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*Last Updated: October 2021

The 5 Best Confetti Cannons | Handheld & Professional

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In this post, we ranked five of the best-selling confetti cannons.

Whether you are celebrating your baby shower or the birthday of your little one, welcoming the newlywed couple, congratulating a loved one on graduation, or ringing in the Christmas festivities or the New Year, the sparkling additions of confetti would surely get the party started in style.

To launch a blizzard of confetti, you will need a confetti cannon loaded with these small shimmery pieces, which will shine on being released from the canon when light hits them.

From silver and gold colored confetti to mylar confetti, and confetti strips, you will have a variety to choose from when you load up your confetti gun ahead of your special event (Source).

Cannons VS Party Poppers

If you want a fun, disposable confetti explosion for a gender reveal party, we recommend purchasing a party popper:

Bestseller No. 1
Rainbow Confetti Party Poppers (20 Pack)
  • CONFETTI WANDS: Guests of all ages will be filled with joy and excitement as rainbow confetti rains down upon your upcoming birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, or graduation party

But, if you want a true confetti cannon, we recommend the FunFetti Shot Professional Confetti Launcher. It’s a wirelessly controlled, professional-strength launcher:

Bestseller No. 1
CHAUVET DJ FunFetti Shot Professional Confetti Launcher w/Wireless Remote for Concerts, Parties, and Special Events
  • Professional confetti launcher perfect for concerts, parties, or special events & Easy, single person setup and operation

A Professional Option


Below, we’ve compiled some of the best-selling options on the market today. As you’ll see, there’s a mix of fun, disposable guns and some more industrial-strength, giant cannons for DJs and wedding halls.

Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons Multicolor, (5 Pack) Biodegradable and Air Powered | Launches 20-25ft | Celebrations, New Year's Eve, Birthdays and Weddings
  • 🎉WHATS INSIDE: You will receive a package of 5 (12inch) Legend & Co. cannons. Inside every cannon is packed with multi-color BIODEGRABLE confetti.
Bestseller No. 2
(12 Pack) Large (12 Inch) Confetti Cannons Air Compressed Party Poppers Indoor and Outdoor Safe Perfect For Any Party New Years Eve or Wedding Celebrations Shoot Streamers 10 Foot
  • 12 INCH COMPRESSED AIR CONFETTI CANNON - 12 Pack Enough for the whole party to celebrate with a bang and shower of confetti tissue paper
Bestseller No. 3
CHAUVET DJ FunFetti Shot Professional Confetti Launcher w/Wireless Remote for Concerts, Parties, and Special Events
  • Professional confetti launcher perfect for concerts, parties, or special events & Easy, single person setup and operation
Bestseller No. 4
Confetti Cannons EFFIELER Multicolor Confetti Poppers (5 Packs) Biodegradable 100% And Air Powered Party Popper Perfect for Birthday, Graduation, New Years Eve, And Any Other Party Or Celebration…
  • 5 Packs of Premium Confetti Cannon:Each confetti cannon is made of durable cylindrical cardboard that feels great to the touch. Our party poppers are beautifully packaged to ensure you stand out at any event, and the dazzling confetti spraying will bring the atmosphere to a climax!
Bestseller No. 5
PRIMEPURE Premium Party Confetti Cannon - Set of 4- (Includes Streamer Cannons and Confetti) for Birthday, Graduation, New Years Eve, and Any Other Party or Celebration
  • ✨ CELEBRATE WITH A BANG - Make a lasting impression and charm your guests with a shower of multicolor and multi shape metallic confetti mix. Our party confetti cannons will absolutely fill the room with a burst of color and pure excitement.

Buying guide

  • Venue Size: You should choose your confetti cannon depending on your venue or room. While a big and powerful cannon would be ideal for a large venue, the same may be unfit for use in a small room.
  • Range: Your canon’s range is another aspect to consider. Based on their sizes, confetti machines come in a variety of different ranges. Usually, larger cannons (which typically measure almost 80cm in length) can fire confetti up to a distance of 12 meters, while their smaller counterparts (measuring almost 25cm long) can shoot up to 8 meters. So, select a canon depending on how big or small your event venue is. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors too can play a role when you select a confetti cannon to buy.
  • Venue Type: You should also take into account the kind of event you want to use the cannon for. In case you need a stunning cascade of amazing colors at a wedding, professional product launch, or stage show, investing in a powerful cannon would be a prudent choice. However, for a small birthday party, or a baby shower with a handful of guests, a simple pocket-sized or mini confetti cannon would be adequate.

All You Need To Know

As soon as you hear the word cannon, perhaps you conjure an image of a heavy structure belonging to the medieval times that used to fire cannonballs.

However, these glitter shooters aren’t anything like that. Instead, it’s a device that launches a shower of shredded paper bits.

How To Use

Confetti cannons are available in various sizes. From pocket-sized ones that can launch a confetti shower with a simple flick of your wrist, to champagne bottle-shaped party poppers, giant launchers, to the handheld cannons to the DIY ones you create on your own, the possibilities may often seem endless.

When it comes to confetti type and color for use with your chosen confetti cannon, you will again have a lot of variety to choose from.

