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The 5 Best Circus Tents | Adult & Children Options

If you're looking for a circus tent, most of them are designed for children. 

You can buy large event tents for outdoor events, if you're looking for an adult option. 

The circus tents below are generally designed for indoor use- but can work outside in a pinch.

They're fun, colorful spaces for young children and are a dynamic addition to a playroom or an afternoon in the backyard. If you're intrigued, check out dream tents for even more imaginative exploration!


Options For Children

Bestseller No. 1
Wesnoy Halloween Carnival Tent Circus Tent, Red and White Indoor Tent Reading Nook Hanging Party Decoration and Home Decor Canopy for Outdoor Circus Festive Birthday Candy Theme Party Favor, 7 x 6 ft
  • Quality and Comfort: made with polyester, our carnival hanging tent decoration is not only washable but also comfortable; Being reusable, it offers value for money and can be applied multiple times, making it the ideal staple for your Halloween indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Wide Versatility: our circus themed carnival tent is adaptable for an array of events, whether it is a Halloween Party, circus carnival, child's Birthday celebration, a wedding, family gathering, or joyful activity, our decoration contributes to the fun and leave a lasting impression on your guests
Bestseller No. 2
Red Floor Circus Tent Indoor Children Play House Outdoor Kids Castle by POCO DIVO
  • Foster imaginative and creative play
  • Lightweight and portable with a zipper carry bag
Bestseller No. 3
Preboun 2 Pcs Carnival Tent Circus Carnival Hanging Decorations 27.6''x59'' Circus Awning Decoration Red and White Awning Wall Decoration Carnival Stand Decor Mardi Gras Circus Theme Party Decorations
  • Suitable Size: our carnival banner is about 27.6 x 59 inches/ 70 x 150 cm, suitable for decorating the wall and door; You can easily adjust and arrange the decor according to your preference
  • Circus Theme Design: the white and red colors of our circus theme party decorations are bold and classic, creating a modern and stylish look that will spice up many living spaces, full of carnival atmosphere
Bestseller No. 4
SmoothNovelty Carnival Tent Circus Theme Party Decorations White and Red Striped Circus Awning Decor 3D Awning Circus Tent Canopy for Mardi Gras Carnival Theme Party Decor, 9.84 x 78.74 Inch (3 Pcs)
4 Reviews
SmoothNovelty Carnival Tent Circus Theme Party Decorations White and Red Striped Circus Awning Decor 3D Awning Circus Tent Canopy for Mardi Gras Carnival Theme Party Decor, 9.84 x 78.74 Inch (3 Pcs)
  • Large Size to Meet Your Needs: the dimensions of the circus tent canopy are approximately 9.84 x 78.74 inches/ 25 x 200 cm, and there are holes every 19.69 inches/ 50 cm, with a total of 5 holes; You can easily adjust and arrange canopy to cover excess blank space in your home while becoming a statement piece that complements many designs
  • Exquisite and Classic Elements: the carnival tent decoration adopts a red and white striped design, which is conspicuous and easy to be observed from a distance, creating a modern and interesting atmosphere
Bestseller No. 5
Moukeren Plastic Table Cover Roll Disposable DIY Tablecloth Roll Carnival Tent Party Supplies for Big Top Tent Backdrop Curtains Patriotic Ceiling Walls Drapes (White, Red,40'' X 100')
  • Circus Carnival Tent: what you will receive are 2 rolls of plastic tablecloth rolls in red and white colors, you can stagger these circus carnival party supplies on top and drop them down to form a big circus themed tent to bring a different look to your carnival festival
  • Suitable Dimension: plastic table cover roll measures approx. 40'' x 100', you can use scissor to cut the length you want, which can be applied as tablecloth, ceiling decoration or curtain to decorate the event

Adult Alternatives

If you’re looking for a more spacious alternative for sale that’s designed for adults, check out some of the options below. 

