscope allows its operator to be able to evaluate the performance of machines without actually having to stop the machine that is being observed.
  • Before you purchase a digital stroboscope, make sure that you are familiar with the manufacturer’s warranty. This will ensure that if this delicate device is injured during shipping, or if you are unhappy for any reason with it, you will understand the proper recourse should you want to return or exchange the item.
  • Sometimes the best way to assess the right stroboscope for you is to read customer reviews on Amazon product pages. There are some very detailed reviews that you can take a look at there. As well, the manufacturers are often very active on these pages answering questions.
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