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The 5 Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses [Ranked]

Truck bed air mattresses are specially designed to fit over wheel wells in truck beds to provide comfortable sleeping areas for outdoor enthusiasts (Source). They come with either integrated or external air pumps that plug into your vehicle’s charging port (Source). And they pair with truck bed tents to provide a sheltered sleeping experience, whether you’re tailgating […]

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The 5 Best Car Seat Organizers Reviewed

Car Seat Organizers

Car backseat organizers either buckle or velcro around a headrest, providing backseat passengers convenient access to reading materials, tablets, bottled water, and other miscellaneous travel accessories (Source). Plus they protect your backseats from kicking and scuffing. They feature a variety of compartments and pockets, helping to store a variety of differently-sized items (Source). They’re frequently purchased to […]

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The 5 Best Breaker Bars [Ranked]

Breaker bars are lengthy, non-ratcheting bars that are used together with socket wrench style sockets (Source). Breaker bars are great loosening extremely tight fasteners. Their length (compared to extendable ratchets) enables you to apply significantly more torque than standard socket wrenches (Source). Tekton produces the longest breaker bar at 38″ while Capri Tools produces the shortest breaker […]

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The 5 Best Creeper Seats [Ranked]

Creeper Seats

Creeper seats (or rolling stools, mechanic stools) are rolling work stools- ideal for working on vehicles or scooting around inside your home re-tiling your bathroom floor (Source). They’re ideal if you want to spare your knees and lower-back the aggravation of extended, painful work postures (Source).   We took a look at 5 popular options. There are […]

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The 5 Best Orbital Buffers [Ranked]

Car Buffers

Random orbiting buffers (also known as car buffers, dual action polishers, or just car polishers) utilize an orbiting & rotating pad that generates a jiggling motion as you polish (Source). This unusual motion ensures that the dual action polisher doesn’t burn car paint, which occurs when paint is removed beneath the coat’s clear outer surface (Source). These […]

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The 5 Best Extendable Ratchets Reviewed

Extendable Ratchets

An extendable ratchet is a type of socket wrench that has a socket on one end, generally employed to turn a fastener (Wikipedia). The ratcheting socket wrench is a specialty hand tool that uses a metal handle connected to a ratcheting head, which is attached to a socket (Source). This ratcheting head fits to a nut or bolt […]

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The 5 Best Electric Trailer Winches [Ranked]

Electric Trailer Winches

An electric trailer winch is used to perform heavy-duty pulling tasks.It uses an electric motor that powers a spool or steel drum, winding steel or synthetic cable wire that is attached to a steel hook on the cable’s leading end.Whether you are hauling a vehicle out of the mud, or using it to hook up […]

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The 5 Best Fluid Evacuators [Ranked]

Fluid Evacuators

Fluid extractors are designed to evacuate all sorts of different fluids- that can include transmission fluids, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and gear oil, etc. (Source). Most fluid evacuators do not require any power in order to generate vacuum pressure that will evacuate and disperse these automotive liquids (Source).They are frequently used by mobile car technicians, […]

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The 5 Best Hitch Carriers

Hitch Carriers

Hitch carrier racks provide a safe and secure way to transport wheelchairs, power scooters, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other heavy wheeled items.  They also include integrated ramps- making it easy to roll your cargo into the hitch carrier and secure it for transport.  The 68., lb TMS folding hitch carrier is our top pick- it […]

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The 5 Best Engine Crane Hoists [Ranked]

Engine Crane

Engine cranes, or engine hoist cherry pickers, are used for engine removal applications.  Frequently employed by automotive mechanics and DIY vehicle hobbyists, they enable you to lift engines out of their compartments and lower them into work areas to perform restoration or total engine rebuilds. These shop cranes generally provide solid power combined with collapsing frames […]

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