Popup ‘instant gazebos’ provide a safe, collapsible and sheltered space for event receptions in backyards. Great to have on hand if you’re having a party and you’re worried about a rainstorm ruining the festivities.

1. The Delta Instant Gazebo

Bestseller No. 1
DELTA Canopies Instant Pop Up Party Tent,Commercial Ez Outdoor Canopy,Residential Backyard Shelter,with Powder Coated Frame,Waterproof Top,Removable Solid Walls,Wheel Bag - 10'x20' FS Model Black
  • ✅Brand New Inventory IN STOCK!!
  • ✅Great product at affordable price! Provides shade for 15-20 people comfortably. Canopy includes wheeled carrying bag and fits easily into most trunks for convenient transportation to your events.

Delta Canopies Styles

  • We thought it would make sense to take a look at some buyer feedback if you’re in the market for purchasing a circus tent. We should say, there are some different variations on the market.
  • One that is particularly popular is the Delta Canopies Pop-up Canopy Party Tent And Instant Gazebo.
  • While not a Barnum & Bailey tent, this pop-up canopy is certainly a style of circus tent that fits up to 10 people comfortably, providing a shaded recreational area if you are at a wedding, out camping, attending a sporting event or just having an outdoor party.
  • It includes a heavy duty steel frame, nylon connectors, window sidewalls, zipper doors, a waterproof PVC top, and has zero assembly required.
  • One buyer praised how sturdy and thick the fabric was- an ideal option if you’re throwing outdoor Carnival parties.
  • While the frame wasn’t the strongest, in their opinion, it wasn’t completely weak and certainly isn’t going to get blown over by a strong gust of wind.

2. The ABCanopy Commercial Party Tent

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Setting Up An ABCanopy

  • Another popular option is this commercial grade canopy tent- it measures 10 ft by 10 ft with integrated powder-coated rust-resistant steel.

  • Buyers say that it only takes about 5 minutes to set the whole thing up- this is after doing it a couple of times.

  • Another reviewer said that they liked that the polls don’t flex too much- during a recent dusty rainstorm it didn’t topple over, nor did it expose the people under the canopy to the rain.

  • Another reviewer says that they’re easily able to transport it in the back of the sports utility vehicle, though some doubted that it would fit inside the back of a smaller car like a Toyota Prius.

  • Another reviewer who travels to trade shows, craft shows, and art fairs says that historically he’s employed camping style canopies but recently decided to upgrade to this more spacious and higher quality option.

  • Overall, after transporting it to several craft shows in different states, the buyer says the frame remains sturdy, better than the lighter aluminum frames other manufacturers use.

  • In addition, the screen walls allow for a nice breeze of fresh air when used outside, making sure it never gets too hot inside.

  • Another buyer who competes at volleyball tournaments praises how rugged this outdoor circus tent is, though she does criticize the buttons that are used to unlock the frame.

  • In addition, since this particular user frequently sets up shop outdoors during gusty winds, she has made use of the included 20 lb sandbags, which helped rig it down during 15 miles per hour winds.

  • In addition, they rigged the top with an outdoor misting system – this required a fair bit of Ingenuity but supplied an extra dose cool and comfortable are in the hot summer months.

  • In addition, since they are off and dragging it across parking lots and different types of terrain over long distances the rolling cart bags that are included make it simple to transport.

  • However, one buyer did have a negative experience, explaining that a strong gust of wind caused their circus canopy tent to buckle forwards ruining one of the metal legs. They say that the replacement leg was really expensive, almost equaling the price of the entire unit.

  • An artist uses this at an Arts Festival. She says that she is an elderly woman but was able to erect it themselves and it provided a safe space to hang up her art on easels. She was able to use cement-filled PVC weight bags to secure it during an afternoon rainstorm and the side walls protected the art from getting soaked and ruined.

  • On the other hand, in her estimation, it weighs 70 pounds, so it’s not really a mobile solution, though you can use a rolling cart to help transport it.

