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The 5 Best Laser Rangefinders [Ranked]

Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders enable you to quickly and easily, with a push of a button, get accurate distance measurements. The Nikon 8397 Laser Rangefinder is our top pick. This reticle-crosshaired laser rangefinder is able to measure static and moving objects providing instantaneous readouts, from 6 yards to 550 yards. It has 6x magnification as well as a 20 mm […]

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The 5 Best Pistol Crossbows [Ranked]

Pistol Crossbows

Self cocking pistol crossbows are perfect mini-crossbows for hunting small game or just for backyard target practice. Typically constructed from strong plastic and fiberglass, they usually feature an average draw weight of 80 pounds, with an average firing speed up around 165 ft./s. Common features of these miniature pistol-crossbows include their rugged pistol grip and a self-cocking mechanism […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Bubble Machines

Automatic Bubble Machines

Automatic bubble machines are fun little plug-and-play devices that pump out bubbles. They’re great for birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. All you have to do is pour in some of the bubble solution and presto you’ll be ready to pour out thousands upon thousands of soapy bubbles with the press of a button. Bubble machines can […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Cigarette Rollers [Ranked]

Automatic Cigarette Rollers

Automatic cigarette rollers, or electric cigarette injector machines, as they are also known, allow you to produce thousands of cigarettes from the comfort of your own home. Our top pick, the 1 lb, Powermatic cigarette injector, uses a titanium-plated blade for flawless tobacco cutting and compression, and an injector that spoon-delivers consistent smoking cigarettes over and over […]

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The 5 Best Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are designed to provide comfort, safety and increased accuracy whether on an indoor target range or outdoors in heavy, wooded areas. Besides comfort and safety, the right pair of shooting glasses can help provide greater contrast when target shooting. All without harming your peripheral vision.   For example, yellow-tinted glasses will turn the white on […]

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