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The 5 Best Costco Kirkland Toilet Papers [Ranked]

People may shy away from potty talk, but having the right supplies makes a real difference. There are many familiar names in toilet paper, but few are as ubiquitous as Kirkland.

The soft and cost-effective brand is found in home and business bathrooms all over the country, thanks to Costco. The mega shop owns the Kirkland private label and moves over a billion rolls per year (Source).

It seems the only time we really think about bathroom tissue is when we run out unexpectedly.

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Surprisingly, there’s more to these wonderful white rolls than you might expect. The first toilet paper ever mentioned in history was written about by an official scholar named Yan Zhitui in China around 589 AD.

Initially, bathroom tissue was used by the royal family. Less elite yet still wealthy like merchants used lace or hemp while commoners and the poor used sticks of bamboo which were often shared. Those sticks may have contributed to the spread of disease and even the plague along the silk road. As it turns out, a humble product like Kirkland has a royal history (Source.)

Perhaps more than any other company they live up to the regal history. Specially hired technicians test the paper for softness, strength, and thickness while managers make sure everything in the mill is just so.

Humidity and water need to be correct, or the toilet paper won’t have the right consistency. It’s no wonder this particular company is so successful. A higher quality standard and more rigorous testing ensure that Costco’s biggest seller is always in demand.


Comparing The Costco Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Worldwide Nutrition Bundle Compatible with Kirkland Signature 2-Ply Toilet Tissue - Ultra-Soft Comfort and Premium Quality - 30 Rolls and 380 Sheets Per Roll Bath Tissue with Multi-Purpose Key Chain
  • 🛁 Ultra-Soft Comfort: Experience plush comfort with our 2-ply bathroom tissue designed to be gentle on your skin for a soothing and enjoyable bathroom experience. Our septic safe toilet paper ensures a safe and worry-free choice for your household. Whether you call it tissue paper or paper toilet, our product delivers exceptional softness and quality. Kirkland soft toilet paper offers premium comfort and reliability.
SaleBestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 5

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What Is Bathroom Tissue Made From?

Most people are aware that paper, including bathroom tissue, is typically from trees. However, it’s a common misconception that it’s nothing more than thin slices of the whole tree.

There’s no magic chemical that can turn a thin slice of wood into a roll of soft white hygenic squares. Instead, it’s a process where whole trees are cut and ground into small chips.

The wood chips go into a vat with water and have chemicals added. The pulp takes a long time to break down into fibers, lignin, and cellulose, but it is this magic brew that will eventually be molded into those lovely white squares.

Before it can grace water closets everywhere, the pulp has to be washed and bleached.

Finally, it’s sprayed onto screens where it is dried and cut into a more familiar shape. These new sections of toilet paper are then rolled in different ways, depending on how many pls the company wants to create.

Layering one strip of sheets on top of another before they press the perforations into the material creates a double or even triple thick layer that’s extra absorbent.


Buying Guide

If you’re looking to get the most out of your money, Costco’s house brand is one of the best you can get. The prices are an outstanding two cents per square foot.

Especially with the quantity and quality of what you get when you buy this particular brand, you’ll be pleased with your purchase. Low lint and high absorbancy are two of the most crucial factors.

Kirkland products are all high quality, well-tested, and reliably consistent.

The soft signature two-ply is something you’ll appreciate when you need it most. Better still, they’re available in bulk which means paying a lot less than you would even for a similar product if you order a little more.

When you’re shopping online or headed into your local Costco, it’s worth hunting up a few packages of Kirkland Toilet Paper. You won’t regret it once you feel the difference.

RV Tanks

Recreational Vehicles have their unique challenges. Slim pipes that lead from the toilet to the holding tank can cause you big headaches if you’re not prepared.

Using the right bathroom tissue matters a great deal.

Unfortunately, this bath tissue isn’t made for the type of pipes that most standard RVs come equipped with inside.

This doesn’t mean you’re forbidden to use it; in fact, Kirkland breaks up well. However, you may have more clogging issues if you overdo things. Use a little less and make certain you use extra water when flushing for the best results.

Most RVs need special tp to help make the transfers smooth during the dumping process. A steady outflow is necessary to clear your tank.

Septic Systems

Some brands of tp are marketed and made specifically for septic tanks while others are not. If you are having a septic system installed, you may want to ask the manufacturer for their suggestions to avoid any unnecessary and costly mistakes.

Kirkland is safe for most plumbing. While it isn’t made explicitly for a septic system, Costco’s private label has been tested more than once.

It’s no worse for a septic system than any other brand. Overall, bathroom tissue is made to break down in the water with mild to moderate agitation.

Kirkland Signature certainly breaks down well. You can test it for yourself by leaving a couple of sheets in some water for ten to twenty minutes, and then give it a quick stir.


Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper

Interestingly, Kirkland’s manufacture is a fascinating mystery. While the signature brand paper towels are made in the USA, the bathroom tissue is not. According to Made in CA (Source), a Canadian site that celebrates all things Canada made.

While they’re sure it’s a product of Canada, they don’t know where or by whom.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information they have on the topic. Indeed, our neighbors to the north have plenty of trees, so it should come as no surprise that popular wood-based products would be manufactured in the area.


The processes for making bathroom tissue are proprietary. Unlike food products manufacturers are not required to disclose the exact ingredient list.

If you need to know what’s inside those fluffy rolls of signature toilet paper, you will have to work for a company that produces this incredible product.

Even then, you’ll probably have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to find out. The mystery surrounding bathroom tissue production is unusual, but a company that makes something so useful has good reasons to want to keep the secret recipe all to themselves.

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