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We all want to have fun, right? As humans, we’re driven to enjoy the time we have on Earth. So when it comes to recreation products, we spend a lot of time reviewing customer feedback on some of the most popular types. Whether you are interested in riding a bike, playing a board game, taking up archery, or any other hobby, we’ve compiled some of the best reviews on recreation products that you can enjoy today.

The 5 Best Illuminated Slide Viewers [Ranked]

Illuminated slide viewers enable you to view old slides with bright lights and without distortion. Many users describe purchasing an illuminated slide viewer to as a helpful tool as they begin scanning old slides into new digital formats (Source). The battery-powered Pana-Vue 1 gets solid reviews- it is a tabletop option that provides 4X magnification for 2×2 […]

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The 5 Best Motorized Electric Projector Screens [Ranked]

Motorized Electric Projector Screens

Motorized electric projector screens are particularly great ways to create a home theater setup on a budget. These motorized projection screens are great for homes, businesses, as well as educational environments- with quiet motors and large viewing areas they are ideal to pair with video projectors (Source). The remote-controlled HomeGear 120″ motorized projector screen is one of […]

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The 5 Best Pistol Crossbows [Ranked]

Pistol Crossbows

Self cocking pistol crossbows are perfect mini-crossbows for hunting small game or just for backyard target practice. Typically constructed from strong plastic and fiberglass, they usually feature an average draw weight of 80 pounds, with an average firing speed up around 165 ft./s. Common features of these miniature pistol-crossbows include their rugged pistol grip and a self-cocking mechanism […]

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The 5 Best Shooting Glasses [Ranked]

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are designed to provide comfort, safety and increased accuracy whether on an indoor target range or outdoors in heavy, wooded areas. Besides comfort and safety, the right pair of shooting glasses can help provide greater contrast when target shooting. All without harming your peripheral vision.   For example, yellow-tinted glasses will turn the white on […]

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