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The 5 Best Digital Microscopes [Ranked]

Digital Microscopes

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Digital microscopes are a different style of the conventional optical microscope that commonly utilizes a charge-coupled device camera and optics to generate a digital image frequently to external monitor, and often times through the use of computer software.

There are variety of digital microscopes available. Some inexpensive units only cost $20 and connect through a USB, while other units can cost upwards of $10,000.

Digital microscopes that attach to a computer and work with associated computer software often are able to project the image onto the screen and record snapshots of observations very easily.

Some digital microscopes are also able to record moving images, provide image enhancement, allow for annotations, and conduct time-lapse photography.

Celestron Product Specs

  • Includes a 5MP sensor that enables you to capture and store high-res videos and images of your specimens
  • Employs a 5-Element IR cut glass lens that provides 20x to 200x magnification
  • Ideal for low-powered observations of 3D specimens
  • Make sure you understand that final magnification is ultimately determined by monitor size
  • Ships with an adjustable height stand for hands-free operation, a 4' USB 2.0 cable, and custom software with measuring features, that is both Windows and Mac compatible

Video Overview

 Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling digital microscopes on the market today and see how they compare.

Digital Microscopes Compared

Digital Microscope Reviews


1. The Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope Review

Explore the microscopic world anytime and anywhere with the help of this tool.

This portable 2.0 megapixel microscope magnifies an object up to 250 times. It comes with a webcam chipset and sensor that works on most operating systems including Windows and Mac OSX. Magnified images can be seen clearly through a computer monitor. Another useful feature of this tool is the built-in LED halo light for brightness adjustment. T

his microscope has a flexible arm stand and an observation pad with graduated measurement marks. It is a great product for children, professionals and hobbyists.

2. The Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope Review

Yes, it does have a 5MP sensor for capturing and saving images and videos, which is quite high when compared to the standard 2MP in the market.

With its heavy duty glass lens that magnifies objects from 20 to 200 times, observing 3D specimens under low power condition is possible. Moreover, it has LED light around the lens that lightens the visual field.

This microscope comes with an adjustable high stand for hands-free operation and a 4-foot USB 2.0 cable for easy maneuvering when viewing large objects. Windows and Mac users can benefit from this tool.

3. The Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Review

Fine details of very small items can be magnified up to 500x and be viewed clearly with the 1600×1200 high definition resolution for this portable microscope.

It comes with eight LED lights that you easily dim or brighten to achieve the perfect lighting condition when observing an subject.

Storing and handling will not be a problem as it is lightweight and compact. Not only does it function as a microscope but it can also be used as a USB Web camera and as an endoscope for examining the ears, nose and throat. It also works for Windows users.

4. The Mustcam 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope Review

This digital microscope is portable, easy to use and has great features- it has a 3-megapixel image sensor with a capability to magnify objects up to 10x to 220x, allowing you to see fine details of small items.

It supports photo capture and also comes with 1080p direct video crystal output.

Viewing can be done anytime and anywhere as it has eight LED light source for proper illumination even during night time. Students, hobbyists and professionals can use this tool to explore the microscopic world more conveniently.

5. The Carson eFlex 75x or 300x Power Digital Microscope Review

With up to 75x or 300x power magnification and adjustable LED lighting for illumination, this tool is great for observing the microscopic world.

You are just one-click away from capturing a detailed image or shooting a closed-focus video of an object under observation. To ensure that you get a sharp and clear image, there is a focusing knob that you can easily adjust. This powerful microscope easily attaches to any smooth surface with its suction cup adapter.

At its tallest point, the flexible neck reaches 8.5 inches. Windows and Mac OSX users can use this digital microscope.

What customers are saying about digital microscopes

Customer Tips

  • Often times these microscopes are great for use in high school science classes. 
  • Oftentimes the software that comes with one digital microscope will work with other digital microscopes interchangeably. Cheaper microscope options are basically bare-bones WebCams that include small lenses with sensors that are able to view material that is not too close to the lens.
  • Make sure that the computer software is Mac compatible prior to purchase of your digital microscope.
  • Digital microscopes often great ways to get children excited and interested in science, especially if their school hosts science fairs.
  • Digital microscopes are really useful to take high resolution color videos and photographs, especially if you’re a stamp or coin collector, or a science teacher that wants to demonstrate dissection techniques using a projector.
  • Make sure you check ahead with the manufacturer regarding the level of support that you will receive for your digital microscope.
  • Particularly because these microscopes come with computer software, it’s good to know that you will receive technical assistance if you require it.
  • It’s good to use use a duster to keep your microscope free of bits of dust that could possibly compromise its imaging.
  • If you want to you truly see high resolution images via your digital microscope, you need to have a high resolution screen to run the microscope to.
  • Digital microscopes have a range of applications, from people who enjoy taking extremely close up photos of every day objects to individuals who need to examine the craftsmanship of metalwork.
  • Some digital microscopes required additional stabilization to ensure that the or scope didn’t wobble while taking precise pictures.
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