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Dressing up is fun. It doesn’t have to be Halloween, either. Whether you’re dressing up as your favorite Japanese anime character, or just a regular dinosaur for some costumed hilarity, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite cosplay costumes!

The 5 Coolest Lara Croft Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like Lara Croft- you’re in luck. There are a bunch of cool costumes and YouTube explainer videos to help you achieve the look of this controversial video-game and movie heroine. Indeed- Angelina Jolie’s cinematic interpretation of the 1996 video game caused a huge stir. And her look became iconic (Source).Costume Or […]

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The 5 Coolest Dinosaur Costumes [Ranked]

If you’re starved for costume ideas- you cannot go wrong with a dinosaur costume. While the most popular is undoubtedly the inflatable T-Rex, there are some plush fabric slip-ons ideal for adult and children as well. The inflatable options are battery-powered by double AA or triple AAA fans. This one even comes with a roaring sound!Buyer FeedbackExamining […]

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The 5 Coolest Deadpool Costumes [Ranked]

​The Deadpool character is a phenomenon- people love this snarky sociopath.  He’s a ribald, cocky Marvel superhero- and if you want to be like him, probably the closest you’re going to get is buying a replica costume. We collected the five best-selling Deadpool costumes below. Whether you’re buying it for ​adult cosplay or your kid’s Halloween party, buyers […]

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The 5 Coolest Pikachu Costumes [Ranked]

If you have a dire urge to dress yourself or your kid up like Pikachu- rest assured there are some amazing costumes on the market. Buyer FeedbackWhile many of the costumes are designed for kids, there are adult Pikachu costumes, as well. Sizing can be a bit tricky. In our research buyers say that sometimes they have […]

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The 5 Coolest Steampunk Goggles [Ranked]

No steampunk cosplay is complete without a pair of retro-futuristic goggles.  We assembled a list of the five best-selling steampunk goggles.What Is Steampunk?But first…if you’re unfamiliar with this science fantasy subgenre, it draws inspiration from the technological aesthetic of 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery (Source). Closely affiliated with cyberpunk, steampunk is more concerned with alternative history- frequently […]

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