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The 5 Best Demon Horn Costumes | Plus DIY Devil Cosplay Pics

In this post, we rank 5 of the best-selling demon horns. We also showcase some stunning demon cosplay costumes a bit further down if you need some dress-up inspiration.

Whether it’s Halloween party or a play where you have to bring your inner devil out, choosing the perfect demon costume is of utmost importance.

At the same time, you have to pick your demon accessories too, which should complement your demon costume well.

Apart from demon tails and 3-pronged pitchforks, demon horns are another accessory without which your demon costume would remain incomplete. From mini resin horns that look cute to 3D printed horns and the DIY versions, you have a lot of variety to take your pick from (Source).

If you think shopping for your demon costume, demon mask/headdress, demon horns etc is a tough task, you may opt for demon kits. In such kits, you get everything from the demon costume to matching demon accessories (including demon horns) and more, which will help you transform into a demon with a sinister look within a few minutes.


Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
California Costumes Devil Horns and Teeth
1,245 Reviews
California Costumes Devil Horns and Teeth
  • Devil horns w/ stretch head band
Bestseller No. 2
Orgoue Devil Horns Headband, Black Horns Headband Demon Horns Ram Horns Headband for Women Men for Halloween Costume Cosplay
  • LIGHT & COMFORTABLE TO WEAR HORNS HEADBAND- Devil horns headband are made of high quality plastic and resin material, not easy to break, two horn headband weigh 115g/4.1oz, four horns headbands weigh 157g/5.5oz. They are lightweight and you won't feel tired when you wear black horns headband all day long, the surface of the demon horns headband is wrapped with soft cloth, antelope horns headband won't press your head to make you feel uncomfortable during wearing.
Bestseller No. 4
Alodidae Red Devil Horns Headband Large Demon Horn Halloween Costume Cosplay Accessories for Women Men
  • Red Devil Horns Headband -It is a Handmade High quality devil horn headpiece, Made of high quality Pu Foam material.Comfortable to wear with amazing soft touch.

Fun Examples

If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of these demon-horn dressup examples from social media:

A cute take on demon dress-up:

Another fun example is this knight-style devil horn cosplay that’s apparently Magik from New Mutants: Dead Souls:

A particularly courtly looking example:

Buying Guide

  • Matching? Depending on the demon personality you want to show off, you should buy a demon horn that matches your demon outfit and other accessories. For instance, if you want to give the demon’s evil side a miss and come across as a nice, go-happy demon, you can choose luminous horns, teeth inserts, or demon horns headbands.
  • For Kids? In case you are shopping for children, you may even pick cloaks or capes with in-built devil horns. Adults may choose small devil horns made up of skin-friendly silicone. If latex doesn’t suit your skin, you should look for latex-free horns, like those made of silicone, felt (such as stuffed polyester felt with bendable wire) etc. If you want to chuck the usual route and opt for something uncommon, you may try the triple demon horns, where two small horns protrude beside a bigger horn.
  • Horn Type? In case you want to channel your evil side with your demon horns, look for the ones that complete your diabolical look. From demon goat horns and ram horns to unicorn horns and malevolent horns (similar to the horns sported by the evil queen Maleficent in the famous Disney movie) and more, you can have a lot of fun selecting the one that complements your devil outfit and makes you sport a villainous look.
  • Prosthetic Use? If you want to be transformed into a demon within minutes, you may invest in devil horn prosthetics. Easy to apply and use, even for an entire day, these prosthetics make your diabolical look more real than other varieties of demon horns that you may use.
  • DIY Options: If you are ready to let your creative juices flow free, you can take the DIY route to craft your own horns after you have bought the necessary supplies. You can check here to know how to go about it.
  • Cost? Budget is another factor to consider when buying these horns. While the usual varieties are cheap, the customized ones (where you choose a specific color or want a specific pattern/design to be incorporated in your horns) can set you back considerably.

So, take into account the kind of devil you want to portray yourself as, your demon costume and other accessories, your skin type, as well as your budget while shopping for demon horns.

What You Need To Know

A Reddit thread says a majority of demons have some style of horns. Since the horns often help identify the category of demons they belong to and even predict a baby demon’s personality traits, they are a source of great personal and societal pride.

