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The 5 Best Turkey Fryers [Ranked]

A turkey fryer is a product that is designed to cook turkeys as well as other foods usually by deep-frying in oil (Source). However, there are some turkey fryers that cook turkeys without using oil known simply as oil-less turkey fryers (Source). Many turkey fryers are also capable of boiling and steaming different foods.How They WorkHow a […]

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The 5 Best Concrete Vibrators [Ranked]

Concrete vibrators are designed to eliminate air bubbles by shaking your recently poured concrete (Source). After a pour, the concrete could have thousands of debilitating air-bubbles inside of it- concrete vibrators are designed to eliminate them (Source). Research indicates that up to 10 to 30% of poured concrete is made of irregularly distributed & entrapped air (Source). […]

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Products for the Elderly

Products For The Elderly

Here at Top5Reviewed we love reviewing products for the elderly. New senior-living safety products are always emerging to assist senior citizens and the infirmed live more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Many of these products focus on bathroom or bedroom safety- assisting the aged (and their caregivers) to live independently.     ​The principal emphasis of our […]

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