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The 5 Best Pocket Chainsaws Reviewed

Pocket Chainsaws

Pocket chain saws provide a compact and portable means of taking down branches, logs, and even standing trees (Source). While designed for campers, survivalists, many homeowners enjoy using these handheld, manual chainsaws to clear out rugged brush and vines on their property (Source). Some buyers recommend purchasing 2 of them, that way if one breaks […]

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The 5 Best Boat Covers Reviewed

Boat covers help protect your boat in wet and dry storage scenarios- an inexpensive option as opposed to custom-fitted boat covers (Source). The boat covers we examined come in different sizes and include buckle straps and elastic hems to help custom-fit it to your particular vessel (Source).​Buyers advise that you might need to replace these […]

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The 5 Best Squirrel Feeders Reviewed

​​Squirrel feeders serve two primary purposes. The first is entertainment and the second is pest deterrence (Source). Homeowners purchase them to distract pesky squirrels from attacking bird-feeders for food (Source). By installing them in remote areas of the yard they can effectively sequester squirrels away from destroying vegetable gardens, harassing bird nests, attacking bird feeders, […]

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The 5 Best Folding Hammocks Reviewed

Folding Hammocks

Portable hammocks fold up for easy transport and unfold for, hopefully, a comfortable and hassle-free rest without having to be strung up to trees (Source). They are similar to hammocks with stands, but are portable, with folding frames.  There is spirited debate online regarding which of these mobile, folding hammocks are actually worth the money. […]

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The 5 Best Replacement Mail Flags Reviewed

Replacement Mail Flags

Replacement mailbox flags are designed to replace a damaged or worn down mailbox flag. It’s a good idea to replace them- some mail carriers won’t know to pick up mail if you haven’t erected your mailbox flag.Plus, if your house is faraway from the mailbox, you’ll want the mailman to raise the flag to let […]

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The 5 Best [Ranked] Automatic Fetch Machines

Automatic Fetch Machines For Your Dog

Automatic ball launchers, or as they are known, automatic dog fetch machines, let you play fun fetch games with your pet giving them plenty of exercise. All on autopilot. Many of the automatic fetch machines include distance and angles settings to accommodate and entertain dogs of different sizes and ages. The Pet Safe automatic ball […]

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The 5 Best Hand Crank Lanterns

Hand Crank Lanterns

Hand-cranked camping lanterns are a smart and cheap way of providing yourself a self-sufficient light source. As well, we love that many hand-cranked lanterns (like the AGPtEK & Ivation models) double as USB charging stations- which is a plus in the emergency preparedness column. The Ivation lantern even includes: an am/fm radio and an SOS […]

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The 5 Best Ladder Ball Toss Games

Ladder Ball Toss Games

Ladder ball games, or as its sometimes know , ladder golf sets, is a fun indoor and outdoor game with a couple of simple rules. How is it played? Essentially each player has 3 bolas and they throw these bolas attempting to catch them on a rung from 15 ft. away. The top rung is worth […]

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The 5 Best [Ranked] Inflatable Movie Screens

Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screens

Outdoor inflatable movie screens are self-inflating entertainment centers ideal for backyard movie screenings. Generally anything you want to project with a projector and a laptop, be it cartoons for the kids or sporting events for the adults. Most take about 25 minutes to inflate using an AC adapter, after staking it to the ground, and […]

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The 5 Best Portable Water Heaters

Portable Water Heaters

Portable tankless water heaters a great way to provide hot water whether you are on a campsite or in your rustic cabin. Generally they connect to propane tanks to heat the water and also require batteries to ignite the hot water heater. The 13.8 lb., Eccotemp L5 tankless water heater and outdoor shower is our […]

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