  • A prospective buyer was wondering if it could be an all-year-round solution if you bolted it to the ground.

  • One person who had purchased it responded, saying that in her experience she’s only used it on one day, one-off occasions at art festivals. She resorted to the instruction manual which says that ideally, you’ll keep it up for several days at a time hyphen so not really something you’d keep up your round.

  • Another buyer said that if you’re looking for one of these circus canopy tents with an integrated vent on the top, this one is not it since it features a one-piece solid top. In terms of how it is structured, one prospective buyer was wondering whether the canopy top would screw into the frame.

  • The reviewer responded by saying that it employs strong velcro loops that are utilized anchor the four peaks along with the corners on the sides.

  • In terms of maintenance, one prospective buyer was wondering whether the circus canopy panels could be machine washed.

  • Someone who had bought the unit before wasn’t sure if they were machine washable, but since their own unit gathered a lot of tree sap, they ended up just using a damp cloth to clean it off.

History Of The Circus

The circus is one of the most exciting and adventurous entertainment shows, which has been one of the oldest staples of the entertainment industry.

There are many performers, artists and even animals involved in the acts that they play. If you have ever visited one of these shows, then you would know what fun activities we are talking about.

The acrobats, rope dancers, jugglers, magicians, and many more other fun activities for the people to come and enjoy the show.

These shows are held by companies and people can buy tickets to watch the fun-filled, entertainment activities with their families or friends.

Mostly kids just love the wild acts as the performers show tricks for the crowd to enjoy.

Like we said we would be sharing with you the history of the circus.

There are some disputes regarding its history and many historians and writers have changed or twisted its history.

Many movies have also distorted the history and showed something different to the people.

Many people say that its history dates back to Roman times, where people used to show his tricks and show their talent.

However that is not exactly true, it’s history revolves around the famous Philip Astley, who is known as the father of modern circus, with his talent and ideas changed the entertainment industry of Europe.

Father Of The Circus

Astley was a sergeant-major, born on 8th January 1742 had served in the war for 5 years. He turned into a showman and before that he was a horse-breaker and trainer. So he always knew his ways with the horses, later he decides to follow the tricks of the trick-riders, who were gaining success all across Europe.

He later moved to London in 1768, where he started a riding school and shared his skills with others and taught them to ride horses. He also used to perform during the afternoons, his famous show Feats of horsemanship’. He had trained many horses during his time in the duty, and now he was treating them tricks to entertain people.

During his acts of the feats of horsemanship, he showcased his horse the little military, who performed along with him. He trained the horse to do tricks like add or subtract numbers. The horse feigned death, fire pistols or read minds, just like the tricks of others.

He used to show his acts in circles, unlike others who performed in straight line. Performing in circles was easier for him to show the audience his tricks and move around in a circular motion. He used to display his acts in a 42 ft diameters, which are being used for all the acts ever since.

He even had drums and sound equipment like those of the army, so give sound effects to his acts in the area where performed.

He called his acts, circles which is now known as a circus. Later on, he had also, set up an amphitheater to show his acts to the people. After the decline in the London’s performing theatre, he realized that visual acts were an important part of any entertainment act. Thus he added acrobats, rope-dancer to his acts, to fill in the gaps while he used to prepare for his next acts.

He used to show his horseback riding tricks to the people. He wasn’t the first person to perform acts like these or invented these tricks, but he was the first one to assemble all these acts into one place and show it to the people for entertainment purpose. His contributions and idea of creating a performing area has given him the tittle which he is famous for.

Summing Up

They can be enormous tents that are used by the companies to host shows, performers and seat people who have come watch the show. These tents are made to look like houses to shelter all people under one roof. 

These tents are used in place of theatres. These huge enormous tents are set up by the people of circus and then the performers show their talent and entertain the people.

Or they can be designed for children to celebrate indoor and outdoor events.

There are a lot of tents that are available in the market. Before buying a tent, one needs to make sure which size tent would be ideal for their group along with the audience.

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