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The 5 Best Heated Robes [Ranked]

Few things in this world can make you feel as cozy and warmed to the core as a heated robe. A creamy cup of hot cocoa or a robust cup of coffee doesn’t come close to the comfort of being completely wrapped in warmth. Since most of these robes are made out of extremely soft and plush […]

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The 5 Best Papasan Chairs [Ranked]

A Papasan chair or sometimes called a bowl or saucer chair that’s round and set up like an elevated bowl with a thick, round cushion. These chairs were commonly made from wicker or rattan, but modern chairs can be plastic or metal (Source).Contents How Do They Work?Sit down in the chair, get comfortable, and relax. While it’s […]

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The 5 Best Tray Tables [Ranked]

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling tray tables. Tray tables are portable tables which are used by people to eat while watching TV, eating in bed, or to use for occasions such as parties or picnics when extra table space is needed. In addition, they can help accommodate elderly or disabled individuals eat their meals.How […]

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The 5 Best High Velocity Fans [Ranked]

High Velocity Fans

High-velocity fans are heavy-duty air-circulation floor fans that have a variety of uses- they can cool down your home, even replacing air conditioning.They’re great for venting, cooling and drying out workshops and garages.Because they are fairly loud, some users even employ them as white noise machines- helping to drown out annoying noise while providing strong […]

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The 5 Best Inflatable Lay Bags [Ranked]

In this post, we took a look at five of the best-selling lay bags, also known as pouch couches and inflatable loungers. These lay bags are inflatable chairs/couches that you can use when you’re out camping, or if you’re at the beach or pool. It’s ideal any time you need a portable and comfortable place to rest.How […]

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The 5 Best Reading Pillows [Ranked]

If you spend a lot of time in bed reading or working on your laptop, you know how uncomfortable it can be to find a supported position. You don’t want to lie on your back, but hunching up against the headboard isn’t comfortable, either. Enter reading pillows.These specialty support pillows are structured in such a way […]

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The 5 Best Bungee Chairs [Ranked]

If you’re looking for a durable, inexpensive, breathable, maneuverable chair, a Bungee chair could be a cost-effective solution for work or recreation.  Our top pick is the collapsible Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair. This 225 lb. capacity, 8 lb chair is exceptionally strong, its users say, and provides high-quality support whether you’re watching TV or lounging outdoors […]

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The 5 Best Gaming Desk Chairs [Ranked]

Gaming Desk Chairs

Gaming desk chairs are specifically designed for PC gamers who need extra ergonomic support for extended sessions in front of their gaming rigs (Source). The BestOffice and Langria gaming desk chairs both include extending foot rests for full prone resting positions if you want to take a nap. The BestOffice also is the highest-backed chair, rising […]

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The 5 Best Shower Head Filters [Ranked]

Shower Head Filters

Unfiltered shower water has some really gross stuff in it. It can contain unhealthy amounts of chlorine as well as shower-head fungus and bacteria (Source). Shower filters can help purge these hard-water impurities (Source).  Chlorine can strip naturally protective oils and minerals from your hair and skin, causing dryness and irritation while aggravating existing skin issues like […]

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The 5 Best Portable Evaporative Coolers [Ranked]

Portable Evaporative Coolers

An evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, is an energy-efficient way to cool your home or business in a natural, water-fueled way. They perform best in hot, dry climates and work by filtering hot air through wetted filters that cleanse and cools hot air. They do need to be positioned near windows or open doors to work best. The […]

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