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The 5 Best Diamond Painting Kits | Plus DIY Tutorial & Pics

In this post, we’ll showcase some gorgeous diamond painting art and also curate a list of high quality kits you can buy to get started with this addictive craft!

Diamond painting is an enjoyable and simple activity for enthusiasts irrespective of their age.

This painting technique is becoming increasingly trendy for various reasons. From developing fine motor skills and concentration ability to uncovering hidden talents, relieving stress and more – you can do a lot with a diamond painting kit.

What Is It?

According to Herrschners, it’s “an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters young and old. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle.”

A Gorgeous Example

The diamond_junkie Instagrammer showcases a Nightmare Before Christmas diamond painting:

And you will be having all these benefits while creating colorful, sparkling patterns and designs, which in itself is a creative and fun activity. In addition, you can complete even larger and intricate designs within a couple of days using the simple technique of diamond painting.


Comparing Kits

Bestseller No. 1
Rousp DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Diamond Art White Tree of Life Diamond Painting Full Drill Crystal Rhinestone Embroidery Craft Kits for Home Wall Decor Gifts, 15.7x19.7inch
  • Large diamond painting: The Canvas Size is 19.7 X 15.7inch. Easy to operate, suitable for beginners, kids adults can participate Production, with strong interactivity and cultivating hands-on ability, the pattern texture is superb and the high-definition will never fade.
SaleBestseller No. 2
UiSdfuy 8 Pcs Diamond Painting Coasters with Holder, Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Kids Beginners, DIY Art Crafts Supplies (Mandala-01)
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - Diamond Painting Coaster x 8, Cork Pad x 8, Coaster Holder x 1, Colorful Diamond , Clay Glue x 2, Pen x 2, Diamond Tray x 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
ARTDOT Diamond Painting Storage Boxes, 60 Slots Bead Storage with 5D Diamond Art Accessories and Tools Kit
  • 【Hold Everything In Just A Case】60 bottles come with a foam base perfectly organize all your drills. Screw top can protect the drills from spilling when moving. A mesh pocket which is large enough to store your diamond painting accessories tools.
SaleBestseller No. 4
SEL 10Pcs Diamond Painting Coasters Kit, DIY Diamond Art Coasters Kits Mandala Diamond Painting Coasters with Holder, DIY Art for Beginners, Kids Adults
  • 【Diamond Painting Kit】: You will get 10pcs mandala themed diamond painting coasters, 10pcs cork pads, 1pc cup holder, 1pc colorful diamonds, 1pc clay glue, 1pc pen and 1pc diamond tray. The perfect diamond painting kit for adults and kids, providing hours of fun and creating sparkling artwork!
Bestseller No. 5
Meothan 5D Butterfly Diamond Painting Kit, DIY Butterfly Diamond Art Kits for Adult Beginner Kids, Full Drill Round Diamond Art Painting Butterfly Gem Art Crafts Kits for Home Wall Decor 16x12''
  • 🎀【Package You Will Get】Diamond painting accessories and tools comes with everything you need ! 1 pc premium 12*16 Inch high definition full-drill adhesive canvas with printed legend, enough extra 30% colorful 5d round diamonds in individual package, 1 pc pen, 1 pc red glue and1 pc tray for holding diamonds


When you step into the exciting world of diamond painting, you’ll find that there’re lots of things to learn to create stunning pictures. Like any other craft, there’re some effective tips for diamond painting as well that can help you eliminate most of the minor issues that you may experience as a beginner. Here’s a quick rundown of them.

  1. Choose a multi-diamond applicator tool that lets you expedite the process
  2. Peel back the cover sheet of the adhesive in small sections to keep the adhesive fresh during your work
  3. Use resealable containers to store the diamonds
  4. Use a normal kitchen cutting board as the flat surface for your canvas
  5. If you want to learn more about diamond painting tips and tricks, take a look at this post.

Even Cats Like It!

diamond paining picture

Buying Guide

When you first decide to take up this enticing craft, it can be an extremely uphill task to purchase your first diamond painting kit. With lots of varieties, variables and options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some diamond painting tips that would make your job a tad easier.

  • There’re a huge number of images that you can use for diamond painting to create a work of art. From religious images to fantasy pictures to abstract arts – you can make almost anything using this craft. So, choose your preferred image on which you’ll be able to concentrate for a prolonged period.
  • Now, the term “drill” comes into the process. There’re two types of drills available: full drill and partial drill. The former stands for the entire image being crafted using stones while the latter refers to only certain highlights being made using stones. Remember that a full drill will take much more time than the other one, as you’ll be covering more spaces.
  • Canvas size is yet another crucial aspect of buying a diamond painting kit. They come in different sizes like small, semi-small, medium, semi-medium, large and extra large.
  • It’s time to learn what should be there in a standard diamond painting kit. Though the entire range of materials may vary depending upon the brand you buy, basic materials should include the drills you need, a pen tool, and glue.

