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We spend a lot of time in the bathroom as humans. Obviously we don’t like to talk about this too much as it is an indelicate matter. However, there are a ton of bathroom products out there to either help improve your experience in the bathroom or help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones while using the bathroom. This product category includes a lot of eldercare information, helping you to safety-proof your bathroom so that aged loved ones don’t fall, as well as making it easier to give infirmed and disabled individuals a more safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

The 5 Best Floor To Ceiling Security Poles [Ranked]

Floor to ceiling security poles enable elderly and disabled individuals to rise up or sit down with strong and stable assistance (Source). They are excellent fall prevention tools. And can be installed strategically in the home to add security and stability to your or a loved one’s environment. Especially if they are suffering from mobility impairments or other medical […]

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The 5 Best Shower Chairs [Ranked]

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are a type of shower aid designed to guarantee a safe bathing experience. They’re engineered to easily adapt to a variety of different sizes and shapes. They are typically lightweight, with wide and stable legs, which also have rubber non-slip feet (Source). These security and stability features make sure that the shower chair […]

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