From multicolor paper and mylar confetti to the ones made of biodegradable paper, to various confetti shapes such as hearts, stars, strips, butterflies etc, you can get an extensive selection of captivating confetti for your confetti cannon.

Some stores may even offer you customizable confetti shapes and colors, which you can use in case you have some specific requirements to make your special event a bit different.

For Gender Reveals

Bestseller No. 1
Premium Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Set of 4 - Heart Shaped Confetti x4 in Pink or Blue, for Gender Reveal, Gender Reveal Decorations and Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies
  • ✨ ANNOUNCE WITH A BANG - Keep everyone guessing until the gender reveal cannons are launched and the confetti explodes revealing the baby's gender.

Couples have different ways to share the news of their baby who’s on the way.

From voting cards, and cakes, to scratch tickets, balloons, and more, you can think of several ways to reveal the gender of your baby. In case you have organized a party and plan to share the news in a fun way, you can opt for a confetti cannon for gender reveal.

The Baby Tift Confetti Cannon Gender Reveal

When planning a gender reveal party, make sure not to spoil the surprise.

Check with the would-be mother to see if she would like to know her baby’s gender, or be surprised.

In either case, get just a handful of people in on the secret to steer clear of spilling the beans. In case you have engaged a party planner, ship the gender reveal party supplies to them to avoid getting the goodies shipped to your doorsteps with revealing details.

In case you are organizing the party on your own, make sure to safeguard the secret.

For example, when shopping for confetti to be loaded in your confetti cannon, don’t divulge the details about whether its color is pink (indicating the baby to be a girl), or blue (indicating the arrival of a boy).

In case you want your guests to participate in the action, pre-distribute the cannons to guests in certain strategic locations, who will shower the would-be mother with pink or blue confetti as if tiny little rainbows of blessings and happiness were raining over her.

For Weddings

Bestseller No. 1
Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons | Air Powered | (5 pack) Water Soluble White Rice Paper ( Launches 15- 20ft | Perfect for All Celebrations, Birthdays and Weddings
  • 🎉WHATS INSIDE: You will receive a package of 5 (12inch) Legend & Co. cannons. Inside every tube is packed to the brim with rice paper confetti

Make sure the confetti in your confetti cannon complements your wedding theme.

While gold or silver colored confetti would work well if you are opting for a glam wedding, those having a modern wedding would do well to use white confetti or the ones where white is mixed with another matching color, which could be the color of your floral decorations or the one you have used in your wedding invites.

This is Why You Need a Confetti Cannon at Your Wedding

In case you are having a country or boho wedding, mix up your confetti shapes and sizes to keep it textured.

If you plan to use a confetti cannon in your photo booth, make sure the confetti complements your booth’s background and yet stands out clearly in the photos you get clicked. So, for a wedding photo booth with a red velvet background, selecting gold-colored confetti would be a perfect choice.

Confetti Cannon For Rent

Since confetti cannons are used on special occasions, they are mostly used just once or a couple of times at the most. Unless you are able to use them in the long run or for profit, purchasing may not seem a good idea for many.

National Rental Locations

Business NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite Address
Party CityBrooklyn, NY
NY Confetti Rental
Confetti Cannon StoreOrlando, FL(407) 297-6520
EventStarts.comBrooklyn, NY(800) 231-3132
Party CityNew York, NY(212) 216-9102
Balloon Bouquets of New YorkNew York, NY(212) 265-5252
Party CityJersey City, NJ(201) 432-7400
Party CityLong Island City, NY(718) 433-0100
Party CityNew York, NY(212) 787-2761
Irving PlazaNew York, NY(212) 777-6800
Gramercy TheatreNew York, NY(212) 614-6932
Party CityNew York, NY(212) 222-6790
Modern Gypsies Productions
Molly Middleton EventsNew York, NY(646) 483-6721
Party CityRosedale, NY(516) 371-2055
Flutter FETTI ConfettiLargo, FL(877) 321-1999
DJ Rental GearNorth Bergen, NJ(347) 674-4240
KM ProductionsSecaucus, NJ(516) 531-3015
Mystical Entertainment Group LLCClifton, NJ(973) 542-8068
Jersey Pro SoundTeterboro, NJ(973) 836-5314

If you too belong to this league, you can rent such a cannon for your “one-time” event. Whether it’s a baby shower, the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents, or a grand opening of your store, exploring confetti cannon rental options and taking your pick from them would be the ideal choice.

When you rent a confetti canon, you can try it out to see if you really like using it, and even decide if it would be a good decision to buy it later. And you can do all these while staying within your budget. In case you feel the cannon you have rented is the one you will need for your future events, you can always go ahead and buy it.

Safety Tips While Using Confetti Cannons

  • Don’t fire the cannons at or close to people.
  • Don’t fire the cannons upside down.
  • If you have children at the event, don’t use tiny pieces of confetti, which may trigger choking hazards.
  • Don’t fire confetti cannons on hard dance floors as doing so can make the surface slippery, which in turn may end up hurting people.

A confetti cannon is, without a doubt, one of the most fun props to use for your special events. By adding dollops of magic to your setting and endless glamour to the photos you click at the event, a confetti canon would surely make it a time that you and your guests would remember for long.