Finally, remember to focus on the packaging of your kit. Look to buy from those diamond kit manufacturers that offer sturdy packaging box to avoid your canvas being crushed.

What You Need To Know

Diamond painting kits let you enjoy the craft of diamond painting. The basic concept of diamond painting is the same as paint-by-numbers and mosaics. You use little diamond-like facets to make colorful patterns and designs to make a larger design that sparkles after being completed. Thus, with a diamond painting kit like these, you can enjoy this creative, relaxing and fun activity for hours.

Depending on the skill of the user, diamond painting kits are made available in different sizes and styles – from the basic ones suitable for simple designs to the elaborate ones for skilled crafters. However, though such kits vary based on the company manufacturing them, they all include the same basic materials. These are:

  • Diamond Painting Kit Instructions
  • Colorful diamonds
  • Fabric printed with a design chart
  • Tub of wax
  • Diamond applicator tool

A Gorgeous Tiger


Before you begin, make sure to lay out all the pieces of equipment and materials so that they’re within easy reach on something like a craft table.

Also, read the instructions first to get an overview of the creative process.

DIY Guide

Lay out your canvas on a flat, clean surface. There should be a chart directly printed on the canvas with your diamonds, which are labeled with a number that relates to a symbol.

Match the corresponding color of your diamonds to the symbols and place them on your canvas accordingly.

Pour a handful of diamonds in your tray.

Remember to gently shake the diamonds back and forth to help them settle with the right side up.

It’ll make easier for you to pick them up with the applicator.

Now, peel back the plastic cover on the wax and fill the applicator with it. It’ll help the diamonds to stick to the point of the applicator.

Now once you’ve picked up, press the diamond carefully onto its corresponding symbol on your canvas.

Repeat the process until you’re done. It’s advisable to start your work from the bottom and make your way up.

Ideally, you should start with a single color diamond. Also, make sure that the applicator holds a little more of wax if the tool seems like it can’t pick up the diamonds anymore. Once finished, remember to keep some heavy books atop to make sure all tiles are in place firmly.

Finally, get the piece framed and hang it on the wall to showcase your skill.

You can watch this tutorial to learn the process thoroughly and understand how easy the craft is.

5D Diamond Painting Kit

5D diamond painting refers to the form of painting with diamonds and helps the finished artwork have a special appearance with very real-world effects. In a 5D diamond painting kit, the materials remain similar to that of a 3D diamond painting kit with the key difference being the number of facets, which the gems have.

Here, each side of the diamonds comes with 5 facets that offer a more sparkling effect. If it seems a little complicated, watch this video to get a solid grasp of 5D diamond painting.

Size Guide

As a first-timer, you may not pay much attention to the image’s dimensions when buying your diamond painting kit.

But you should.

An equally important thing is to know about the difference between picture size, pasting area, and canvas size. As a beginner, you may think all these to be the same but they aren’t. Just remember that the canvas is bigger than the picture as it’s the background of the image. And that full coverage diamond painting means the entire picture is your pasting area.

It’s often said that bigger is better when it comes to choosing the size of diamond painting. And that’s true since a bigger picture means sharper details and better resolution of the finished painting.

As a result, the picture would shine more. However, a bigger picture can be overwhelming and tiring for a beginner to finish. In case you are just starting out with diamond painting kits, take up a picture of small size because for you, the smaller it is, the better and easier it would be.

How To Display

Once you have created a diamond painting design, you can use it to enhance your décor. Though there are various ways to do this, here are some options that you can explore, to begin with:

  • Frame: How to frame diamond painting is a very common question. And that’s understandable as this is the easiest way to jazz up your interiors. This video can help you get it done the right way. Some people prefer to remove the frame’s glass pane as they believe it makes their design’s sparkle appear dull. You too can do the same if you wish to.
  • Pillow: If you have a chair or a sofa in your living room, you can use your painting (if it’s of the right size) to create a sparkling accent pillow for your furniture. You just need to select a coordinating fabric to make a border and backing for your pillow, which you can then fill tightly with fiberfill or pillow forms. However, to clean your pillow when the fabric becomes soiled, avoid scrubbing, dry cleaning, or washing. Instead, wipe it gently using a damp cloth.
  • Wall Hanging: A fabric wall hanging is yet another way to showcase your diamond painting provided you have some basic sewing skills. You would need to select a coordinating fabric to make a border and backing for your diamond painting wall hanging project.
  • Book Cover: Though this isn’t a popular way, you may think of creating sparkling covers of scrapbooks and photo albums. You will need to trim your finished design to the desired size and stick it to a smooth, flat album (or book) cover using double-sided foam tape. If you have multiple diamond designs that you want to use for the purpose, you may even use hook-and-loop tape so that you can interchange your designs to bring more variety!

Framing Tutorial

There you have it- a complete guide to the craft!

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