In reality, you don’t get to see demons, which is why dressing up as the devil on special occasions is exciting and fun for almost all – from children to teenagers to the adults. And demon horns act as an important accessory when you dress up as the devil to sport your devilish side – whether it’s a nice, helpful, cute demon, or someone who’s ready to kill and cause mayhem.

The Easiest Devil Horns Ever

Demon Horns Headband

These are perhaps the most used among demon accessories. With headbands in various colors and styles to which the horns are attached, these are easy to wear and use.

Unlike demon horns prosthetics or other varieties that take time to wear, you can sport these headbands right away and get ready to step out in style while showcasing your devilish delight. If you are always running around in your devil costume, spreading evil and haunting the oblivious humans, you are surely one busy demon who needs the entire look to hold on for a couple of hours or even more.

With demon horns headband, you can make sure the horns sit pretty on your head and are there the entire time you are spreading horror sprinkled with a bit of fun around.

Remember – your horns headband need not be just scary. With the wide variety on offer, you are sure to have a field day picking the right demon horns headband to bring your devilish charm for everyone to see. From the glittering ones that add sparkle and a little fire to your demon attire, to the scary double demon horns, you won’t have any dearth of choices.

And those looking for more choices can even pick from the tall, twisted custom horns that showcase your evil yet classy side, or the horns headband that come with hair wigs and spell fun.

Demon Horns Cosplay

Whether you are reenacting a scene from your favorite movie where you play the devil, or want to play a prank on your unsuspecting friends and family, or just want to have fun on a special occasion (like Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc), demon cosplay can be the ideal thing to take up. And when you dress up as a demon, you simply can’t forget your demon horns.

Being a demon gives you the chance to play with a lot of cool demon elements. For instance, take the demon tails, which are snakey and give you the perfect tool to indulge in some devilish stuff. Even the little red wings you choose to flaunt could add a dash of devilish charm and awe to your outfit.

And of course, there are the horns, which can make you look hellish – either in a charming, sexy way or in the true blue diabolical sense.

When your demon horns are an integral part of your cosplay, you have to make sure they complement the entire look and go well with other accessories you use. So, if you are playing the evil queen Malevolent, your black colored horns need to be similar to what the queen wore in the Disney film.

But if you were Hellboy, your horns need to be atop your forehead as depicted in the films featuring the protagonist. You can pick some ideas for cosplay by browsing YouTube or Pinterest.

The key is to choose the horns well so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, they should make your entire look attractive and hellish, or charming, or a bit of both depending on what you really want to portray.

DIY Devil Costume – Tips For Horns And Makeup

To complete your demonic look, you need to get your makeup right. At the same time, the attire you choose and the accessories you use too should be right on point. When you are taking the DIY route and doing it all on your own, all these may sound like a herculean task. But with a bit of planning and learning, you will find that it isn’t that tough a task after all.

If you are ready to craft your own demon horns, this tutorial can help you do it the right way using paper towels and foam. You may even check some YouTube videos where you get to learn some useful tips and tricks from people who have given themselves or others a successful demonic makeover.

Different Types

There are a ton of different types of demons out there- especially when you dive into different religions. This is an abbreviated list sourced from Wikipedia:

Types Of Demons
AbezethibouBabi ngepet
Agrat bat MahlatBathin
Aka ManahBeelzebub
Angra MainyuBune

How To Draw Horns

If you plan to create your own demon horns, having a rough sketch of how your horns would look and what special features or design you want them to have would make the actual task somewhat easier. Rather than starting work and then wondering what would look good or feasible to create, you should draw the horns you have in mind with their intricate details, if any, before you start your DIY project.

If you have a devil mask or a wig on which you want to put your horns, you may even sketch them while drawing horns to see if your intended horn design matches them or feels out of place. Though a majority of people prefer to draw the demon horns in red due to the stereotypical representation they are familiar with, you can either use a pencil sketch or bring in some colors of your choice to give them the effect you desire to.

Drawing horns before starting with your DIY craft can be called a sort of trial run where you can see on paper what looks good and what doesn’t. This, in turn, will save you considerable time, money and effort as you won’t have to abandon your project midway just because the horns don’t fit well with your other demon accessories or seem like a no-go in terms of pattern, color, or any other aspect.

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