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The 5 Coolest Deadpool Costumes [Ranked]

​The Deadpool character is a phenomenon- people love this snarky sociopath. 

He's a ribald, cocky Marvel superhero- and if you want to be like him, probably the closest you're going to get is buying a replica costume.

We collected the five best-selling Deadpool costumes below.

Whether you're buying it for ​adult cosplay or your kid's Halloween party, buyers say ​that it's a good idea to order the costume well in advance of when you need it.


White Walker Style

Here's a rare example of a white-suited Deadpool- definitely a different look than the traditional, dark-red coloration he usually sports:

Credit: @Deadpool Cameo

That way you can figure out whether it fits, whether to send it back if it doesn't fit, or whether to send it to a tailor to get a custom replica fit for your child.

Comparing The Costumes

SaleBestseller No. 2
Rubie's mens Classic Deadpool Weapon Set,Black/Red,Weapon Kit
3,152 Reviews
Rubie's mens Classic Deadpool Weapon Set,Black/Red,Weapon Kit
  • Officially licensed Marvel Deadpool costume accessory, look for trademark on packaging to help insure you've received authentic item
Bestseller No. 3
zhongcai Wade Wilson Mask Superhero DP Helmet Knitted Props
  • Material: Deluxe knitted fabric and latex eye which can easily breathing.
Bestseller No. 4
Rubie's unisex adult Rubie's Men's Marvel Universe Classic Muscle Chest Deadpool sized costumes, Red, Standard US
  • Officially licensed Marvel costume, look for trademark on label and packaging to help assure you've received authentic safety-tested item

​DIY Deadpool Costume

What are ​DeadPool Costume buyers saying?

  •  One of the more popular cosplay options is the muscle chest Deadpool replica costume- it is a 100% polyester costume made in America. It ships with a mask, jumpsuit and chest piece. 

  • One buyer who is 5'7" tall and weighs a little under 200 pounds purchased the extra large option- he says that it fits well and he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of its construction. He bought the outfit because his company sponsors a large festival-lots of children attend so it's always fun to get dressed up in a superhero costume for their enjoyment.

  • As with many replica cosplay buyers, he decided to purchase this option just to get the bodysuit and supplement with other Deadpool accessories from other sellers online to make it even more of a convincing superhero presentation.

  • Another reviewer who purchased this costume says that it is a comfortable and decent-fitting option, although the mask itself is fairly flimsy and has trouble staying on.

  • Some buyers do you say that it's useful to have some safety pins on hand so that you can custom modify it ​a bit to make it look more realistic and tapered to your particular body form.

  • If you're interested in a female version of this Deadpool costume, there are some options available-the one we took a look at is an actual Marvel-endorsed option made from 96% polyester and 4% spandex.

  • It's marketed as a compellingly sexy cosplay take on a Marvel antihero.

  • One woman who ordered the medium-size that for her 5 foot five and 145 town to build that the fit was stellar-though she didn't think the mask was great, the outfit itself got high ratings from her.

  • Other reviewers agree saying that if you're in the market for a fun Marvel Halloween costume, this breathable option is a solid selection-especially if you supplemented with additional Deadpool accessories to make it even more lifelike.

  • Other people say that it was a hit at Halloween parties- one woman got a whole weekend's worth of fun out of it going trick-or-treating with your kids as well as attending adult parties and competing in costume competitions.

  • Another cool cosplay option from the CosyBreath seller- it has a sword bag and gun holsters- though it doesn't ship with any actual weapons so you'll have to contrive something to make it look somewhat realistic without alarming police in your area.

  • The general consensus with this spandex Deadpool cosplay costume is that it ran somewhat small and one buyer said that they had trouble with the zipper.

  • Finally, if you're buying this for your kid, you are in luck because there are many children's versions of this Deadpool costume on the market. ​While definitely a dark character, kids seem to love this superhero and many of them dress up as him for Halloween.

Credit: @Deadpool Cameo

​History Of Deadpool

Deadpool, bourgeois Wade Winston Wilson, is a character who was created in 1991 for the publisher Marvel Comics. His first appearance was in the comic book New Mutants # 98. In 1997, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness created his own series.


He normally acts in a suit of red and black colors and has his face covered to hide his horrible scars. He is often categorized as a mercenary, a villain, a hero or an antihero. It is characterized because in its conversations are constant references to popular culture, as well as the use of sarcasm and black humor. In addition, it employs all types of high technology for the execution of its missions.

As is the case with Wolverine, his personality and skills are largely a result of being subjected to paramilitary Canadian government program known as Weapon X. After Arma X healed her terminal cancer by implanting the "healing factor" extracted from Wolverine, he was disfigured and mentally unstable.

He was originally an adversary of New Mutants and then Force-X, developing romantic feelings for Siryn, a member of X-Force. He starred in two limited acts: Sins of the Past and The Circle Chase.

Credit: @Paul 🇬🇧

He went on to have a regular series in 1997, which was known for his slapstick style and his willingness to break the fourth wall. It was canceled, but the character appeared in 2002 in the collection titled Agent X, which was canceled in 2003. He appeared along with Cable, former leader of the group, X-Force, in the Cable & Deadpool that ended at number 50.

He shares many similarities with the villain Deathstroke, which appears in DC editorial comics, particularly in costume, profession and real name. However, since he was presented, Deadpool and Deathstroke have followed completely different paths.


