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The 5 Best Dethatchers [Ranked]


A dethatcher is a tool for outdoor use that is used to break up and remove a built-up layer of thatch from your lawn (Source).  Thatch is the compressed dead plant matter that builds up at the base of your lawn overtime. It can be made up of roots, stems, and runners (Source).  It can […]

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The 5 Best String Trimmers [Ranked]

A string trimmer is a tool that is used to cut grass by rapidly rotating a flexible wire or cord (Source). They come in gas, battery and electric (corded options).  Designed to cut the grass and weeds where a mower is unable to reach, they are primarily used to cut the edges of an area, especially […]

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The 5 Best Snake Repellents [Ranked]

Snake Repellent

Snake repellents come in pellet or spray styles. Pellets are only for outdoor use while sprays can be used in the home and outdoors (Source). It seems, based on buyer experience, that pellets are much more effective outdoors than sprays (Source). There are actually solar-powered snake repellents, as well, which work by emitting soil-penetrating sonic pulses that […]

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The 5 Best Beach Carts [Ranked]

Best Beach Carts

Beach carts are rolling caddies that are designed to haul beach gear through soft sands (Source).  These folding beach carts generally feature rugged rear wheels, which means that the best transport method is to tip the cart onto those rear wheels and pull it across beach sands (Source). Buyers say that you can really load up […]

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The 5 Best Folding Wagons [Ranked] | Collapsible Options

Folding wagons are great for hauling groceries, working in your garden, with many of them designed specifically to transport children (the Radio Flier 3-in-1 and Kid’s Ultimate) (Source). They generally feature one-hand collapsing, durable tires, telescoping handles, and polyester fabric reinforced with metal frames (Source).How They CompareThe Ollieroo Utility Wagon is the most rugged option- it […]

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The [5 Best] Expandable Hoses Ranked

Expandable Hose

Expandable garden hoses are space-saving watering tools that will expand in length 2 or 3x and are oftentimes 5x as light as a traditional rubber watering hose (Source). Benefits include a smaller footprint, easier to store, and lighter to transport (Source).How They WorkThe way they work, you simply turn on the water and the pressure will […]

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The 5 Best Portable Gas Grills

Portable Gas Grills

Portable gas grill are on-the-go cooking solutions and even solid replacement options for traditional backyard grills (Source). They connect to propane canisters and you can even cobble together connections to propane supplies in RVs using a hose and adapter set (Source).How They CompareThe lightest weight option is the 10 lb Char-Broil, while the 44 lb Coleman […]

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The 5 Best Pocket Chainsaws Reviewed

Pocket Chainsaws

Pocket chain saws provide a compact and portable means of taking down branches, logs, and even standing trees (Source). While designed for campers, survivalists, many homeowners enjoy using these handheld, manual chainsaws to clear out rugged brush and vines on their property (Source). Some buyers recommend purchasing 2 of them, that way if one breaks in a […]

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The 5 Best Boat Covers [Ranked]

Boat covers help protect your boat in wet and dry storage scenarios- an inexpensive option as opposed to custom-fitted boat covers (Source). The boat covers we examined come in different sizes and include buckle straps and elastic hems to help custom-fit it to your particular vessel (Source). ​Buyers advise that you might need to replace these boat […]

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The 5 Best Squirrel Feeders Reviewed

​​Squirrel feeders serve two primary purposes. The first is entertainment and the second is pest deterrence (Source). Homeowners purchase them to distract pesky squirrels from attacking bird-feeders for food (Source). By installing them in remote areas of the yard they can effectively sequester squirrels away from destroying vegetable gardens, harassing bird nests, attacking bird feeders, […]

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