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Everybody enjoys hanging out outside. Sure, there are some people that prefer spending time indoors, probably over half our life is spent outside of it. With that said, there are tons of different outdoor home products and we do our best to review some of the most common types. Whether you are trying to grow a garden, cultivate a backyard hobby, Or even repair a fence, we review some of the best tools that you will need to accomplish these very different tasks.

The 5 Best Rain Barrels [Ranked]

In this post we examine five of the best-selling rain barrel kits. First we’ll examine what they are and how they’re used before diving into a detailed comparison. Collecting rain water has been going on since before running water in a home was an option. Today, though, not everyone needs to collect rainwater to drink and […]

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The 5 [Best] Roof Rakes Ranked

Roof Rake

A roof rake has a similar design to a garden hoe. It consists of a blade attached to the end of a long pole with the purpose of allowing its user to easily remove snow and other debris from a roof from the ground without having to climb up onto the roof (Source). This can help prevent […]

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The 5 Best Window Well Covers [Ranked]

A window well cover is a piece of some type of material that is designed to fit over the window well of a basement window (Source). The purpose of basement window well covers is to prevent falls into the basement window well as well as to prevent buildup of water, snow, or other debris in the […]

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The 5 Best Beach Carts [Ranked]

Best Beach Carts

Beach carts are rolling caddies that are designed to haul beach gear through soft sands (Source). These folding beach carts generally feature rugged rear wheels, which means that the best transport method is to tip the cart onto those rear wheels and pull it across beach sands (Source). Buyers say that you can really load up these […]

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The 5 Best Folding Wagons [Ranked] | Collapsible Options

Folding wagons are great for hauling groceries, working in your garden, with many of them designed specifically to transport children (the Radio Flier 3-in-1 and Kid’s Ultimate) (Source). They generally feature one-hand collapsing, durable tires, telescoping handles, and polyester fabric reinforced with metal frames (Source).Contents How They CompareThe Ollieroo Utility Wagon is the most rugged option- […]

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The 5 Best Folding Hammocks [Ranked]

Folding Hammocks

Portable hammocks fold up for easy transport and unfold for, hopefully, a comfortable and hassle-free rest without having to be strung up to trees (Source). They are similar to hammocks with stands, but are portable, with folding frames.   There is spirited debate online regarding which of these mobile, folding hammocks are actually worth the money. Many […]

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The 5 Best [Ranked] Automatic Fetch Machines

Automatic Fetch Machines For Your Dog

Automatic ball launchers, or as they are known, automatic dog fetch machines, let you play fun fetch games with your pet giving them plenty of exercise. All on autopilot. Many of the automatic fetch machines include distance and angles settings to accommodate and entertain dogs of different sizes and ages. The Pet Safe automatic ball launcher, for […]

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The 5 Best Hand Crank Lanterns [Ranked]

Hand Crank Lanterns

Hand-cranked camping lanterns are a smart and cheap way of providing yourself a self-sufficient light source (Source).  As well, we love that many hand-cranked lanterns (like the AGPtEK & Ivation models) double as USB charging stations- which is a plus in the emergency preparedness column. The Ivation lantern even includes: an am/fm radio and an SOS siren […]

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The 5 Best Ladder Ball Toss Games [Ranked]

Ladder Ball Toss Games

Ladder ball games, or as its sometimes know, ladder golf sets, is a fun indoor and outdoor game with a couple of simple rules.  How is it played? Essentially each player has 3 bolas and they throw these bolas attempting to catch them on a rung from 15 ft. away. The top rung is worth 3 points, the […]

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