His first appearance took place at number 98 of the New Mutants comics collection (originally published in February 1991) and his appearances continued in the X-Force collection.

The character became quite popular and came to star as The Circle in Chase in 1993, written by Fabian Nicieza with drawings by Joe Madureira.

The success of this one gave rise to a second limited one: Sins of the Past, created in 1994 by Mark Waid and Ian Churchill. At that time he began to make appearances as a guest in collections of comics of the Marvel publishing house as Wolverine, Nomad, Silver Sable and Heroes for Hire.

He appeared sporadically in subsequent years in the X-Men subseries X-Factor and was interpreted less as a violent rogue and more as a sarcastic anti-hero. Comic writer Joe Kelly, who wrote the first series (1997) and was a big Spider-Man fan, wrote many action comedies in which he ironically commented on the deliberately oversubscribed events.

Mr. Wade Winston Wilson * r/deadpool

A subreddit for all things Deadpool! Talk about the Marvel antihero and his exploits, whether it be comic, or upcoming movie, or more!

For Deadpool's word joke, Kelly was inspired by the similarly lucrative Spider-Man. As a running gag, many current films or series were parodied and often the fourth wall was broken. In this Cult's series also introduced Deadpool's (reluctant) helpers, the cynical aged BlindAl and the cowardly genius Weasel. Kelly later commented that the series was on the brink of failure, and he was able to incorporate absurd ideas.

In Dead Pool # 11 z. For example, Kelly produced a panel-by-panel parody of the Spider-Man comic Amazing Spider-Man # 47(1966), BlindAl is thrown in through time travel and Deadpool travels after her. With the help of their disguise arts, Deadpool and Blind Al both pretend to be the shy Peter Parker / Spider-Man and his aunt Aunt May Parker, but they offend all bystanders with their rude, vulgar manner. This parody became one of the funniest stories in 2011.

One notable aspect of the early comics was the complicated relationship between Deadpool and his blind hostage/ butler/custodian Blind Al. Kelly wrote Deadpool as a childish-sadistic gentleman, who had her run his household, often locked her in a room with pointed objects, and tricked her into liberating her soon. On the other hand, Kelly established that Blind Al was the only person who was not afraid of him, taking revenge for such attacks by taking laxatives into his food, and preferring to follow Matlock anyway listened to go out.

In addition, the author established that deep inside she wanted two things: to lead him to the right path and to repent for an "old injustice" she had done to him. Kelly wanted to establish that Blind Al had once been the super spy Black Widow (that is, the predecessor of today's Black Widow, Natasha Romanova) and was responsible for his cancer. This development was never implemented. In later comics, their relationship normalized. When he finally gives her freedom, Blind Al still stays with him.

After he was set with issue 69, he should actually appear in 2002 in a new series. Marvel Comics, however, told author Gail Simone to conduct the planned adventure with a new character named Agent X. Therefore, his fans had to wait until 2004 for his next series, Cable & Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza, which ran for 50 issues. In this series, he was united with the character (Cable), which he wanted to kill in 1991 in his debut.

Characteristic was the strong buddy Character of the Unequal Figures Cable (serious fighter for justice) and Deadpool (sayings of knocking Chaot), who have to struggle together before they feel sincere respect for each other.

Other series were the Vol. 2 (2008-2012), Merc With a Mouth (2009-2010) and Vol. 3 (2013-2015). Vol. 3 # 27 (2014) received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records in the category "Most Comic Characters on the Cover" (232, including 224 officially recognized Marvel characters).


He is a psychopath and a megalomaniac, completely unpredictable and very arrogant. He is also capable of great physical and mental cruelty. For a time, he did not hesitate to sequester an old blind man in his house, Al, so that she could serve him as a slave, confidante, ear attentive (and harmless) to his torments, as well as his taste for dubious jokes.

His house in San Francisco has no lock; some interior walls conceal the bodies of the unfortunate to whom Al, his captive, tried to ask for help. In the attic, a special room serves him when he is at the peak of his mental confusion. He did not hesitate to lock Al and his closest friend there, to make them understand that a next mistake would cost them their lives.

His adventure with the mega-corporation "Landau, Luckman and Lake", which ends with a relative fiasco, convinced him, however, to change his life before getting lost permanently. He frees Al from his servitude and tries to embark on missions that are more "humanitarian" but equally lucrative.

After long moments without news from this anti-hero, he returns in the Weapon X comics. The project Weapon X is relaunched, with former new protagonists, including him. When he realizes that the program has not changed in his cruelty, he decides to dismantle it by himself. He suffers a bitter failure, however, and is killed by the new director.

Later, Thanos, morbidly in love and jealous, resurrects him and makes him immortal to prevent him from having an idyll with his beloved Lady Death. His return from the dead makes him even crazier, and he has delusional hallucinations and an important split personality.

During the Marvel NOW! (in) , he tries again to be a hero, then trying to be hired by the Avengers (of which he becomes an honorary member) and gets closer to the X-Men, starting to start a friendlier relationship with them.

Following a large number of revelations, such as being drugged as a weapon, killing his family or having a hidden daughter, and with him Preston agent SHIELD's positive influence, he realizes he's not really a killer in the soul and tries to redeem himself.

Marvel Axis crossover events, during which he sees a more peaceful part of his soul (Zenpool) emerge, definitely opens his eyes; he realizes then that he can no longer play the deadly mercenary, and then makes peace with his past and turns the page.

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